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Would You Eat This?

Artificial beef lab grown meat in retail supermarket emerging field of food production with label. Future trend of biotechnology ,  artificial food 4.0 concept.

Food grown in a lab.

Lately it seems scientists have been hard at work circumventing God’s creative processes. Cloning animals and plants in their entirety as well as choice cuts of meats produced for eating in their labs.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will be overseeing the collection, development, labelling, distribution and public consumption of the new “Stem Cell” meat production.

Check out for some more reading on the topic.

So this is my understanding of the process, the stem cells are harvested from the desired area of the animal they want to recreate. For example, scientists do not want to have to grow a whole chicken just to be able to eat the legs, so they would harvest the stem cells from a particular area of that animal.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are specialized cells contained within multicellular living beings and they house the ability to develop into several different types of cells, thereby creating the required tissue.

There Are Two Types of Stem Cell;

The first type of stem cells come from fully developed tissues. For example, brain and skin cells can only yield stem cells that develop into brain and skin tissue and so on. The specific tissues are apparently only able to yield a limited number of these specified cells.

The second type of stem cells are the induced pluripotent stem cells. These adult stem cells are altered in a laboratory setting to assume the characteristics of embryonic stem cells.

Embryonic stems cells are the master programmers that differentiates into any and all types of tissues needed for the development of multicellular living beings.

When you stop to consider the creative process, you realise that, God is truly magnificent!

Science first reported that human stem cells could be differentiated this way back in 2006. Although no clinical differences are currently understood as to why induced in pluripotent stem cells versus embryonic stem cells. Man has not yet found stem cells that can develop into pluripotent stem cells.

The Process of Growing The Cells Into Meat.

The stem cell are then placed in a Petri dish. They are then fed with micro and macronutrients in a liquid solution and grows into the specified portion of the animal that is needed according to the stem cells used.

Raw red meat in scientist hands. Meat in laboratory test tube and in lab Petri dish.
Cultured Meat!

At the conclusion of growth, the meat is then packaged, labelled and finally consumed.

I would not knowingly ingest manufactured meat, I prefer not to prepare it for my family.

It actually makes me nauseous thinking about eating manufactured meat, in my mind I equate it similar to ingesting cancerous cells which have no ceiling cap for growth, as long as they remain fed with or without a host.

Nugget made from chicken cells grown in a lab

The video above depicts the way our children may be eating in the future.

I only plan to partake of any meats in the manner that God intended, an animal with a life force and metabolic processes according to His divine knowledge.

What do you think of this new wave for food production? Would you feel comfortable eating this? Would you prepare it for your family?

Is this the next logical step to feed the world’s growing populace?

As always, take care, Happy Holidays and God bless!!

44 thoughts on “Would You Eat This?

  1. I don’t think I would eat it

    1. I am right there with you.

  2. In a word: “ No! “

    1. I believe you.

  3. Oh no way. I’m going to start checking for those labels from now on

    1. I hear you. That is wise.

  4. Not a chance! Not knowingly at least. Just doesn’t sound right.

    1. They are only trying to solve problems😄

  5. I have to agree with you! There’s no way I would eat that.

  6. That would be a NO for me! 😜 I’m with you!

  7. Wonderful piece of information here dear. But considering the level at which the world is growing today, one is forced to look for ways to feed the teeming population! We believe it’s science, it’s got two sides; a good one and a pretty ugly one. The stem cell technology is a great breakthrough, not only in food science but health care; where it can be used to treat certain heart conditions – replacing dead heart cells with new ones grown in labs, amidst other clinical uses. For the food aspect, I think genetically modified foods or food created from stem cells are not all that bad, we just have to understand them better, so that we don’t unleash a greater evil more monstrous than the ones we are trying to solve.

    1. I completely get your point of view, like you said from a healthcare point of view, wonderful, but the meat growing in the lab…oh no…I do no want to eat that.

  8. When I first heard of this I was totally against it too, and yeah will likely not purchase it if I am aware of what it is. But I would prefer not to eat actual animals anymore cos I love them so much but so used to eating meat too, so something like that as long as it’s healthy will be providing me with meat and still keeping animals alive, after all food is just for the body.

    1. Good point of view. I hear you sister. The idea grosses me out but ideas change. I may be more willing to become vegan, I tried that before, lasted about 9 months, lol. AS I get older I have been thinking of better ways to feed my body.

  9. Thanks for making us aware of this. No, I would not eat this.

    1. Neither would I.

  10. I would not it eat this knowingly. It gives me shivers.

    1. I hear you.

  11. Thank you for spreading this valuable information. Need to read more labels and make educated choices.

  12. I share your sentiment. This is not food.

  13. Lol, come one guys, 😄

    1. Come on guys, it’s not that bad or awful! 😀

      1. Have you had a chance to taste it?

  14. Thank you for sharing this information. I was not aware. Great post- thank you. And no, I would not eat this.

    1. I agree with you Ms Suzette, I appreciate you visiting. Thank you.

  15. My family and I are vegetarians so it doesn’t really bother us. My husband and I are currently considering going fully vegan out of climate change reasons. His children are nearly grown so they need to decide for themselves. To me it feels cruel to eat animals. And we also feel that we rather prepare our food ourselves than buying it ready made from a shop. I want to know whats in my food. Would I eat this laboratory grown meats? I really dont know as I do not feel the need to eat meat. But we sometimes use quorn mince which is a laboratory grown protein source so maybe thats the same sort of?

  16. {{shudder}} 😮 No, I wouldn’t.

    1. Neither would I.

  17. Fortunately I’m mostly vegetarian. Wishing you the best for 2020 🙂

    1. Thank you and blessings to you dear.

  18. No, I am not comfortable with this process. It probably is part of our future. The one thing that immediately popped into my head is the methane, or greenhouse gas, produced from cows. Methane is part of the cause of climate change. I am sure this is at least part of the reasoning behind producing meat this way. It does not make me comfortable though. I am not a true vegetarian but I eat very little meat, especially red meat. I love my salads!

    1. You are so right, the methane had to have factored somewhere in their decision. An I do believe it is somewhat inevitable for future eats, but I am not yet open to the idea.
      I am also getting to the age when I must leave the care-free eating of my younger days behind.

  19. Oh my! I cannot believe this. The ranchers in my native state of Montana would be aghast at this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Lol. Nothing about manufactured meat sound appetizing.

  20. As my kids would say, “Eew…” I suppose as Judith says it’s a way animal lovers could eat meat without killing any animals. :/

    1. As Dr Seus’ book days I would not, could not eat anywhere….

  21. Even though I don’t like the idea, because of all the research I did before writing my book, “The Path Towards the Light” on what life will truly be like in 2050 – not zombies everywhere but facts based on a lot of scientific research. The truth is we are burning and destroying the Amazon at a rate of horrible repercussions. The deforestation that is happening is to allow more farming of livestock which produces so much waste that we simply can’t afford to continue our current eating habits. There are so many great sources of protein. Most of the time this meat is also going to be cost prohibitive for most families. I also eat very little meat and mostly fish. My husband eats no meat except for fish. What will likely happen in the years to come is that we will be eating mill worms, crickets and many other types of insects which will be ground into powder and foods made in 3D printers which will not be nearly as good as the real thing. But we also have to remember the bees are disappearing and we need them. If you look up robotic bees it is startling how many prototypes and patents there are currently on replacements for God’s beautiful and productive little honey bees. Here is one interesting link: Great topic for discussion gifted50 – Nice to meet you and God bless you sister. Love Joni

  22. There’s so much going on behind the scenes we have no idea.

    1. Scarey times.

  23. There’s no way I’d eat food created that way! Not a chance! I agree with you! 😀 xoxo

    1. Quite interesting … this may become the new normal…

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