Winter Is Coming…

It had been raining the past two days. This morning when I left for work it felt a little nippy.

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So when I opened to door at 7pm tonite I was ill prepared for the barage of cold gusty wind that swirled viciously about me.

Instantly transporting me to the “north pole”. It is now dark and cold here, these temperatures in October are not the norm for my part of the world.

Usually the cold has to do a bit more roughhousing before the heat finally gives up and retreats. But this year summer has been evicted without preamble.

Myself and many others I assume, were not prepared for today’s weather.

I sprinted to my car and headed for the warmth of home.

One and all are settled under the covers. We shall emerge reluctantly in the morning for tomorrow is another day.

Somehow winter slipped by while I was distracted and caught me unawares.

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I feel a little like this poor doggy…hey what’s going on and where is everyone else?

26 Replies to “Winter Is Coming…”

  1. I love your phrase, “this year summer has been evicted without preamble.” It’s true here too; we had a 20 degree temperature drop overnight! Brrr! It’s freezing out there 😫

  2. I read another post where the person stated that the weather went from summer straight to winter without stopping in autumn. That is a huge leap. I feel for you. I have never experience winter before, but I can just imagine how you feel. I hope that you will have a blessed day.

  3. I enjoy the way you string words together, and the photos you selected are perfect. “Usually the cold has to do a bit more roughhousing before the heat finally gives up and retreats. But this year summer has been evicted without preamble.” This describes accurately how we’ve been feeling about the change in seasons. The seasons have no regard for the calendar anymore. Blessings and keep writing! ♥

  4. I love the cute dogs ❤️❤️❤️. And I agree with you about the cold! Although I love the snow… Silly me 😋. Beautifully written, friend.

  5. It has snowed here a few times over the last month but this morning it actually stuck. I am not a fan of snow (guess we all need a little pep like that dog in the pictures 🙂 ) Stay warm!

  6. Haha..I feel you. I don’t do too well in the cold either and maybe that’s why get caught off guard each year. Also love the pictures.

  7. Winter is my favorite season. When I tell people that I instantly get placed in the weirdo category. I think Winter is the best season of all; I love the weather, the atmosphere, the food, the clothes and it doesn’t snow much in Texas, but I love that too.

  8. In central Ohio, we experienced about three weeks of blissful autumn. Following a blistering hot September and an abbreviated fall, we can feel winter’s grasp slowly and surely wrapping her Arctic pleasures around us.

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