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Winter Has Come…

My neck of the woods today.

Good morning blogland. This is the current situation in my neck of the woods. Ugghhh!!

I love the cold weather, it’s usually one of my favourite seasons. Winter generally makes a gradual appearance.

Gives a body time to adjust.

Photo Of Siberian Husky

But not this year, it showed up like a roaring lion and is showing out for us.

It is so c o l d here.

How is it in your space of the world today, what’s the weather like?

60 thoughts on “Winter Has Come…

  1. Pretty nice today. Canada uses Celsius like most of the world now. Now is 4 degrees and cloudy, it might get up to 7 and we expect rain. Since the low expected tonight is 0, it could be snow in the mountains around The Valley.

    1. Whoa and I’m here crying about 23 degrees, I visited Canada one July and it was quite chilly.

      1. Where I live in Canada we get hot weather and we can get 40 Celsius in july

      2. Your 23 degrees is still colder. 0 degrees Celsius is 32 degrees F. Ireland uses Celsius but in my mind I still have to convert to Fahrenheit to get a sense of how warm or cold it is.

  2. Chilly, but sunny ☀️with 8-10” of snow ❄️ yesterday and overnight. Too early for winter to come in this hard. It’s a Canadian Thing. The True North 🙂

    1. Oh you’re Canada too…now I feel bad, we are not usually this cold.

      1. Real nasty winter usually hits after Christmas

        1. It seems we are in for it this year, Texas often has mild winters, this year seems to have some hidden things in mind.

    2. Oh my, now I’m feeling like a crybaby…

      1. All good. I love Texas.

      2. It’s all what you’re used to. My best friend in college (OSU) was from San Antonio and couldn’t cope with Ohio winters. Our friend from Minnesota was used to blizzards and thought we were all crybabies. It’s all relative…😉

        1. Yes, usually we get a chance to adapt.

  3. I relate. Winter came early in Montana this year, too. It’s below freezing here and the cold wind blows right through me. We had about one day of autumn before the snow and ice turned the leaves brown and the wind blew them to smithereens!!!

    1. Oh yes, you live in the real freezing zone. I was a New Yorker for a lot of years so I know about the cold.

    2. I used to Live in Sandpoint Idaho, and 30 inches of snow only made the ski mountain rich! I had a mechanic business and had to plow out my UPS Contract guys so they could load up at 5 AM, Now I am in Alaska and it is 39 degrees, we had 6 inches of snow but it all melted away! It is like Seattle, Wa. Here! No such thing as Global Warming?

      1. 39 degrees in Alaska…last month I had a patient born and raised in Alaska tell me how much the temperature has increased in a short period of time.

      2. 39?? Wow!! We were 11 degrees yesterday -felt like 5 – and it snowed last night. Beautiful! Sorry yours melted so quickly!

        1. Well hello Ms. Jan Beek! I would like to know what you think of my posts, the last one was the first nasty one I ever wrote, but I just could tolerate that monster we elected to run this country into ruin…..

          1. I have that same feeling of disdain for this monster! But, I fear his re-election. So many bright, articulate, monied people seem to have a million excuses for his disdainful behavior!

            1. Thank YOU! I do not know if Ms. Clinton would have been a better choice, I preferred a President Bernie, but alas, the American people were a sore disappointment to me! This is a stain on America that will take a century or more to erase….I guess”Nobody ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American People” H.L.Mencken…..

              1. Sad, but true!

  4. In Kentucky we woke up to our first snow, sudden drop in temps. It feels like 11 degrees right now.

  5. Yesterday it was almost 70F here in Virginia but it has dropped into the 40s, which people here think is cold. 🙂

    1. Lol, sounds like here in Texas…including myself.

  6. It will be cold in Florida tonight, and I hate cold weather.

    1. Hope for your sake it’s nice and warm. WE are now up to 31 degrees, temp will drop again tonite.

    2. Sir, Living With Nature, is a lot easier than Hating the weather She sends, I live in Alaska where the Sun Rises & Sun Sets just go on almost forever, Unlike Florida where at 6 Am it Rises & 6 Pm it sets, during the Summer we have 18 + hours of Daylight, and now in November we have 6 hours of daylight, so what do I do? I put up^ a ton of Christmas Lights and my neighbors just enjoy the Show!

      1. Good that you see the glass as half full…

  7. Wow it sounds freezing there! 🥶 I lit both of my wood stoves this morning because it felt cold to me. Ireland has mild winters- rarely snows where I live in the southwest (except in the mountains)- but the damp makes it feel colder than the actual temperature. Today I was just happy to see the sun and blue sky even if it was chilly. The constant rain is no fun…

    1. I understand. Sounds so interesting. Always been somewhere I’d like to visit.

    2. Patchworkmamma, perhaps you might step outside today and give thanks for the fact that your Heart is still beating in your chest, that your lungs still are able to inhale & exhale that good Irish Air…..Imagine a drought, a year with no rain at all, when a cup of water is a really precious thing to have, perhaps the rain will not be such a bad thing to see? When Rain falls on My little piece of Earth, I give thanks, because it means my Spring Water will continue to Bless my home, I will not have to dig a well……I think Gratitude is an important piece of life to have and to share with others…..

      1. Alaskamanspeaks- Yes, to gratitude. No, to self-righteousness. Perhaps you meant well with your comment, although it implies that I am not already grateful. We have an over abundance of rain where I live; appreciating the sun makes the rain no less necessary.

  8. Hi !
    I am on the extreme eastern edge of Newfoundland, Canada’s most easterly province. It is cool here. We don’t get much snow on our peninsula, but it gets windier at this time of year. 🤗

    1. Wow, nice to hear from you. I would have thought it would be cold there.

    2. Sallyball8323, Is that You who wrote that almost endless missive on Newfoundland life, man, I read & read, I almost got to the End but I had to get some sleep, it was a wonderful piece of work, but it just had too much Jesus, too much God. To me, that bible, written by Old Men Seeking Power & Money, and I read it cover to cover, too much petty-mindedness to much violence especially the Old Testament, what a Petty God! Jesus said all the right things, it is so sad that people fail to heed them…..

      1. We cannot / do not refer to the God of the bible in derogatory terms. While we are all entitled to our opinions, we must remember to;
        1. No make anyone else’s beliefs feel less-than…we are all entitled to our own minds.
        2. We must not belittle the words / beliefs of others, this is not acceptable. I want this blog to be a “safe space” there is enough bad stuff out there in the world. Here I want love to reign.
        3. If we do not like what someones’ truth is, (a) We do not have to read it!
        (b) If we do read we should be gentle with our critique. We are here to lift each other up!
        Lastly I will say, I love God, there is no devil in hell that will make me blaspheme against the One True Living God for I know that I know that I know that HE exists. So anyone here that loves God is a blessing to me and us all.
        Please let us learn to live and let others’ ;ive.

        1. I think you took me wrong, Ms. gifted 50, I do not attempt to diss any person, nor their belief’s…. People are Free to believe in any-thing they want to believe in. I just do not believe in Follower’s & Leaders. When people relearn how to think for them-selves they will then free them-selves from that evil Greed Machine…..I would like to Rename “God” Into “Great Spirit” As the Native American’s do……

  9. We hit an all-time record low in Oklahoma and on top of that 25-30 MPH wind! BURRRRRRR!

    1. Yes that’s some tough weather. The winds always makes the chill feels so much worse. Well we’re close.

  10. It was almost 70 yesterday and tonight it’s in the 20’s! It’s freezing!! We didn’t have much of a fall this year here in Virginia. 🙁

    1. Same here, no adaptation before boom, winter.

  11. Winter made an early appearance in central Ohio. We haven’t experienced snow this early for several years. I might feel right at home since I grew up in Montana.

    1. Oh yes, just like riding a bike.

  12. nice share

  13. That’s super cold. The weather seems unpredictable everywhere nowadays. It’s 33 right now in Virginia. I am getting over a cold after leaving the 90 degree weather in Miami last week.

    1. Global warming is no laughing matter. The weathers are so unpredictable now.

    2. That is why human beings invented clothes! When it is cold we bundle up^, when it is hot, we shed, Never fail to understand the Nature of a Cold Day!

  14. Wow. Here is the opposite. I so wish I can tranfer some cold here. Its hot!!!!!. 😿😧

    1. Wish that we could, lol. Stay cool.

      1. Smiles. Just a wish though. 🙈😀
        Thanks sis.

  15. That is COLD for Texas! 🥶🥶🥶brrr

  16. We got sleet and snow Monday, then the temps dropped to 10 degrees Fahrenheit or colder by Tuesday morning, and that’s not including wind chill. Schools were called off because everybody wasn’t ready yet to clear parking lots and sidewalks, and chemicals don’t work when it’s that cold. We got snow on November 12 last year, too, but the temps weren’t so low. Today the snow and ice is finally melting. It looks funny to see most of the red leaves still on the burning bushes, even though it was so cold, and green leaves from our maple trees falling in a carpet on top of the snow because they hadn’t changed color yet.

    1. Wow, the weather is certainly changing and unpredictable.

  17. Same here in Michigan

    1. I can imagine, stay warm.
      Thank you for visiting.

  18. Wow! Gifted 50, you have people all over the planet commenting on your site! Great Work, keep it up^ Your Friend George…..

    1. That’s the idea, we are all just people at the core wanting better for our kids, to be happy and live in peace with each other. That’s my dream, here a safe space. We are here for such a short time…why all the fighting, we take nothing when we leave but our good deeds.

      1. Hey! Gifted 50, nice to see you floating around this net, I am a Big Fan of yours, not a so-called “Follower” because to “Follow” Implies a Leader somewhere, and since I am able to Think for Myself, I have no need for a “Leader”, just like YOU, are so beautiful…..

  19. To patchworkmomma, where does Self-righteousness come in in what I had to say to you? I judge no-one, as each human stand’s on their actions, not what they say. I live my life in the most simple way I am able, I am almost down to using nothing at all, one small meal a day, another log sacrificed to the fire so I do not freeze to death, People are free to live however they want to live, how-ever, the less I use up^ the more will be there for our children to enjoy…..~~~~~And I consider all children to be MY Children!

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