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Why I Love The Sky

I can often be found with my head in the clouds.

I remember one day I was playing outside, I was about 8 years old. Suddenly I saw what I thought was a large white bird in the sky.

As I looked at it quickly went into the clouds and was gone.

I am unsure of what it was. I would like to think I saw an angel that day. Looking back it was too large to be a bird and birds do not go up into the clouds.

Since that day, I live with an air of expectancy.

I find myself constantly looking up at the sky. You could say I keep my head in the clouds.

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

I admire the colors, textures, shapes, and movement. I wonder at the supreme being that inhabits the space above. I marvel at his created wonders.

The hues of clouds on clear days and on cloudy days just fill me with such awe.

The world, life, flowers, everything makes me acutely aware of the beauty and I am continuously awestruck at this space we share.

I try to see the beauty in all things and most days I find it.

6 thoughts on “Why I Love The Sky

  1. I too love the sky. They are magnificent & oh so beautiful. The colour and shape unique in it’s own way. The sky is a masterpiece.

    1. Yes it is.

  2. The sky does not lie — that’s where you’ll find the truth. I do believe that, pseudo God-skeptic though I may be.

    1. Hello my dear, you made me laugh out loud. I always love to hear from you. O know you are not a sceptic but a “wonderer” of things we cannot always pinpoint the reasons for… I am as well.
      Be well.

      1. A “wonderer” — yes, I like that. In my wayward younger years I was a wanderer, now as a septuagenarian (fancy word for old geezer) I have substituted the ‘a’ with an ‘o’ (I gotta stop watching Wheel of Fortune!)

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