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When the Spirit “Moves” You During Praise & Worship

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This gentle man is in church and he is apparently “moved” by the Spirit. His feet cannot keep still and he is prodded from the woman behind him to be less conspicuous.

Eventually he is unable to resist and just gives in!!

My sister shared this video on FB and I found it hilarious. Each time I view this video I find myself laughing out loudly. I hope it brings a smile to your face and some laughter to your soul.






11 thoughts on “When the Spirit “Moves” You During Praise & Worship

  1. Pene, This made me laugh out loud! I am pretty sure the guy meant no disrespect…got a little carried away!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you for sharing this! <3 Still smiling! Happy Monday! Cheryl

  2. He needs more space lol….

    1. This was so funny to me because as a child that was how they kept us in line in public, they either gave you “the eye” and you know what that meant if that behavior continued. Or they tucked at your clothes like that lady was doing. But that fella could not be contained, the Spirit had them feet on fire, lol.
      This video makes me laugh so much.

      1. Imagine I have seen such crazy moments in church functions and then I am those people who have not been delivered from Sarah and Abraham’s spirit, I can laugh at any funny statement or action even if it comes from the angel I will still laugh.You have made my day too.

  3. Love this too. He’s truly dancing for joy before the Lord–and he’s good too! Princess Cynthia, above, says he needs more room . . . Next Sunday he should sit in back where he can dance in the aisles and not distract that lady with the “mothering” sensibilities! Thank you for sharing, Gifted 50!

    1. Good morning, I love your phrase “mothering sensibilities”. lol
      He just let loose even under those close eyes.

  4. I did not watch the video. A man’s conversation with God is his own. Worship to God is the most intimate.

    1. The man was dancing and a lady behind him kept trying to influence his praise. Nothing as deep as listening in.
      Hope you are having a great day. Thanks for journeying with me. I do enjoy your many adventures and posts.

      1. I meant you no wrong. I was just giving an opinion. I appreciate the journey with you, Pene!

        1. No prob. I didn’t think you did. Have a blessed night.

          1. You as well!🤠😏

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