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When COVID-19 Hits Home

Picture of Ny's Governor Cuomo speaking on COVID-19, the amount dead, overwhelmed healthcare workers and requesting additional help for NY State.

So 3 days ago we learned that Gee’s brother and his sister both have tested positive for the virus. They are both in the late 50’s early 60’s and relatively healthy.

His sister is being evaluated for downgrading and possible discharge in a day or so, Thanks be to God!!!

His brother had to be intubated 3 days ago as he was in respiratory failure.

He still remains intubated 3 days later.

Gee is an ER nurse with an extensive background of being a NY EMS for over 20 years.

He is currently making plans to return to NYC (New York City) to be near his family and to help at Brookdale Hospital. He did a 2-year travel assignment 2 years ago and is already familiar with the workings of the ER there.

Another motivating factor are his family (his mother in her 80’s) and his brother currently in grave danger.

We understand that the longer someone is intubated, the transition back to self-ventilation becomes exponentially difficult with each passing day.

The stress in our home is at an all time high. His daily phone calls with ICU doctors.

New York’s Governor Cuomo is overwhelmed and asking / begging for health professionals to help the State.  There are current over 66,497+ positive cases and 618 dead in NY. Overnight 253 more deaths alone.

Governor Cuomo is desperately short of healthcare personnel, ventilators etc.

In the US currently 143,667 infected and 2,487 dead.

All numbers continue to rise.

Globally 745,308 infected and 35,307 deaths if the numbers are to be believed.

New york is currently dealing with the lions share of this pandemic and the morgues are overflowing with bodies. Refrigerated trailers are outside hospitals to collect surplus bodies.

I woke today not wanting to think about this evil, but there is no burying our heads in the sand.

New York had been our homes for 40+ and 30+ years respectively and many many of our friends and families in the healthcare profession and beyond resides there.

This is very distressing for us as we live so far away and feel powerless.

I am also contemplating the idea of travelling to NY to lend a hand.

Only God knows …

Let us please ceaselessly pray for ALL.

60 thoughts on “When COVID-19 Hits Home

  1. Sending healing, comfort, and light for you, your people and the road ahead.

    1. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Sending many prayers!! I pray for the whole world, too! It’s scary!

    1. Thank you. New York is being tossed about right now.

  3. Praying for everyone in NYC. Watching and reading the reports from all hospitals with great concern.

    1. Yes, we pray that our current States are not hit as hard. Terrible times.

  4. sad news… my prayers are with them. I wonder what the world is turning into

    1. hello my friend, I have not seen you here in a while. Thanks for stopping by.
      Yes NY is not doing so well. I have many healthcare friends that are in the middle of it all.

  5. hi. for 5 or 6 months I have been very busy and not been able to come online as regularly as before. however, I was able to spend some time on my blog today. I heard that USA now has the highest number of coronavirus cases

    1. 700,000+ and climbing every day. Lots of folks still not taking the call to social distancing very seriously, If they could see the effects first hand maybe it will have more impact.
      New York City alone 66,000+ cases.

    2. Sorry 700,000 globally
      US 140,000

      1. the statistics are getting very scary day by day… alot of folks are not much aware of the real threats that the virus has been causing at increasing rates of cases. maybe they don’t strive to expose themselves to much information on the dangers of the virus

        1. I believe you are correct.

          1. personally, I know that I only began to take the threats of the virus serious after I hunted the internet for information about the virus, and read the information including statistics… but many folks who don’t look for information might likely never get it and become aware enough to be convinced about what should be avoided. thanks

            1. And those will the dangerous ones.

              1. yea the dangerous ones should be noted and avoided

  6. I too am sending you much love and healing prayers from Canada. It is so very tragic and sad. My heart struggles to grasp the magnitude of what is happening. Sending prayers.

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  7. I pray for the power of God to touch right now and give peace and comfort!

    I want to invite you to stream in to our miracle and deliverance service on Sunday at 6 pm (Central). You can do so on our church website at or Facebook live at Reflections of Christ Kingdom.

    The sick are being healed, God is still doing miracles! There is no distance in prayer, and my Apostle is anointed to pray for the sick. I had been having chest pains, my Apostle prayed for me and the power of God touched me right here in my living room, chest pains are gone!!!

    1. Amen, I will stream and intercede for them I know God can work anyplace at anytime. Thank you for the reminder.

      1. Yay, thank you for joining us! Blessings to you sister!!

        1. Is it continuous or a specific time?

          1. Continuous….Sundays @ 6 pm is our miracle and deliverance service, 10 am morning service (Central Time)


            Monday-Friday @ Noon for 1 hour (Central Time)

            Facebook (Dana Carson)
            YouTube (Watch and subscribe to Apostle Dr. Dana Carson)

            Wednesdays (Bible Study) 7 pm (Central Time)

            Facebook live (Reflection of Christ Kingdom)

            Church website

            Saturdays @ 9 pm (Central Time)

            YouTube or Facebook (same info as above)

            1. Ok great lots of options.

  8. Sending healing prayers for those who are sick with the virus. May they regain their strength and health through quality medical care.

    1. Amen. And thank you.

  9. this is all so terrifying, please stay safe <3

    1. Thank you so much for the well wishes. you do so as well.

  10. Praying for you.
    I’m going to try email you something you may appreciate. I hope you don’t consider it preaching.
    Love, light, and glitter

    1. That will be perfectly fine. Thank you.

      1. Sent it.
        Yes, I know how hard it is when it hits home.
        May we all stay okay and bring peace and love.

        Love, light, and glitter

        1. Appreciate your encouragement. Means a great lot. Thank you. It is good to remember all is not lost.

  11. Prayed for them

    1. Thank you my brother.

  12. Praying for them Ms. Pene.

    1. Thank you.

  13. I am sorry to hear about the illness in your family. I pray that the mighty hand of God will touch and heal his body in Jesus name. Amen
    The figures are indeed increasing, but I cannot help feeling that the constant negative news about projected deaths and those who will contract the disease is not doing is any good. I am not saying the situation is not real, but it is time that they broadcast more prayers and messages of hope to bring comfort and remove fear.

    1. Indeed you are correct. But they are mostly unbelievers, who are spreading fear to earn ratings.

  14. I am sorry to hear this. I am sending continual prayers for you, your family, and the world as a whole. May God guide your decisions and both of you be safe no matter what you decide.

    1. Thank you so much.

  15. Father, I bring Gee’s brother, sister, and entire family to you in prayer. I pray your love will see them through it all, and for a full recovery. There’s nothing too hard for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen! God bless!

    1. Amen. And thank you so much for your prayers.

      1. My pleasure! 🙏🏽

  16. Many, many are praying for so many during these challenging days. When the virus touches home, it suddenly becomes more personal. God’s peace!

  17. Sending good thoughts and hoping your family recovers soon

    1. Much appreciated, thank you.

  18. I am so, so sorry to hear it, Pene… very frightening. Sending prayers.

    1. Thank you so much, Stay well.

  19. Sighs. The no seems to be on a rapid increase. His peace and calm over all this sis. Do stay safe and be good. 🤗

    1. We must keep trying to be safe and keep trusting God.

      1. Yes sis. 💯

  20. How is Gee’s brother? Did his sister get to go home? I’m so sorry to hear about all of this. I am praying for all of you and for wisdom to make the right decision in the days ahead. Thank you, and God bless you for fighting this battle on the frontline as a first responder✝️

    1. Good morning, His brother passed away 2 days ago. His sister is at home recuperating and so sad.
      Thank you so much for asking.

      1. I’m so sorry for your loss 😢. I will pray for his sister and your family.

        1. Thank you so much.

  21. I’m so so sorry for your physical loss. There are no words. Just lots of knowing hugs and prayers that you still feel his presence in the wind on your face.

    1. Thank you so much. Have a blessed day.

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