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What I Cooked Today

Well my dears,  today I am off work. I have been researching the benefits of turmeric for a post.

My mom and I had been using turmeric for over several years now for its anti-inflammatory properties.

She makes a drink of turmeric, ginger, lemon and honey. We have been consistently drinking this concoction, especially since the coronavirus, I try to have some every day, just to keep the immune system running at its optimum.

So I cooked some turmeric rice with chickpea or garbanzo beans. See picture below.


Turmeric rice with garbanzo beans, grilled chicken and a sprinkle of bacon.

Now I am no Julia Childs, Gee is the official cook, but he is currently doing a travel nurse stint in NY.

In an effort to keep my mind off life I am finding “filler” things to do.

A little update, mr. celery is happily growing along with some basil and parsley for company. I love basil as well, love all herbs really. We had a few cold days last week so they took a little beating. One day it seemed like spring then we reverted to winter.

To see how to grow celery easily at home click here.

I love love cucumbers and I eat them almost every day. We’ve tried to grow them in the past with not too much success, they would be the picture of health one day then just drop dead the next.

My mom currently has a few cucumber plants in some pots and we will see how they grow.

But just a little on what I have been doing on my off days and of course being on WordPress, I could not get through the difficult times without you all. There is such a community of support here, it’s simply beautiful.

Take your vitamin supplements including zinc, selenium, vitamins C and D.

As always my friends pray, stay healthy, stay safe, keep your immune systems at peak performance.

God bless us all! Amen!


72 thoughts on “What I Cooked Today

  1. Nummy, the food looks great! Your celery looks very happy. I don’t have a bed to plant mine in but I may take them to my nursery center when it’s time to move them outside.

    1. We have them in a large metal pot. I got some foam containers that they deliver medical cold supplies from work and thought they would make great plant pots, so we planted in them

      1. Great idea 💡

  2. I think I see basil…? 🌱😊

    1. Yes, its the herb pot. So nice to go out pick and eat.

      1. Healthy toppings!

  3. Parsley 😋

  4. This looks very tasty.
    I agree with you about the joys of the WordPress community. 🤗

  5. I like your plants. I started growing kale recently and celery is on my list of things to grow, it’s a super food.

    1. Oh I am glad, my mom loves planting. we always have a garden growing.
      give the celery a try and post some pics.

      1. I’ll give it a try and post pics, I’ve been thinking of adding a new category where I post things I grow.

        Gardening is so therapeutic. 🌻🌼

        1. Yes it is, I just love to watch things grow. So please share, we can all learn from each other. Let me know if have any tips on keeping the bugs from eating my cucumber vines.

          1. Did you plant them outside?

            1. Good morning, happy Sunday, Yes they are outside in pots.

              1. If you’re doing organic gardening, you can use Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew Concentrate per package directions.
                Do you know what kind of bugs they are?

                1. Ok, I will have to look for that. Don’t know their names, but the seem to curl up when touched.
                  We put ashes from the BBQ and that helps until the next watering.
                  We have also been adding crushed egg shells, avocado and banana skin to make compost.

                  1. Maybe pill bugs, also known as rollie pollies. They usually just stay on the ground and help decompose the compost. They mostly eat plant matter that is already dead or decomposing.
                    It’s not some kind of caterpillar, is it?

                    1. I am really not sure, not this year but in past years my cucumber always died on me.
                      I will keep a better eye out this year.

                  2. If it’s just rollie pollies, you shouldn’t have to spray. Look for other signs daily on the actual plant. It could be a fungus instead.

                    1. Ok, I have the young cucumbers, I will keep checking.

                    2. I also read that you shouldn’t plant cucumbers together with potatoes or aromatic herbs like sage. I didn’t know that!
                      Looks like crop rotation is important. If you’re planting in pots, you might want to consider starting with brand new soil and getting rid of the old soil.

                    3. Good idea. First time in pots, we would always plant in yard before.

                      I cannot wait to see your garden in action.

                    4. Thanks, and me yours!

  6. The food looks delicious! I love chick peas, and usually like to include them in my salads too. I agree, it is a blessing to have the WordPress community. 🤗

    1. Amen. I am so grateful for the supportive community. Hope your day is going great.

      1. It’s a great day. Cooking and cleaning lol. Hope your day is great too.

        1. Sounds like a regular day, i usually play music a little loudly, singing at the top of my lungs as I scrub even harder with the music, have done my cleaning with music since a teenager.

          1. Music is a great idea! It will help the tasks to be more joyful. I often find myself singing or humming while cleaning, I guess I’m trying to make my own music lol. 🎶

  7. The food looks great! I too was having turmeric daily. I was consistently having milk with turmeric (which I thought tasted horrible) when I was experiencing symptoms, because of the health benefits. I hope you are well!😊

    1. Try the turmeric with some honey and lemon. Milk may be a bit too much.
      My friend’s husband puts some in his oatmeal and his coffee.
      I have begun to blend aloe vera and orange juice and drink in the morning, it’s actually a nice drink and cleansing.

      1. Thanks for the tips!😊

  8. You turmeric rice looks wonderful! It gives me a new idea. I’ve been looking for ways to work more turmeric into my diet. I also plan to try growing some celery! I enjoyed your blog post very much today.

    1. Thank you. Blessings.

  9. Happy cooking. Happy weekend. Stay healthy and be safe.

    1. Thank you.

  10. Wow, that meal looks delicious! I bet it was! Your celery looks healthy and delicious, too!

    1. Yes I am getting that turmeric in. Oh yes the plants are off and running.

      1. You definitely have a “green” thumb!

        1. Mostly my mother, I am just the helper, she really cares for the plants.

  11. I’m taking your suggestion and trying to grow celery. I have it in water on the windowsill, and it has two roots already.
    Thanks for being a part of my WordPress community. I think I’d feel very isolated if it weren’t for you all.
    The rice looks yum! Recipe?

    1. Yes the rice was pretty tasty, I put cumin seeds as well. Ok I will post recipe.

  12. I love how you’re planting your own food…
    It looks really great the rice!
    Love, light and glitter

    1. Gracias, blessings to you my dear.

  13. Your dinner looks delicious and the plants are great. My lettuce and celery are growing on the window sill. I am planing to put them in pots. I bought some tumeric but I am not sure how to use it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Put one teaspoon in 1/2 or 1 cup of water then add some honey and maybe some ginger to it and see if you can tolerate it. The turmeric does not really have a taste.
      I cooked 1 table spoon in 1 cup of rice , let the turmeric fry a little, then add anything else you like to cook with.
      Since its basically tasteless it will no overpower any foods or drink.

      1. Okay. Thanks for the tip.

    2. We have also been drinking aloe vera blended with orange juice and turmeric and ice. Pretty good.

      1. Aloe vera is bitter. I cannot drink it.

        1. When mixed with orange juice and cold you wont really taste.
          My mom drinks the leaves of bitter melon, I drink a little, not to much, but we also cook the bitter melon, its nice once you have acquired a taste for it. Gee who is from Brooklyn thought I was giving him something poisonous the first time he tasted it 😂

          1. I am not sure if I am brave enough to try it.

      2. Wow. The food caught my attention the most, I had to take a screenshot. 🙈
        Yeah, Tumeric has a lot of health benefits. I hope the children are not missing your hubby’s meal too much. ☺
        Yes, I am grateful for the WordPress family too. 🤗

        1. They are trying to cook more themselves, so it’s a time of growth for them, lol, God words in mysterious ways.
          I think I will post the turmeric rice menu. Stay well.
          You should post your coconut rice so I can see if we cook it similar.

          1. Wow. Nice. It will be nice for mum too, to have a treat. 😁
            Yeah He sure does. He indeed works all things out for our good?.

            Yay. Nice.

            Aww. Not tried that out in a long time though. Phew.
            But still one of such meals I can’t forget. 😊

  14. That looks delicious!

    1. It was

  15. Looks yummy!

    Im on the lookout for more such recipies!

    1. Please post some recipes as well. Thanks for checking it out.

  16. Delicious my friend 🙏💙🙏

    1. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

  17. Thank you my friend 🙏👍🙏

  18. Looks amazing!

    1. I’m trying to be like you…

      1. You are more than Just Pene!

  19. Penela, I am nominating you for the Vincent Ehindero Award and will share link when done. Be safe.

    1. Thank you so much. Appreciated. be safe as well.

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