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Visiting New York During Pandemic

What is it like to travel during COVID?

We left Texas yesterday Thursday, August 06. The children and I are here to visit Gee. We decided to renew his contract for another 13 weeks. We figured New York was a safer option than Texas at this time. We made some goals and were working towards those, but recently we are attacking them with even more urgency than ever.

My Snookums was so excited to visit his dad, he agreed to keep his mask on the whole trip. Usually the kids complain that they cannot breathe with the mask on…I understand completely. But he kept his word and except for munching on some cherries, it stayed in place.


The three musketeers with our masks on

The check-in process went smoothly, we stayed six feet apart and placed my drivers license to be read. I was asked to remove my face mask to confirm identity with my DL. We passed security with the usual checks. There were not that many persons so all in all the process went off without a hitch. We arrived at our gate and waited until it was time to board.

We were notified that persons flying to new York from states of interest i.e., Texas and other high infection areas we would have to fill out a form. The questions on the health information form were:

  • Name, telephone number and address where you were staying
  • Did you have a fever or a cough in the past 24 hours
  • How long were you planning to stay in New York
  • Were you a frontline worker travelling to help with the pandemic
  • Flight number, airlines, where you originated from and final destination

I thought the questions were all reasonable and we were advised (told) that we must have face covering and must keep them on for the duration of the flight.

The plane was pretty empty and seating was great as we were all seated fairly far away from each other and could even move to other empty rows.

Currently it is hurricane season and the ride had its few bumps along the way but all in all it was actually fairly uneventful all things considered.

When we landed in NY we gave the health form to someone at a desk and we were excited to see the big city. the hurricane had passed through two nights before and it wrought some damage along the way. Lots of trees were lining the roadways. But New Yorkers will always survive. I felt shortness of breath walking up the ramps to our exit, so I am still on the road to rebuilding.

Hurricane Isaias torn up parts of New York.

This is a video my cousin sent me of some of the damage to her block by hurricane Isaias. As we rode along yesterday we saw downed trees everywhere. Huge old trees uprooted by the winds.

Our day one in my old stomping grounds is over. Now that I am here to visit I realize I miss it so much. There will never be another city like NY for me. I did all my growing up there and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Stay safe and blessed my friends!




25 thoughts on “Visiting New York During Pandemic

  1. So glad you got to the visit in. Thank you for sharing your airplane/airport experience. That is something I have avoided. Yet, life continues and I may need to take this step in the coming months. Have a blessed Sunday, sister. Love in Christ, Julie

    1. You have a blessed day as well. I was skeptical with the kids and all but others were there with children that were even younger. All in all not too bad an experience.

  2. You’re in New York?! Stay safe! The city is pretty much empty but so many brunch spots around. That plane was empty- Thank goodness ❤️

    1. I know. I lived in NY for a loong time so it’s like going back home. not to bad. We are not going about in crowds.

  3. Would you please email me? I have something i would like to share with you. thanks so much! God bless you.

  4. Oh my! That video! Praise God that man was safe!
    You all be safe as well. Enjoy your time in NY. 🤗

    1. Yes a narrow escape.

  5. Enjoy your trip, but please be careful in NY 🗽

    1. Yes I will. Thank you.

  6. Welcome Back
    to the Big Apple
    but do hold
    the sauce

  7. A wonderful read, thank you!
    I wish mine plane can be that empty when I decide to travel next time. Fat chance though!

  8. It may happen. I really don’t see us on a packed plane until there is at least a vaccine.

  9. I am glad you can have a fun adventure 🙂

  10. You are truly one of the most talented bloggers on WordPress! I nominate you for the Liebster Award.

  11. Enjoy your visit! You kiddos are amazing- responsible and strong to handle flying during Covid and being an example to adults!

    Stay safe and glad you’re recovering but sad to hear it’s quite a long road to 100% ❤️🤗

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

  12. Glad you got to visit sis. 🤗 And wow! – I am glad the man drove away before the tree came down. They should probably root out these old trees in case before another wind hit.

    1. That,s a great idea.

  13. Informative post. Like you, I am a New Yorker who moved to the Southwest. Am now in the Southeast. Unlike you, however, I don’t miss NY, but, of course, we all have different interests. Have an awesome time in the Big Apple!

  14. Holy hell! That tree coming down was too close for comfort.
    Glad to see an almost empty airplane… I’ve been too chicken to fly with the pandemic. I just don’t trust people.

    1. The planes are pretty empty, it may never get this good again.
      Thanks for reading.

  15. Hurricanes sounds so scary!!

    1. It was.

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