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Togo: A Movie Recommendation

Release pic from movie Togo.

Hello my friends! Since some of us are under “social distancing” I thought I would take this time to present a movie recommendation for your watching pleasure.

If you are an avid lover of animals especially dogs, this may peak your interest.

Several weeks ago I watched a Disney movie named “Togo”.


This film, a Disney Production, released December 2019, is set in the great state of Alaska in the year 1925. Alaskan Leonhard Seppala, a dog trainer and musher and his wife Constance are blessed or cursed with a newborn Siberian Husky pup.

The pup is small and apparently weak and Mr. Seppala is of the mindset that nature’s ‘natural selection process’ is at work.

His wife Constance who is caring for the ailing pup, is repeatedly reprimanded by her husband and told, “these are work animals, not our friends, pets or our children”.

Eventually as only women can, Constance convinces her husband to give the pup a fighting chance.


1913: A small apparently weak puppy comes into the lives of musher and breeder Leonhard Seppala and his wife Constance Seppala. The pup appears to be of ill-health and since Leonhard’s life and work revolves around having healthy strong work animals he does not have the time to facilitate “pets”.

Eventually the pup is strong enough to run around, and while Seppala ponders its future the pup displays its mischievous nature and superior intelligence by wreaking havoc in the lives of the Seppalas’.

Whenever the puppy is penned he ingeniously finds a way out. This animal cannot and will not be contained by anyone to the chagrin of Mr. Seppala and to the amusement of his wife.

1925: The children are in danger of losing their lives to diphtheria and Mr Seppala is called upon to ‘man’ the ‘run’ to Nome to collect the antitoxin serum during the great Alaska storm.

Pic from the movie Togo: I thought this scene was so beautiful I had to take a pic. 

Seppala and Togo will brave the elements with the dog being at least 80% of the brains of the outfit, taking his beloved master safely, knowing how to lead in dangerous “white out” conditions and the man having complete trust in the extreme intelligence, commitment and competence of the animal to complete their critical task safely while leading the rest of the pack.

My favorite scene is when the human realizes he has an exceptional animal in his possession and you can see the seeds of love germinating at the soul level.

The scene-stealer for me is definitely Togo, my hero.

Main Characters

  • Diesel as the great Togo
  • Willem Dafoe (Lionhard Seppala)
  • Julianne Nicholson (Constance Seppala)
  • Richard Dormer (Doctor)
  • Christopher Heyerdahl (Mayor)


A wonderful, adventurous, heart-warming movie that will tug at the heart strings and remind you why dogs are “man’s best friend”.

I enjoyed this film immensely and believe this is an excellent film, based on a eternal bond between man and dog and their unwavering love and commitment toward each other.

Togo is undeniably the hero at the heart of this true-life depiction. He brought grit, superior intelligence, heart, leadership and commitment to the outfit. His undying devotion to his human is enviable.

I could not come up with any negatives so I give this move a 10 of 10 rating, I loved it and will watch it again in the future.

Now Your Input Please

Has anyone seen this movie?

Did you find it heartwarming? Yes / No!

Please give your opinion.






10 thoughts on “Togo: A Movie Recommendation

  1. I just watched this movie a couple of weeks ago! I loved it- very heart warming.

  2. I didn’t mean to remain anonymous….

    1. No problem, it was a good movie.

  3. You are also being nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award

    1. Thank you so much dear. Have a great day.

  4. I’ve never heard of this. I’ll have to check it out. It sounds good!

    1. I loved it.

  5. Oh absolutely loved this movie.

    1. Glad to know, I have been telling everyone to watch it.

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