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Time Marches On

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Today I took my 16-year old daughter to the Department of Public Safety to obtain her learners permit.

I am happy for her. She is so excited to grow up and drive off both literally and figurately.

I am sad for me. Sad because she is growing up, eager to leave and spread her wings. Sad that I feel she will not longer be in a space where I can peek in know that she is safe and sigh in relief.

I am terrified of what all this could mean for her in ways that she is not yet aware. The many faces of humanity she will meet. The good, the bad and the indifferent while I will no longer be the balm that soothes the hurt away.

Terrified that she will venture into spaces I will not be invited into. Afraid she will endure hurts I may never know of.

She is unaware of the predators that lurk outside the safety of my arms. Predators that roam on two feet as well as four. Predators that cloak their evils in the persona of kindness and sanity.

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On the ride back I reiterate the benefits of following the law, making the correct choices, no alcohol and my own experiences and the reasons I chose do not indulge in mind-altering substances.

Those words I will undoubtedly repeat many times in the coming years, coupled with incessant prayers.

Spending sleepless nights as my imagination takes flight.

I trust the lessons taught will never be far from herGroei heart.

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So one day soon my baby girl will close the car door and drive off to the beginnings of a new life.

I will have to muster the strength to let her go as every other mother before me did. As my own mother allowed me to do.

I strengthened my wings and I flew off. I fell sometimes, other times I was knocked down. Some times I laid there for a moment trying to catch my breath. Other times I sprang to my feet with the agility of a Kung Fu master and went right back into the ring.

Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.

Though one thing is certain I will remain defeated, I will always rise again.

It is said we learn best by watching and imitating. If these concepts hold true then my baby will persevere and soar on the lessons taught and the wings of a mother’s prayer.

37 thoughts on “Time Marches On

  1. Mothers’ prayers for their children are powerful, Pene.
    I am sure that you give your children ongoing wise advise on how to navigate through life. 🤗

  2. Sounds like you trained her up very beautifully Pene. Blessings

    1. Thank you my dear Ms Suzette, I pry you are correct.

  3. Beautifully said, Pene. As my great-niece goes away to college in the fall, I am happy and frightened for her. I remember how grown up I thought I was at the age of 18.

    1. Me too, then by 28 and 38 you realize how naïve you really were.

  4. Pene, Happy Sweet Sixteen to your daughter! Don’t worry too much. Even if she pretends not to pay attention to your advice, she remembers every word. About age twenty-five, she may actually begin to ask you for advice again. When you are gone and she is growing old, you will still be her role model. Even death does not end motherly influence. <3 All the best!

    1. All said, Cheryl. As Maya Angelou says, “you have been raised.” Your daughter will always carry the values you taught her, always!

      1. I pray that is true. Thank you.

    2. Thank you so much my friend this makes me feel so much better and I know you have daughters you have had to let go. So here’s to practical advice.

  5. I think it’s safe to say that you spoke for all parents out there in the same situation as you. However, you speak very humbly and with love. I am no mother, but this was beautiful and relatable to all of us who left home even if ages ago. You an only hope for the best, Pene. A good day to you.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment. A blessed day to you too.

  6. Letting go is difficult, isn’t it? Especially girls!

    1. So so true. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

      1. You are welcome!

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  8. Love your last thoughts…’She will soar on the wings of her mother’s prayers.’ Beautifully written! You have captured what a mom’s heart feels as her children leave home; you are excited for them and worried at the same time. A whole new world is opening up for them. You are so right about the wisdom you have taught them along the way…In the end, they must take those lessons and weave them into their own hopes, dreams, and plans. We have given them the very best we had to give, and with God’s help, they do ‘fly’, in marvelous and incredible ways. We celebrate their wings, and remind them that they always have their roots…

    1. Thank you, I love your words … “celebrate their wings and remind them of their roots”, — brilliantly said and oh so wise.

  9. That’s great!
    Smiles. The motherly instinct is a blessing to every child. I believe she appreciates all you do, sis. In it all, teaching them God’s words is what sustains them when you are not physically present. ❤

    1. Hellooo sister, you are as usual so correct an always have the right answers. How did you become so wise for one so young. I do appreciate your wisdom. Lots of love to you.

      1. Hi sis. 🤗
        Smiles, thank you for your kind words. 🙌🙌
        All received. 😊
        Sending you right back. ❤❤😊

  10. Very normal to worry about her safety. I’m sure she’ll persevere. A mother’s prayer travels far.

    1. Amen to that. Thank you.

  11. Well said! #Soar!

  12. Awe this just touched my heart, Pene. I remember those sleepless prayerful nights. And the days of clinching the door handle of the car while each of my girls learned to drive. And don’t forget those imaginary brakes I pressed, which never seemed to work from the passenger’s side! 😂 🙏🏼

    1. Hello my dear Ms Renee. How are you keeping? Yes I will probably run behind the care the first few times. And yes the imaginary brakes have been in use. The increase in my heart I hope is helping my metabolism, lol.

  13. I’m sure you’ve given her the right morals and altho she may stray the most important thing is to always know your door is open for her!

  14. This made my heart throb! I felt each word even though my daughter is still little.

  15. ☺️☺️☺️your daughter is lucky to have you as a mother

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Be blessed.

  16. Beautiful words, Pene. Every mother’s prayer. It is hard to let go but we have to. I pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen and keep you in the wonderful job you are doing as a loving mom

    1. Thank you my sister, it is harder to let go of the girl, I find.

  17. Prayer is much needed! Great post
    I have two teenagers and they keep me praying.

  18. “the wings of a mother’s prayer.” – Beautiful! <3 You have raised her up in the way she should go, and she will benefit from the years you've poured into her. I remember the bitter-sweet emotions at my children's graduations and weddings, watching them spread their wings. But now we are living in the same city as our daughter, who nagged us until we moved and insisted we live within walking distance of her and our grandchildren. My adult daughters are two of my best friends, and grandchildren have filled my life with the joy of little voices again. I pray you too will find your joy overwhelming any sadness you're feeling now.

    (PS I understand the concern over "predators." God can do anything, so I pray regularly that my children will be invisible to them.)

    1. Great advice, thank you.

  19. May God go ahead of her always. That’s my prayer for her. Good job mama.

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