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Things My Grandma Taught Me

Soft Candle
A picture of the soft candle AKA soft grease

At work today we got to talking and discussed the ways things were done when we were young.

I remembered when I was a girl and we were injured in any way, say nail stick we would put a dab of the soft candle aka soft grease on the injury and put a small flame, say from a match close to it for a few minutes.

The soft candle also would be massaged and used for pain relief. It’s used to reduce swelling, boils and helps ease the pain from all the pus accumulated around a wound.

The older folks would mix this along with other ingredients and create a poultice that could evacuate a wound like none other, I have seen this work many times.

I do not know what ingredients are contained in the soft grease but back then it worked wonders. I will do some research next time I visit Guyana.

We did not go to the doctor at all, herbal medicine is how we remained healthy and boy did we grow healthy.

Grandma taught us how to pick a specific herb for a specific ailment. Wish I had paid more attention!

Not one of the kids I knew growing up died for any reason. We lived healthy and happy and the old folks died with all their working parts.

Do you have any stories? Share any of your unorthodox medical treatments growing up?

31 thoughts on “Things My Grandma Taught Me

  1. Did grandma keep notes or have a special recipe book? That would be a treasure! We didn’t do doctors growing up either – except for the piece of wood I put through my thumb which had to be removed by a doctor. We just used food as medicine. We all stayed well. Everyone had all their parts… tonsils and all. 😊

    1. No recipe book. Wish we had, but I plan to speak to the season folks this summer when I visit and begin recording some recipes.
      Those were different times, I love it, we kept tonsils and all…lol, very true.

  2. In many parts of the world doctors are an unaffordable option and nature provides the medicine and reflexology provides pain relief.

    1. For sure. I don’t take my kids for much as well except check-ups, thank God all 3 are healthy kids. Small stuff I attend to (I am a nurse) lol. If they fall, I tell them, rub it you will be ok,

  3. My granny raised me and taught me so much.

  4. My father is like that, home remedies is his thing.

    1. The way of the older folks. Thanks for reading.

  5. Yes, Pene we did the same and used soft candle just as you described. You are correct! We used a lot of herbal remedies for everything as well. No doctors available to us as well – a small clinic for major emergencies was miles away. Thank you for the lovely memories of my grandma that your post brought to mind. And, she was the herbal expert in the family too. Blessing to you.

    1. Oh great, I wish I had paid more attention to these things.
      She used to send us to pick this or that herb and in no time we were back to normal.
      Thank you for reading.

  6. For marginalized communities in particular, pride themselves of home remedies.I remember vapor rub was the cure for everything lol. Whenever I had a cold my mom would rub that vapor rub all and I’m all over me.

    1. Vicks vapor rub was very popular, lol. My mom still uses it, we even swallowed some when we had a cold as kids.

      1. I did too lol

  7. I wish I listened to my Grandmother more as well.

  8. I was taking photos as an adult in Paris, then ran to catch up with the others. I tripped and miraculously did a flip instead of sliding and scraping myself. I just hit the heel of my hand. My cousin rubbed thyme oil on it, and it barely even bruised and healed very quickly.

    1. Wonderful how God has provided an antidote for everything that ails us.

      1. He definitely provides everything we need!

  9. Honestly, I never knew that a soft candle can be used to do more medications. I have to try that one time in the future.
    Thank you, Pene, for sharing this information.

  10. Hi !
    We were on holiday in Jamaica and it was all-inclusive, and soon my husband got sick from the overindulgance.
    He went to see a local herb doctor who mixed him a bottle of liquid. My husband drank it and got much better. 🤗

    1. That’s great news that the herbs helped. Hope you all had lots and lots if fun.

      1. Hi ! Yes, after the herbal cure we were able to continue our holiday. I wish I knew a lot more about herbs. 🤗

        1. When I was growing up we had several old men and women in various villages who were herbal specialists, they treated everything. No one went to the doctor. As a child I learned a few things from my grandma, by repetition as we went to gather some of the herbs she needed for one thing or another. I wished I had really paid attention as one lady lived about a NY block over from me was such a specialist, people came from all over to be treated by her, she died 3 yrs ago and none of the younger folks were interested. So it’s a lost art. I was on the phone with my uncle this Am and was asking about herbal medicine as I plan to visit this summer and I usually go to get some anti inflammatory herbs to use while there, you drink for 7 days first thing in the am and other cleansing herbs I get whenever I go back. The old folks lived long, died with all their original parts and no dementia… now as a nurse I marvel at the number of young persons with so many ailments and surgeries… and I really regret not learning more.

          1. I agree with you completely ! My ancestors lived long full healthy lives , also using herbal remedies.Health in our province is the poorest in Canada, and we have the highest rates of juvenile Diabetes in the world.
            At the clinic where my husband still works part-time, he also sees so many young people suffering with ailments.
            I do give thanks for the advancements of modern medicine in the sense that so many amazing heart surgeries can be accomplished ( My husband also had heart surgery a few years ago). And then we place ourselves into the hands of the Great Physician . God bless you for the healing work that you do. 🤗

            1. I agree with you as well, modern medicine has its place and God the rest… I had heart surgery when I was 27 years old as well and modern medicine did its thing and God did all the rest.
              Blessings to you.

              1. Hi ! I read your post where you wrote about your surgery and your amazing recovery. I pray for everyone in Health Care, that they may be in tune with how God works through them. 🤗

                1. Oh yes! I often pray for my patients, sometimes with them if they are receptive, sometimes in my mind.

                  1. That is beautiful, and the very best part of healing.
                    I have read empirical studies comparing the healing outcomes of patients who are prayed for, and those who aren’t, and the prayed for patients consistently do better. God will reward you for your prayers. Prayer is a spiritual act of mercy. 🤗

  11. When I was 3 and 4 years old, while all my cousins ran around the house, I often stayed in the kitchen and watched and “helped” grandma with the preparations and cooking. It paid of . I’m 70 now and a bachelor for many years but am a natural cook from those memories.

    1. That’s so great…skill and memories, can’t beat that.

  12. Those old remedies are the best!

    1. That is true. I should have paid more attention.

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