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Things Lost In A Fire

The tragedy — this person house went up in flames during this very hard season of our lives.

Yesterday as hurricane Laura was hitting us with some rainfall this tragedy unfolded. I looked out my front door and saw a plume of dark smoke. At first I thought it was a cloud but then I realized to my dismay that it must be a fire. About 1/2 a mile from my home, this person’s life was going up in smoke.

The neighborhood came out to witness the tragedy, I do not know the details of what happened. The firemen were there and doing all they can, but the blaze was not abating quickly.

We all just stood there praying the fire would just go out.

From my vantage point it seemed like what remained was just some of the framework. Someone’s life was up in smoke. I could not sleep last night as I thought of this person/family, they awoke in the morning with everything intact and this night it was all gone!

I feel for them in the current season of our lives and not knowing what happened or their circumstances. I had never witnessed a fire and it disturbed me so I could not sleep.

Here with my WP family, so many of us trust God for our daily bread. And we thank God that we have come into His Kingdom and His grace, love and care.

May our Savior, Jesus Christ continue to guide and protect us and may we remember to lift up this person/family in our prayers.

Sincerely, Pene’.

22 thoughts on “Things Lost In A Fire

  1. I watched the firemen trying to put out a fire in the house of childhood friends when I was still a child. Throughout the years I’ve had nightmares about buildings being on fire.
    Yes, it’s very traumatic. Praying with you for this family.

    1. Yes please, may God help them though this difficult time.

  2. Fire is tough because it’s considered a total loss. We live near the fires in California. Our friend lost his house. It made us cry and reach out to help. Pray and help. That’s all I can think to do.

    1. Terrible master fire is. What is not burned is smoked out or ruined by the water designed to put it out.

      1. How are you doing with the hurricane? Ive been thinking about you?

        1. We are ok here in Dallas, yesterday some rain, but currently dry. Thank you for the caring thoughts.

  3. Good to hear.

  4. Eish.. Such tragedy and timing makes it worse

    1. Yes indeed.

  5. I feel for this family. Praying for God’s healing and grace. I survived an apartment building fire several years ago so I understand the trauma they will face.

  6. Sending prayers, love and light for all that are enduring this hardship 🙏

  7. Pene, so sorry for them! Cheryl

    1. Yes it is a difficult time. Thank you.

  8. Fire is such a terrible thing, I imagine it will not be easy for this family. They need our prayers. Hope you are doing well Pene.🙂😺

    1. I am doing much better. I have returned to work. I thank you for your support and hope this finds you and Muffin doing well also.

      1. That’s so good to hear! I am still struggling with symptoms of this virus, it really hurt my body and it’s taking a long time to heal, but there is improvement in some areas. Have a wonderful weekend!

        1. Yes, tiredness remains. Take Vitamins D, C and folic acid, they help tremendously.

          1. Folic acid? I will have to try that. I do take vitamin D and C but not daily, guess I should though. Thanks for mentioning that.

  9. What a terrible thing to have to go through and to witness. My thoughts and prayers are with them!

  10. Wow. That must have been really troubling. I pray for Comfort for the people affected and for you too. 🙏
    Do stay safe sis.

    1. Thank you for the prayers … I cannot imagine what they are going through.

      1. You are welcome, sis. 🤗
        Yes!. Sighs.

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