The little things we find pleasure in;

I love gardening and watching things grow. Going for a walk in a nature-filled environment and being able to observe God’s creations in their natural habitat is the best gift I give myself. It relaxes me, releasing all those great endorphins making me feel happy and close to Him. The fruit below was picked from my yard one day ago. We planted that pear tree some 5 years earlier and each year it yields more and more fruit. This year it had so many pears that as the fruits got larger two of the slender limbs broke under the weight of the onslaught.

The fruit has a refreshing juicy texture, which is not very sweet but a crisp appeal resembling that of an apple. I love their taste and texture. I am unsure of the name of this pear as the identifing info has long since been bleached by the sun and rain.

Here is a picture of the tree at spring time 2019. If anyone can identify this pear, please feel free to let me know how you feel about the taste, texture and perhaps even a recipe or two.

Thank you all.


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