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The Little Things We Find Pleasure in…(2)

The last of my summer fruits

So this is a follow up to one of my earlier posts about our pear tree and its fruits. Today my mother and I went over to the house (we no longer occupy the premises, but still own it) and picked the last of its fruits.

We, well mostly me, had been eating the pears before they came into their fullness, see pic below of a less-matured pear and notice the difference in the color. The younger ones were just beginning to show signs of being kissed by the sun but were good none the less.

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These pears are the best, with the texture of apples and of course the graininess of pears and just enough sugar to make it delicious, at least to me. Did I neglect to mention they were also tree-ripened. The flavors are so much more enhanced when they ripen in the sun.

Due to its firm texture, it would be perfect in a salad. I should give that a try.

I love all pears and this pear in particular is a favorite of mine even though I cannot recall the name. The tree information has long since been bleached by the Texas sun.

The last pears of the season and of course I wanted to take a picture of them for I will have to wait one whole year for their return.

Gods providence for us is a constant we can count on and I feel so blessed to be able to grow and eat my fresh fruits.

51 thoughts on “The Little Things We Find Pleasure in…(2)

  1. How wonderful to grow and eat your own food! You are very blessed. 😊

    1. Yes, I grew up in South America where my family were farmers, so my mother carried that tradition here as well and we currently live in Texas, long summers that make planting possible.

      1. That’s awesome! May you always have fruitful harvests!

        1. Thank you

  2. In a previous house we had a rental, it had two pear trees, super yummy pears, that were perfect without even spraying them. Wish we still had access to those pears where we live now….

    1. The organically grown are the best, plus the joy you get from watching them blossom.

  3. A small treasure from nature. Enjoy.

    1. Thank you Sir.

      1. You’re welcome. Your post and photo brought me briefly back to a lovely reminder – a turning point – at the threshold of time between not having the requisite taste buds to appreciate the uniqueness of pears and to when I finally fell for them. Don’t recall if there were Anjou or Bartlett or Bosc variety … Juicy, moist, ripened to the softly bruised. And, with Brie, Cranberries and Pistachios. Simple epicurean decadence.

        1. Lol, the nectar of the gods.

          1. Just added them to my Saturday shopping. Thank you.

  4. Yum! Pears are a treat to be sure. We had a pear tree, and a peach tree at one point when I was growing up, but the birds and the deer always managed to “beat us to the punch.” You have a wonderful way with words…such that I found myself wanting a tree ripened pear. Blessings! β™₯

    1. I also have a peach tree as well and it’s a constant race with the rabbits and birds. The peaches are so so succulent. The rabbits take up residence at the bottom, the birds at the top and we fight for the perimeter. Lol.

      1. πŸ˜€ Isn’t it the truth.

  5. Oh my goodness you have my mouth watering for pears! 😍

      1. πŸ˜‚ No worries.

  6. These pears are the best, yes they are.

  7. I can send you my address!!! I love a good pear 🍐!

    1. Ok I will send for you.

      1. I was just kidding you! You are sweet to offer😊

        1. Next year I will send you a few, if you live in the US it should not be too difficult.

          1. I live in your neighboring state, Oklahoma! I have a hard time picking a good pear in the store. They are too hard and not sweet. The description of your pears is mouth-watering!

            1. OK, God willing next year I will send you some.

              1. Okay, God willing!

        2. I have taken quite a few to my co-workers, the poor tree was laden.

          1. Lucky πŸ€ co-workers!

  8. Those look sooo good! I love pears!

  9. It is a blessing to have healthy fruits to eat where no chemical is put on it. May you and your pear tree continue to prosper. That on fruit I came to really like but I never taste the tree ripened ones before. I can imagine the sweetness especially when it is cool.

    1. Oh yes, back in Guyana, tree-ripened fruits are the only ones we ate. Called the others forced-ripe and no one wanted those, lol, now those are all I get to eat.

      1. We call the others force-riped as too back in Jamaica.

        1. lol, imagine that.

          1. Yeah we are all one people

              1. The blessings of the Lord be with you and all God’s plan for you.

                1. Thank you Sir and the same blessings to you.

                  1. You are welcome

  10. Do the birds get to them? My kids and I have started a growing our own herbs and veggies recently and I can’t wait to see our hard work pay off! Something about growing your own food is very satisfying.

    1. Oh yes, birds at the top and the rabbits on the bottom. Plus the rabbits love the greens. They get lots of food for thir babies.

      1. Lucky there’s still some left for you!

        1. Yes it is often a fight to the finish, lol

  11. good post…thanks for share

  12. well said! processed food is so boring & predictable, whereas nature is an artist in every way πŸ™‚

  13. Looks really yum!.

    And really nice to know, you planted it. Cool!

    More harvest and reaping time to come. πŸ™

    1. Planting and watching it grow is already half the fun.

      1. Smiles. Nice. πŸ€—

  14. Gift of nature… That’s part of the goodness of GOD.

    1. Oh yes.

  15. The simple things. Nothing like a Mr. Good bar and a dive bar.

    1. If that’s your pleasure. Have fun.

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