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The Heavens

Psalm 147:8  —  Who covereth the heaven with clouds, who prepareth rain for the earth, who maketh grass to grow upon the mountains.

I have loved the sky since I was a little girl. I don’t know how this relationship began. I was about 8 years old when while playing outdoors I suddenly looked up at the sky and saw what I thought was a large white bird going into the clouds. I thought nothing of it but kept right on playing.

Many years later as I grew older I would always wonder about the memory of that ‘bird’, it was too large to be a regular bird and why would it enter the clouds? But I will never be sure of what I saw.

Eversince I find myself in a constant state of anticipation and expectation, I scan the skies from the ground, from planes expecting to see an angel or Jesus out there.

I think of God and all the beauty His hands have made for us. In his wisdom the beauty also has a utilitarian side to them.

A Few Types of Clouds

  • Cumulus clouds; flat on the bottom with big billowy tops
  • Stratus clouds; short and spread across great distances
  • Cirrus clouds; are thin, wispy clouds.
  • Nimbus clouds; are rainy clouds.
  • Lenticular clouds  have a distinctive swirl like circular pattern that can resemble a spinning top.
  • Cap clouds usually found around mountain tops and seem to hover there, they actually resemble a cap.

Contrail clouds are rare, they are formed when the exhaust from jet planes are released. They occur when the upper atmospheric air freezes the liquid particles present in the exhaust. They usually dissipate very quickly.

How are Clouds Useful?

Clouds provide barrier from the sun, protecting us from the heat moving both in and out of the earth’s atmosphere.

They hold water and return it back to us as rain. The rain allows the grass and trees to grow providing sustenance for us in so many ways. Research suggests that the net effect of currents upon the earth’s atmosphere help in cooling or warming the earth as is necessary.

Because clouds ‘blanket’ our planet they cool the surface by blocking radioactive heat loss thus warming the earth by approximately 7°C (13°F). The water vapor and gasses in their atmosphere absorbs some 20% of solar radiation providing us with a net coolness by 5°C (9°F).

Just a little FYI about clouds.

Does anyone enjoy clouds as much as I do?

As always God bless you all!

41 thoughts on “The Heavens

  1. I too am endlessly fascinated by clouds. They are beautiful, and seem to take on shapes that suggest they have a life of their own. Sometimes I just watch them as they morph into all kinds of imaginings. Thanks for sharing about the types and functions as well. Our Creator is masterful in His creation. Blessings!

    1. Yes He is, Blessings to you as well.

    2. Indeed He is> All of nature is His handiwork and it is magnificent.

  2. Wonderfully written and beautiful photography as well.Bless your kind heart.

    1. Much appreciated.

  3. My dear gifted 50, thank you for the refresher course on Clouds!, When one steps out-side to view the Stars one is not looking Up^ one is looking Out, we are on a Star Ship, perfectly designed to last 5 + billion years in spite of the damage humans are causing to it, it will heal itself, and life will continue, because of life’s Love for itself! Thank you for reading my posts, I do not like the word “Following” because like yourself I follow no man, I think for myself and therefore need no so-called “Leader” I have been on the net now for over twelve hours, I will bet I have written over 2,000 words in that time, it is so nice to be able to meet up^ with all these new people, as I sit here alone in my little log house……Have yourself a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you kind Sir. Hope you stay nice and warm today.

  4. What a fun overview, Pene’! I am going to use this in my homeschool lesson this week. Rosie will be thrilled ❤️.

    1. Feel free to use anytime. Thank you.

  5. I love it ! Yes, that could have been an angel that you saw.

    1. I saw it with the innocent eyes of a child and never told anyone.

      1. Interesting, I have seen something similar to that.

        1. Do tell? I love these stories as I believe.

          1. Sure! Excuse the many words and details, but, they are a part of the miracle. It was a clear day, on a monday. I was walking to the nearby Christian/ Catholic store to see if I could get a bigger, sharper, color print of the miracle image of Our Lady Of Guadelupe, to confirm measurements of the image’s mathematical layout that I made that weekend (using a small, poor quality, black and white version I printed at the library on Friday.) While walking down the middle of the street, I looked up, directly above me, and way way up in the sky there was about 7 to 12 ? large white ” birds” flying around each other in one spot. They were to big to be birds, and there is no big white birds in this area anyway ( New Mexico). They had movements individually, like wings flapping and what looked like the classic images we see of flowing white robes fluttering in the wind. Then, they kind of got into a kind of formation, and flew in a southward direction, and they faded away, disappeared, not because they were getting far away, either, they just slowly disappeared. I then went to the store, got a better picture of the Our Lady Of Guadelupe miracle image. And, you can see on my website the many fascinating things I have found about that divine miracle picture ( sorry to plug my site! ) Thank you very very much for asking me about this!

            1. Wow, that is wonderful. I have also heard God’s voice speaking to me, whether in my head or audible, I do not know, but I heard it, I have heard the flapping of angels wings when I was very ill and I saw the Holy Spirit come into my bedroom window and healed me with my mother as the only witness. I will write of these things when I am prompted by the Spirit to do so. Everything blog post that I write, I do so only when I feel prompted to write about a particular thing.
              I believe your story, some may not believe I saw the Holy Spirit come into my window, but I know what I saw. But we are always afraid to say sometimes because others’ may think you are not truthful.

              1. I believe you, too. And, yes, that afraid feeling we get, concerning of what others may think, has probably kept many people from not sharing things they witnessed. Thank you again for asking me to tell my experience.

                1. Loved it.

                2. I believe that.

    2. There is always something to look up to around you, great Post

      1. Indeed, The city of Mercy ! Thank you, God Bless !

  6. I love clouds, too! Once, when I was having a depressing sort of day, I asked God to show me His smile in the skies. I went out and lay on the ground and looked at the clouds. They morphed into shapes I’ve never observed in the clouds before, shapes that I found funny, like Wylie Coyote and other Disney cartoon shapes and a beaver! 😄 God sure does know how to cheer a person up!

    1. Oh yes, He must be a character, he created us all so different and with so many facets.

      1. Yes, I never thought about it in those exact words, but He sure has an aMAzing imagination and a wonderful sense of humor! 😁🙌

  7. This is very informative! Thank you for the information. The Lord put everything in perfect place to make sure we could live comfortably here on Earth.

    1. Ist it great, truly we have everything that we need. What we may want I’d another story, lol.

  8. Beautiful post! I love clouds, too. They’re so amazing!

  9. Thanks for this information about clouds, very good.

    1. Glad you like, just a little FYI.

  10. I love ❤️❤️❤️clouds, too, especially pink puffy clouds on a blue-grey backdrop! I enjoyed looking at your pictures! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!☁️

    1. Glad you enjoyed. Thank you.

      1. You’re welcome 🎄

  11. Really loved this and some of the comments too. God indeed gave us many beautiful things to behold. He is amazing!.

  12. Gift50 What a beautiful picture! I bet even if I were blind I could still afford to sight this. Thank you for the wonderful message.

    1. You are so kind.

  13. beautiful post : ) I love the sky and clouds too … thank you

  14. We have something in common!

    1. I like it, I will be checking out your writings.

      1. Read all you want!

  15. Hello from Dubai, new to your blog and already impressed with your outstanding photography skills and informative posts. I just hit the follow button on your blog for such future posts. I have also started blogging recently and would be happy if you could visit my blog and show some love and support. Looking forward to your feedback on my content and I hope to earn a new follower today.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comments, I am on my way to your blog. Thank you for the support. Happy to make your acquaintance!!!

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