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The Forgotten … How are They?

And the people asked him, saying, What shall we do then_Good day my friends. I read an article in the New York Times about the prison population, this got me wondering about the forgotten … the homeless, the undocumented, those imprisoned and those held in detention centers and their risk amidst this COVID-19 pandemic and began to do some checking around.

The Imprisoned

The Incarcerated

Of those persons incarcerated according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons 120 inmates and 54 staff members have tested positive for COVID-19. (see link for updated statistics).

It is reported that criminal justice and reform groups and some lawmakers have been advocating the early release of some inmates due to the current pandemic and       pre-existing conditions.

Attorney General William Barr proposed review for some criminals to be on home quarantine subject to assurance that they would not be spreading the virus into communities.

The bureau have been on social distancing order (14-day lock down, that began April 1st, 2020, inmates have been isolated in their cells.

  • All inmates and staff are screened for COVID-19 prior to movement
  • All non-essential activities / assignments are suspended
  • All essential persons in and out of the facility will be screened
  • Any symptoms of COVID-19 will immediately be placed in isolation
  • Inmates telephone minutes increased to 500 mins/month
  • Absolutely no social visits
  • Transfers based on forensic, legal,essential and medical health issues
  • Legal visits suspended for 30 days and re-evaluated on a case by case basis

The Undocumented

The Incarcerated (2)

Since undocumented immigrants are well “undocumented” they will not be receiving any monies from the stimulus funds so what do they do?

A few community organizations are trying to help families get through this crisis. They are  paying for some groceries or offering small grants so families can remain safe at home during the pandemic.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance have begun a Coronavirus Care Fund as a means of support for domestic workers.

Lobbyists are hard at work trying to have undocumented workers included in the stimulus package.

The Homeless and Mentally Ill

The Incarcerated (1)

I wondered about the whereabouts of the homeless and “at risk” population in my area?

Where are they? What is happening with them?

I must admit I had not thought of that before today!

I found that they have been staying in the shelters and are being monitored and screened before entry and high traffic areas cleaned once each hour.

The shelters have also identified a “far wing” that can be used for quarantine should it become necessary.

They have also identified a hospital close by where any suspected cases can be sent to.

I have not passed to many persons in the streets as Dallas had always ‘encouraged’ them to see refuge in the shelters.

What’s happening in your Town?

If anyone out there is feeling they cannot cope, please reach out to; National Coalition for Mental Illness and Homelessness and you will be directed to your closest available resources.

Some resources

For Incarcerations

9 thoughts on “The Forgotten … How are They?

  1. So wonderful of you to include the resources links, too, Pene… lovely and thoughtful post.

    1. Thank you for reading. Blessings.

  2. Sighs. Glad they are undergoing review of their policies. Sad it’s spreading so fast.

    P.S: I read your comment on a blog post about your hubby’s bro. How is he holding up?.
    And the family too. My condolence sis. Hugs..

    1. Some days are harder than others. In these matters we have no choice, we just keep keeping on. Very sad, they were really close. Sometimes I have no words of comfort.
      Thank you for your support, always I appreciate you.
      I am listening to music…always soothes my soul.
      Have a blessed day.

      1. Hmm. True, especially when they are close to you. Yes sis, we keep taking each day after the other. Hugs.
        Sighs. I quite understand. But then in such times, I believe even the little matters. It could be just listening to him or holding his hands and telling him all will be well and giving a hug – reassuring him you are with him through this.
        I believe time heals and with your love too and yes God in it too.

        You are always welcome. ❤

        Smiles. I had my time out daily with songs all through. My time out is alternative for quiet time. 😁 Music is soothing.

        I will do. Thanks and you too. 🤗

        1. Thank you so much for your love and support, you are always so awesome.

          1. You are welcome sis. Hugs 🤗❤

  3. In Ohio, the Governor has ordered certain nonviolent prison inmates to be released (those with little time left and the elderly ones with health issues). I was reading about another forgotten group . . . the third world nations who are unable to find more of the vital resources needed during this pandemic, such as PPE and ventilators.

    1. Oh yes, I did not think of the other countries. Thank you for bringing that to the forefront.

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