The Engineer

Neo-metal Gabe


My 7 year old Gabe, better known as Snookums has been asking if I could put his inventions on the blog so that my friends can see his work.

He has known he wants to be an engineer since he could first speak. And each and every day is an invention day with talks of upgrading his inventions.

We also buy lots of legos (expensive hobby) for him to do his building.

So here goes. Snooks inventions!!!

Neo-metal Gabe under the gloves
The Wheelbarrow
Solar-power Rover without its body

Thank you for checking it out, he is so proud.

33 Replies to “The Engineer”

  1. Please let Gabe know that he is doing right now the same things that successful engineers did when they were his age. Keep up the good work Gabe. Exercise your mind with books and lego. Check with your local library as they have books and often programs exactly for your age.
    Ask your librarian about a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) for your age group.
    Very cool !

    1. Thank you so much, he is so so happy for your comments and guidance.
      His teacher has recommended him for gifted so I hope he will be accepted.

  2. Gabe is so talented! It’s wonderful that he has such a strong desire to create at such a young age. I know what you mean about the legos being expensive – my son had them from the time he was very young – and still buys some of the special-edition sets. Please tell Gabe thank you for sharing his inventions with us, and encourage him to keep inventing!

  3. Wow. The spirit bottle truck or invention and the one after it with the solar panel got me wowed. Love that, and love that you guys encourage him too. ❤

    He sure will be a great engineer. 🤗

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