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International Women’s Day

God made women on the 6th Day because He knew then He could rest on the 7th

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Today is International Women’s Day!

One day to celebrate womanhood, a day to celebrate our formidable strength of spirit and our resilience.

One day to celebrate our steadfast perseverance, our hearts, our souls, our ability to love ourselves and all others.

Our ability to love and instinctively emulate the essence of our creator — God, the Father.

Let us continue to stand proud, tall, poised, and bold as the brave women that came before us. We stand upon the sweat blood and tears of their toils and THAT we must never take for granted.

We stand strong upon the fervent prayers of generations of mothers.

We are blessed beyond measure, we are loved and highly favored by God. In his wisdom, he created women, for what would the world be without us in it?

Though we have come a long way — we have yet so very far to go…

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I salute you, women of the world!

Happy International Women’s Day!