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Snowy Dayz

A dog out in snow with a scarf and hat.
Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash


The cold snowy Dayz of winter are upon us.  The world is frozen and soooo cold!My daughter usually gets a ride to school with her friends these days but this morning I would not risk it.

Black ice everywhere.

Yet I observed a few teens with their eyes on their phones while we skidded on the ice.

I used the ride as a teachable moment of what to do when you must drive on black ice, though I fear not much of the information was received, or just became mum-babble.


*********************************************************************Pics from New York

My cousin sent me some magnificent photos from New York. Currently texas is a cold 28 degrees.

Image credit: My Cousin Gwen


Image credit: My Cousin Gwen


Image credit: My Cousin Gwen
Image credit: My Cousin Gwen
Image credit: My Cousin Gwen
Image credit: My Cousin Gwen

Hope you all enjoy the pictures from postcards from Winter 2021.

A little old country pride, apparently one of the principal scientists in the Pfizer COVID vaccine development is from my old country, see article here.

Pfizer’s principal research scientist, Vidia Surendra Roopchand. (Pfizer contributed image/News Americas)

Appears to be a humble man.

Stay safe, stay well.


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Winter Has Come…

My neck of the woods today.

Good morning blogland. This is the current situation in my neck of the woods. Ugghhh!!

I love the cold weather, it’s usually one of my favourite seasons. Winter generally makes a gradual appearance.

Gives a body time to adjust.

Photo Of Siberian Husky

But not this year, it showed up like a roaring lion and is showing out for us.

It is so c o l d here.

How is it in your space of the world today, what’s the weather like?

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Winter Is Coming…

It had been raining the past two days. This morning when I left for work it felt a little nippy.

Dog, Animal, Cute, Eyes, Snow, Winter
Pic by

So when I opened to door at 7pm tonite I was ill prepared for the barage of cold gusty wind that swirled viciously about me.

Instantly transporting me to the “north pole”. It is now dark and cold here, these temperatures in October are not the norm for my part of the world.

Usually the cold has to do a bit more roughhousing before the heat finally gives up and retreats. But this year summer has been evicted without preamble.

Myself and many others I assume, were not prepared for today’s weather.

I sprinted to my car and headed for the warmth of home.

One and all are settled under the covers. We shall emerge reluctantly in the morning for tomorrow is another day.

Somehow winter slipped by while I was distracted and caught me unawares.

Dog, Forest, Still, Stand, Animal, Snow
Pic by

I feel a little like this poor doggy…hey what’s going on and where is everyone else?