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Glimpses Of Heaven In Our Periphery

Photo by Ali Maah on Unsplash
My friend’s story of love, loss, hope, and faith.

About three days ago I was speaking with a friend of mine. Sadly I had not spoken with her for several months. I think of calling her sometimes, but life always seems to intervene.

So finally she called me, I was at work, but decided to return her call her on the way home.

This is her story.

My friend is 69-years old, she was my boss at one time then we transitioned to a great friendship.

My friend tells me she was ill with pancreatitis for the past two months. Her 25-year-old grandson was ill with pancreatitis at the same time as well.

Pancreatitis is characterized as an inflammation of the pancreas. Our pancreas sits behind the stomach, near the small intestine. It releases enzymes that aids in digestion with a secondary function of regulating how our bodies manage glucose.

My friend (a nurse of over 40+ years), states she was suddenly struck with this dreadful illness and denies any alcohol consumption. Generally, sufferers of pancreatitis often are chronic over-indulgers in alcohol.

She recalls a rough time but eventually made a full recovery.

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Her 25-year-old grandson however did not fare as well. While they were both hospitalized, he developed sepsis. He quickly progressed to organ failure and was placed in a medically-induced coma.

At some point, the doctors decided to wean him off the ventilator and he later had a story to tell.

While intubated, he was in the company of three very close deceased members of his family. He was reoriented to the present but kept asking the date. They told him, June 12th and that’s when he told his family that his dead relatives said they would return for him on June 15th.

The conversation was quickly averted and no one wanted to really delve into what that could really mean.

His recovery continued and though he slept a lot, he remained alert and oriented. My friend, (a nurse), said he would call and speak to her and his grandfather daily and always made perfect sense. He even had her speak to the doctor on his behalf due to her medical knowledge.

The family relaxed thinking all would be well.

Promises kept

On Friday, June 15th my friend received a telephone call from her daughter stating her son had taken a turn for the worse. He had coded, with no blood pressure, a lethal heart rhythm, and no pulse.

They were able to resuscitate him and placed him on a ventilator. It was later determined that he was brain dead. His family then made the heartbreaking decision to remove him from the ventilator.

My friend is currently mourning the loss of her dear grandchild.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Final thoughts and questions

I comforted my dear friend with the idea that I think God gives all of us what we need to hear, see, feel, and know individually. The many glimpses of God in the periphery of my life have convinced me of his love for us.

The many recounts of life beyond the grave a testimony to our hope in Jesus.

I remain steadfast.

Though she mourns, she feels comforted in the fact that she has lived a long time and has seen many flashes of God’s miracles, she will continue to trust Him.

So my friends, what are your thoughts?

  1. Her grandson recounted an exact return date, what are your thoughts?
  2. What are your thoughts on life after death?
  3. What do you believe about encounters and reports of this type?
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Things Lost In A Fire

The tragedy — this person house went up in flames during this very hard season of our lives.

Yesterday as hurricane Laura was hitting us with some rainfall this tragedy unfolded. I looked out my front door and saw a plume of dark smoke. At first I thought it was a cloud but then I realized to my dismay that it must be a fire. About 1/2 a mile from my home, this person’s life was going up in smoke.

The neighborhood came out to witness the tragedy, I do not know the details of what happened. The firemen were there and doing all they can, but the blaze was not abating quickly.

We all just stood there praying the fire would just go out.

From my vantage point it seemed like what remained was just some of the framework. Someone’s life was up in smoke. I could not sleep last night as I thought of this person/family, they awoke in the morning with everything intact and this night it was all gone!

I feel for them in the current season of our lives and not knowing what happened or their circumstances. I had never witnessed a fire and it disturbed me so I could not sleep.

Here with my WP family, so many of us trust God for our daily bread. And we thank God that we have come into His Kingdom and His grace, love and care.

May our Savior, Jesus Christ continue to guide and protect us and may we remember to lift up this person/family in our prayers.

Sincerely, Pene’.

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Memories of New York

Things lost in relocation — A nostalgic look back!

Photo by Fabien Bazanegue on Unsplash

I arrived in N.Y. from South America several decades ago. It was a February day, cold and snowing. Matter of fact my trip began in the Caribbean island of Antigua and I recall the coldness that permeated the aircraft as we entered the northern hemisphere. We touched down at JFK airport and my soul came home — I fell in love! This is where I was born to be!

It was a glorious February day and a boon to a person who had spent their young days always sweating profusely. I did not know what the ailment was called at that time (hyperhidrosis). I just knew I was always hot and sweating when others were dry and seemed perfectly comfortable.

I began visiting Texas since I had family her, but the heat was always a big problem for me. After my first visit I learned that if I were to survive here I had better visit during the winters. And for many years that’s just what I did.

Then in 2010 some life changes were happening and I decided to change my status from visitor to resident. So I trekked on over with bits of my life leaving the bulk of it, both literally and figuratively behind.

Photo credit: justpene2010

                                     Our first day as Texas residents …

Photo credit: justpene2010 (my Snookums was not yet born)

Gee and I began working at a large hospital with a super busy ER. I needed to get outside to take a break or just to breathe sometimes. The sun hitting the back of my neck as I walked to my car convinced me I could not live here.

The heat!!! Dear God the heat! I was convinced hell was housed in the south.

But I rallied on and some 10 years later here I remain. My recent trip to NY…my   one- time stomping grounds did fill me with some nostalgia.

Photo by HyoSun Rosy Ko on Unsplash

Things I feel I lost:

1. Shopping …nothing beats N.Y. fashion (and I was a fashionable girl).

2. The cold … I love the cold! It is currently summer here in New York but I recall how much I loved winters here, my favorite time of year. The magic and mystery of it all.

3. The FOOD — the best cuisines from every single culture is offered in its authentic self in N.Y. The competition is steep and your presentation and taste has to be on point to even make the cut as there are so many others to choose from.

4. The sounds  — N.Y. is not a quiet city. It rumbles, shouts and rages in a continuous circle…the city never sleeps after all.

5. The people and the fashion — new Yorkers live a life on their own terms.

6. The air of excitement and the busy air of passers by. New Yorkers always seem so busy living life. 

Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

New Yorkers dance to the beat of their own drums, I envy that, a little. They conform to and for no one. Their fashion tastes are their own and they make no apologies for their choices. I was once one of those New Yorkers with my own sense of fashion complete with the colored hair. 

I realize you lose things in relocation. Texas is now my home but I will always be a New York kinda girl!

This nostalgic trip down memory lane does not mean I am planning to relocate … I just mourn (more like just a little cry) for things I lost that I once had.

May God continue to watch over us all! Be safe!



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Social Distancing Reaches New Heights!

Rosemary Arends, right, a nurse and flight attendant for South African Airways, checking the temperature of a passenger before a charter flight from Miami International Airport.
Image credit: The New York Times

Last month I wrote a post posing the question, “are we losing our freedoms?“. At the time It was just based on my own imaginings and thought processes. But a few of those things are fast becoming a reality. Yesterday I saw an article that a few many major airlines are taking a stance against the spread of COVID-19. It will not be long before others follow suit.

Requiring masks

Airlines require masks for ALL employees and travellers. Temperature checks are also a requirement. Persons are encouraged to check in using the kiosks, phones, computers and any and all electronic tools in line with continuing with the policies of social distancing.

According to Airlines for America , all passengers are required to wear a face mask throughout the journey.

Delta and United are issuing warnings that for the “rogue” crown who either do not want to wear facemasks or wears them only to ditch them once aboard the flight. These rogue passengers may be removed from the flight if possible or risk being placed on their “restricted” travel list. These rules take effect June 18th.

Airplanes are fitted with hepa filters, similar to the ones used in the healthcare facilities and these filter and destroy microbes to the tune of 99.97%. So there is some protection, but that should not give the rogue crowd carte blanche to sit next to anyone without a mask as we will be surely sharing microbes.

Temperature checks

Airlines are in favor of doing temperature checks and Frontier and Air Canada are already leading the way. Travellers will have to submit themselves to having their temperatures checked and will not be permitted to board if your temperature is above 100.4° at first check, you will be given some time to rest. Then a second check will be done. If it again records at 100.4° you will not be permitted to travel that day.

This will not be done by touch but will use infrared and thermal thermometers (see above pic.), in upkeeping the social distance standards.

On Frontier you are required to complete a health acknowledgement form stating that neither yourself or any known members of your immediate circle has had symptoms of COVID-19 within the recent 14-days and this form is required prior to check-in. You will also acknowledge and agree to their new policies with regards to use of masks and your submission for temperature checks.

Requesting a bathroom break — reminiscent of school days.


Photo by Konstantin Mishchenko on

The pièce de résistance – on Ryanair you have to make a request to use the bathrooms!!! They are trying to prevent lines forming while you wait to use the lavatory (I can see how this makes some sense, but the public may not like it). It also prevents persons standing next to you and breathing all over you while waiting on line.

Planes will be boarded from the back to the front and currently not by “class” as was typically done. The center seats are currently unoccupied and this is in keeping with the CDC’s guidelines.

While I do see that we are losing some autonomy, I submit to the policies freely at this time as the needs of the many should always outweigh the needs of the few. We must submit to these policies so that we can keep COVID-19 at bay as much as possible and a hope to return to normalcy as soon as possible.

We must remain cognizant of the sacrifices of frontliners and their families in the fight against this evil and do ALL must do our part to horor their bravery and sacrifice.

The Department of Transportation is leaving the planning up to the airlines but will support their policies.


God bless us. Amen!


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How Are You Coping My Friends?

This week has been difficult. I somehow feel weighed down by all that is happening in the world.

I really don’t understand why we just can’t be kind…!

Yesterday after work, I sat in my backyard and the sunset was so beautiful I just had to record it.

Look at this magnificent array of colors. I feel like God was trying to lift my spirits with the things he knows I love. The sunsets in my little corner are beautiful!!

I have not been feeling too inspired to post anything much lately.

How have you all been coping? Please let me know some of the methods you are currently using? I would love to know. 

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Update: COVID-19 Hits Home

Grief & Loss (1)Good day my dears. Hope we are all staying safe during this time.

I wanted to touch base with the sad news that Gee’s brother passed away while on the ventilator 2 mornings ago. So so sad, he was healthy, no medical issues at all. Yet he succumbed to this awful disease.

His sister was discharged and is slowly getting better. She is so so torn up about the death of her brother compounded with the fact that they lived together.

At this time there will not be a burial as NY state will not release the bodies of persons who met their demise due to this awful epidemic but will cremate same and present the family with some remains (ashes).

While this practice is necessary at this time, I feel that mental health of survivors will be an issue in the upcoming months as there was never an opportunity for closure. Your family member leaves for the hospital then you never see them again, they.

But I do not want to ignorant brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope … Thanks be to out Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we have the hope of salvation and forever.

Please pray for Gee and family during this very very difficult time.

God’s peace on us all.

Thank you!

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A Mother’s Heart

Image result for images for mothers infant loss

Two days ago I visited and read a touching blog post about pregnancy/ infant loss on I was so touched about the story of a young mother losing her babies at 23 weeks gestation. You can read her heartbreaking story here on her online magazine at

She has asked me to share her story as a means of healing and bringing awareness of the pain left behind. Please visit her blogs and feel free to share as you may.

Sincere thanks for sharing her story.