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A Time For Everything Under The Sun

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“Home is where our story begins…” — author unknown

Faded dreams –Remnants of a life once lived

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven — Ecclesiastes 3:1

Life is lived in stages

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A black puppy looking at a pie on the kitchen table.
(see the look on that doggie’s face as he watches the pie). — Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash
Dusk on a farm, the light is dim, the sun setting, a tower in the background and some cows settling in for the night.
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The Takeaway


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Reflections of Times Past!

Au Revoir ‘2019 … Bonjour ‘2020

As this year, this decade comes to its conclusion, many things in my life follow suit.

I am forever grateful that our God has preserved my life in the land of the living.

When I was young I was tethered, quite firmly in the valley of the shadow of death.

But God through whom all things can work for our good, has subsequently raised me up from the mire and continually reassures me that His promises are yea and Amen!

God is my rock and I truly rest in that knowledge.

My life is blessed in many many ways and I cannot complain.

Up and Onward

My first born will be moving on to secure his own life paths in January and though I am happy for him, my mother’s heart is sad as this is the end of an era for us.

My baby is growing up and that I must accept.

My second, a daughter, oh how I prayed for a daughter… is well into her high school life and will shortly be making her own carbon footprints.

My “Snookums” at seven years will be with us for a while and with that I’ve been given a temporary respite.

I have done much growing this year I believe, but conversely to my dismay I have most certainly regressed or at least remained stagnant.

On Growth

I have finally come to a place where my heart can let go of those things that does not benefit my soul.

I am in a season of ‘spring cleaning ‘ and though I’ve made some progress, there is yet more transference to be done before I rest.

Career-wise God is at the wheel and we are cruising.

On Regression

I have indulged in some gossiping and that beast must be tamed.

I have used my words to hurt others deliberately and surely must have done the same without conscious choice as well.

I continue to struggle with human circumstances and, am a work in progress as I strive to become the person I am destined to be.

Faith, Hope & Love

2020, a year bright with the promise of renewal, hope and growth.

Reluctant and terrified with a wobbly child-like gait I came to WordPress and found in you all, a like-minded literary and loving family, I am forever indebted.

May the new year/decade greet you with optimism, hope, love, peace and prosperity.

May we heed the promptings of The Great Spirit as we learn tolerance and patience with ourselves and each other. Amen.

What challenges have you encountered in the recent past? What have you learned from it? Do share if you can.