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Home Grown — A Wall of Soil

Yesterday my mom and I went to Lowe’s Hardware Store to stock up on our plant food and I was amazed and pleased to see this wall of soil. It seems a lot of folks are planting and the demand for plants and planting items have drastically increased.

I have been seeking some onion plants so I keep checking, none so far.

As avid planters, we have never seen this much soil being stocked or sold. The gardening section is currently one of the busiest at the stores.

Apparently many of us are returning our roots and in the process finding joy in the work of our hands, watching them grow and eating healthier in the process.

Plus our kids get to help while learning how to doing new things, which will serve them well in the future.

A 7 year old boy watering plants with an adult female looking on.
My 7 year old watering plants with his grandmother.

Planting is also great for our mental health.


Yellow Squash flowering.

Isn’t this just lovely to watching things grow?

A peach - tree-ripened
This one is actually a Bounty Peach – first bearing from young tree planted about 2 months ago in our backyard — but the color is purple like a plum, it ripened on the tree
A tree-ripened plum
This one is the plum, first bearing planted from young trees planted 2 months ago.

So WP folks, please show us some pictures of your gardens…




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How to Grow Celery at Home

This one is about 3 weeks old and recently planted in soil

My mother is the 3rd child and the first girl in her family of nine (9) children. She comes from a line of farmers.

Her father was a rice-farmer that primarily mass-produced rice for selling, but supplemented his income by farming other vegetables for everyday use.

He also raised cattle, sheep, pigs, a pond with fish while my grandmother raised chickens as meat birds, layers for eggs and yard chickens or free-range fowl.

The rice farm was located about six (6) miles from the home and during crop season my grandpa would often stay at his farm.

My mother’s 2 older brothers would wake early before school and go to the  farm to bring up the days cow’s milk for home use and for sale.

My grandpa also planted hearty root vegetables like yuca (cassava), eddoes, yams, etc. So my uncles would also bring to the house whatever he had reaped along with any fishes he had caught.

Back then life was hard work, so my mum learned how to grow plants from her father.

We currently live in Texas and since the weather is generally warm for about 4-5 months per year it is really conducive to planting. So she plants vegetables each year and she has become quite proficient at it.

So here she is planting celery leftover from cooking.

The Process:

Place the base of the root in a small cup or container with a third of water. The root base will remain in the water for up to two weeks.

Add more water as is necessary as some will be used by the plant and some will be evaporated.

Soon the leaves will begin to sprout from the center if the  heart and begin to thrive. It is a beautiful process, watching things grow.

This base of the root is the part that is placed in water

The celery begin growing and sprouting roots. It will remain soaked in water for up to two weeks.

we currently have 2 celery hearts in the process of growing. The smaller one is a week behind the larger one.

Purchase soil  for flowering plants indoor and outdoors and please ensure the roots are approximately two inches before planting in soil. we usually purchase our soil from Lowes or Walmart.

With moderate sunshine they should be available for eating very soon.

Celery takes a about 4 months to be ready but you can cut a few stalks here and there throughout the growing process.

When the plant grows to about 6 inches high is a reasonable time to start harvesting.

See update on how the celery plant is doing 2 weeks later here.

Use your judgement.

You may harvest a few stalks while the plant is maturing by pulling off a few outer ones, this leaves the inner hearts intact and they will continue to grow and flourish.

Benefits of Celery:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Purported to reduce high blood pressure
  • Reduces LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • Helps detoxify your liver
  • Clears up your skin
  • Neurogenesis (helps grow new nerve cells)
  • Lots of fiber to help keep you regular

Celery is a sturdy plant that will keep growing throughout the year, just provide some moderate shade and enjoy!

Happy growing and happy eating.

Eat healthy, be well, be safe!

See update of how the celery plant is doing 2 weeks later here.