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‘Oh Gentle Shepherd’… across the barren waste of sin I roam… safe forever more with thee. This song is so dearly loved by me and so touched my soul today as it always have.

I grew up listening to Jim Reeves playing on the gramophone (I think that thing was called, lol) my grandmother played it a lot especially on Sundays.

You have to close your eyes and listen to his soothing voice, the piano’s soft plaintive notes in the background and of course the words, the words are everything.

I have played it on repeat several times, it always blesses my soul so.

Hope it blesses someone else as well.

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        1. The words are something else. Do you know Jim Reeves? He sang that song, the most beautiful and soothing voice, my grandmother played his music all the time and especially on Sundays. I love that music today as much as when I was a child. Sometimes I play it in my car on the way to work and my spirit can feel the Holy Spirit’s presence. Simply divine.

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