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Social Distancing: A New Concept?

Social Distancing

I was having a discourse with 2 of my co-workers here today. We were discussing our current times of course, and what could be the take away from it.

There could be valuable lessons remaining in the debris after the storm has passed.

Myself and one of the ladies, who was born in China, began recalling how the world was different in our younger years. There was a feeling of community then, this is no longer the same.

Our current call to social distancing, is it something new in America? We do not believe that it is, not really.

Social distancing is evident in many facets of life in developed worlds. We are often too busy. We have deadlines to meet, worrying about our bills, successful and competitive kids to raise, and so forth.

Trust is hard to come by, some persons do not play by the rules and we have to be mindful. But opportunities for friendships to develop present themselves and are often ignored. I am guilty of mistrust as well.

Most of us have always been practicing social distancing. Do we know our neighbors? Speak to many people in our communities?

We drive home, into our garages, never or barely say hello, lock our doors. Many would not recognize their neighbor who resides on the other side of the shared fence, if seen in a different setting. I know I wouldn’t!

During my childhood we were:

  • Raised as a community.
  • Taught to share.
  • Be respectful of each other and our elders.
  • We could be rebuked by anyone, does not have to be a relative.
  • Everyone passed and called out to the adults, you never passed without speaking to them.
  • Help each other, if older persons cannot go to shop, offer to help.
  • Any older person could ask the child of someone else to assist them with reasonable tasks.

I understand that this is a different time and place and I would not  let my child about with persons I am unfamiliar with, but adults could maybe do a little less social distancing and foster greater cohesiveness.

Once this storm has subsided, some take away lessons could be:

  • Being more friendly to each other.
  • Checking on elderly community neighbors.
  • Being kinder as a whole to ALL.
  • Offering to help each other as fellow humans.
  • Get to know others in our communities and alleviate some of the fear of the unknown.

We are mostly just people, generally with the same ideals, wanting the same things and just the chance to live in peace and provide a life for ourselves and our families.

Perhaps I am too idealistic … one can hope can’t they?

What are your thoughts?





38 thoughts on “Social Distancing: A New Concept?

  1. What an interesting perspective — and unfortunately, much validity in what you write. There are many lessons to be learned from all of this — we just need to take care of one another to ensure we are able to live them.

    I like how someone called it, “Compassionate Retreat” — I am holding a compassionate retreat with my husband.

    1. That is a much more endearing term, I had not heard it before, “compassionate retreat”.

  2. I like your views on this.
    Normally, rural Newfoundlanders are amongst the world’s kindest, friendliest folks.
    I see, however, that the virus is changing social norms here.
    Although we are already living in isolation, there is hardly anyone outside, anywhere.
    Stores are closing, layoffs are going on, and the true heros are those working in the pharmacies and grocery stores.
    And, those people who grumbled about spending too much time in a doctor’s waiting room, have found out that the clinic is closed.
    Physicians are practising virtual medicine here.
    Thank-you for an excellent, thought provoking post.

    1. Thank you, I wonder how this temporary change will forever impact the landscape. Will the physicians come to see virtual medicine as a easier, more cost-effective way and refer patients to the ER when in doubt? Makes one wonder…

      1. Hi ! These are my thoughts exactly. For example, seeing someone for a prescription refill does not require an office visit.
        Physicians running walk-in clinics have high overhead costs, rent, staff, etc.
        So , everyone is unsure how things will eventually be resolved. And, as you know, most people are unaware of how rude some patients can be…
        I went to pick up some roses today, knowing that these are the last available, as our lovely flower shop will be closing.
        I had to drive slowly, because ahead of me was a bicycle rider, riding down the middle of the road.
        On the back of his jacket he had written : Jesus is the answer. I trust him for everything . Good message.
        Let us keep trusting, and not be afraid.

        1. The young man was riding for Jesus, lol. But it will be an interesting wait to see how it turns out.

          1. Yes, it has taught us all the importance of patience, trust, and living with uncertainty. However, one thing is for certain, Jesus is always with us. Matthew 28:20 🤗

  3. Keeping one’s distance now will — after all this ends — bring people closer than ever before. World peace may even become a possibility. Still, a huge price to pay so far for what Abe Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature.”

    1. I love your take on it, hopefully we will realize that we need each other in the symbiotic dance of life. Very interesting.

  4. Lovely post. I wish more people had been raised as you were! But I think we all (well, most, maybe) will develop new understandings of how to best live together, how to give, how to cooperate, how to “love your neighbor as yourself.” We all, always, have much to learn, and the present situation is certainly a new learning environment! Let us hope for the best.

    1. I pray we see how we are all interconnected.

  5. Social distancing is definitely going to impact many people not just spiritually but psychologically as well.

    1. I believe so, will be interesting to see how this goes.

  6. I am glad you mentioned the social isolation of the automobile lifestyle and infrastructure. The re-design of our cities over to an automobile-friendly environment has caused much damage, not just the economic damage ( demolition of neighborhoods and business districts filled with mom and pop stores and cheap apartments; necessity to own a car to work and shop, the gas, insurance, maintenance), the pollution of the automobile culture; not just the carbon, and many other harmful chemicals from the tail-pipe, but, the pollution of the ” new car smell” – that never goes away. Being in a car for a few minutes, breathing the chemical vapors all our lives is equivalent to taking daily medication. On top of all these problems, is the social isolation you mentioned. The un-natural social aspects of driving. When many people are in their cars, they yell and get angry at other drivers for small infractions like driving to slow, or cut-offs. This anger does not happen when one lives a pedestrian lifestyle in a pre-automobile designed city, the tension and aggravation is not present ( except for extreme cases which rarely happen). Nobody yells all the time at other pedestrians for walking slow. Much of the world’s problems come from the automobile lifestyle and infrastructure. Also, I worry about the concentration of people, in a virus situation, at the giant big-box, automobile lifestyle stores. Before these, our towns had hundreds of little stores dispersed throughout the city. so if a sick person went to a store, the people exposed were/ are kept at a minimum.

    1. An interesting perspective, I had not considered the “automotive-inspired” societal issues in such detail.

      1. thanks gifted50, your column and thoughts got the conversation started, and the other comments got it rolling ! I look forward to more!

        1. Ok, thank you for putting your perspective out there, discourse like this is just great. I really love to see things from another point of view.

  7. I feel like people will be closer after this. I think we all appreciate all the people in our lives more than ever! ☺️🤗☺️

    1. You are making me smile, I really hope so, that would be so good. We can all do our part. Thank you for commenting.

  8. Sadly I fear it will be worse before it is better. People do come together in times of crisis, but then being scared and hungry and worried for your fhealth, family, parents, bills and in close proximity stuck at home brings out the worst in us too. I’m praying for a vaccine and quick. Be well. I do hope we can be kinder to each other after this.

    1. I pray the same as well. Thank you so much.

  9. Well formulated posting. We have put social distancing in effect in our work environment. I was thinking like you have written. I had the same experience as you were neighbors know each other They would care for each other as they seek to share what they have. Everyone show respect from young to old but we see things have change. The Bible tells us about the spirit of the last days. People becomes lovers of self more than lovers of God so we see less godly practices.
    I hope after this is over there can be a unity expressing caring, sharing and love. I believe as we talk about this let us be the ones to put these into practice because it have to begin with someone ad other will see the beauty and follow.
    I hope after this we upgrade from social distancing to spiritual unity.
    Here is a link to my latest writing call Crushing Corona Virus Outbreak

    1. Good morning, so happy to read your words. Yes hopefully it will begin with us. I will certainly try. As people we forget promises quickly.

      1. Good morning to you too. By the mercies of the Living God we hope the virus die out quickly.

        1. I second that motion, too many losing their loved ones. The economy taking a whipping. This is a new experience for many of us.

          1. So true the impact is so terrible. Can we imagine a little virus that we can’t see shut down nations, cripple economy and drive fear in people.
            One thing for sure our God is bigger than this. Let’s pray God will send His angels to remove this plague

          2. I have added RSS Feed at the lower right column of my site page with the Heading call ChristianHeadlines you could check it out too.

  10. That is very true, indeed. In my childhood, the community feeling was way too strong, neighbours were a sort of extented families. This feeling has definitely dwindled with the modernization of our society.

    1. And we have lost something vital, we are social creatures that exists best in symbiosis with each other.

      1. That is very true, we can’t thrive alone.

  11. I love – love this share. So true, absent mindedly we have been practicing this in some way. Good there is a caution to slow down now even in all this. And become the good we desire ourselves. ❤

  12. New but a beautiful concept.
    Hope you’re safe at your place.

    1. I’m off work for a couple of days, but all is well so far. Stay safe as well.

  13. I agree with you that we were already socially distance from each other. To me this will promote more selfishness in some people. Let us pray that it is not so and we will be united. Lovely post.

    1. I hope so as well. God bless.

  14. I like to think “apcolyapse” is bringing us together as a community. I have seen more people in my neighborhood out walking with thier families, and pets,and simply stopping to smile and say hello, and to admire my gardening. It’s a wonderful o bl d school feeling…

    1. May be some good will come out of all this bad… Stay well.

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