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Snowy Dayz

A dog out in snow with a scarf and hat.
Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash


The cold snowy Dayz of winter are upon us.  The world is frozen and soooo cold!My daughter usually gets a ride to school with her friends these days but this morning I would not risk it.

Black ice everywhere.

Yet I observed a few teens with their eyes on their phones while we skidded on the ice.

I used the ride as a teachable moment of what to do when you must drive on black ice, though I fear not much of the information was received, or just became mum-babble.


*********************************************************************Pics from New York

My cousin sent me some magnificent photos from New York. Currently texas is a cold 28 degrees.

Image credit: My Cousin Gwen


Image credit: My Cousin Gwen


Image credit: My Cousin Gwen
Image credit: My Cousin Gwen
Image credit: My Cousin Gwen
Image credit: My Cousin Gwen

Hope you all enjoy the pictures from postcards from Winter 2021.

A little old country pride, apparently one of the principal scientists in the Pfizer COVID vaccine development is from my old country, see article here.

Pfizer’s principal research scientist, Vidia Surendra Roopchand. (Pfizer contributed image/News Americas)

Appears to be a humble man.

Stay safe, stay well.


13 thoughts on “Snowy Dayz

  1. Gwen is a good photographer. Thanks for sharing. 🤗🌷

    1. Yes she is. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful photos 👍

    1. Yes, she may have another career.
      Thank you kind sir.

  3. It makes one appreciate hot chocolate more after a good time in the snow!

    1. Yes it does. I was actually thing of getting myself a cup.

  4. Too may snowy dayz here as well. Didn’t even need the snow shovel once last year ……. this winter has been a steady diet of snow blowers and snow shovels!!! DRAT!!!!!

  5. I love the pictures. 😊
    Do stay safe too sis. ❤

  6. Beautiful photos!!

  7. Pene, Kudos to your cousin, Gwen for the beautiful photos! You are wise not to let your daughter ride with her friends on a day with black ice. She probably was not too happy about it. About your teachable moment while driving your daughter to school…I am pretty sure she heard you loud and clear, and pretended not to. 🙂 Kids sometimes do that when confronted with “mum talk!” At least that was my experience with three kids.

    All the best! <3 <3 <3

    1. Yes, the do know how to tune us out.

  8. The world in a peaceful slumber!! <3
    Winter is a perfect time to cuddle up with a good book and get cozy 😉

  9. Love the photo!!!

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