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Sinister?! … Your Thoughts…

I generally do not like to post controversial things of this nature, but in light of our present pains, I decided to put this one out there.

Could this be a sinister plot to undermine the world economy?

To put us/our children behind academically, financially? To kill of the elderly and others members of humankind?

This video was forwarded to me.

Why was this evil not contained within China’s borders but allowed to go free… infecting everywhere they deemed necessary.

Now China stands to profit by making medical supplies significantly marked-up instead of helping supply AID for the ills that originated on their shores.

Is this propaganda or is their a more sinister insidious evil at work here?

What are your thoughts?

20 thoughts on “Sinister?! … Your Thoughts…

  1. Interesting and worth looking at! 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Sighs. I read about it too. I don’t know how true this is. But then I know if it is a scheme, God is above their intentions.

  3. Countries have plotted in the past undoubtedly but are never confirmed and proven.
    There is nothing to be gained by this train of thinking and a great deal of harm potentially.
    I would not even consider it as possible.

    1. Appreciate your take on it.

  4. Like other news companies, this one also stands to profit by sensationalism. They say they are reporting the facts, but are they leaving some facts out, facts that would take away from the message they are trying to portray? Are they really presenting evidence that would hold up in a court of law?
    Why do we always have to try to find someone to blame? This is fodder for more prejudice and fear and anger, and we know where THAT comes from.
    We need to be careful what we allow to grow in our minds. We need to fact check if it’s important to us, but more importantly, we need to bring every thought captive to the authority of Christ. He knows the truth, and He is in control. His kingdom will come and His will be done.
    We are to pray that He will deliver us from the evil one; why? Because the evil one is working all the time to mess up God’s kingdom. But God wins! Every time. We can bank on it.

    1. You are so so right. I felt the peace of your statement right away in my spirit.

      1. Praise God! Bless you, sister! Stay well! 💖

  5. Yes you have a point there perhaps that’s why WHO doesn’t want to name the virus “China virus” (unlike the infamous Spanish Flu) as what Trump calls it… anyway we never know the real truth behind this. One thing is sure, it also heals the earth as some countries are on a lockdown.

    1. We never will, so I will use my energies to do my part in keeping up with safety measures and practicing hygiene so that we may have an impact lessening this plague. God is always in charge.
      Thank you for commenting. Have a safe and blessed day.

  6. Well, I believe that it is important we sit down and really think about it. It may be true, on the other hand, it may not be true, you never can tell. But it is wise if we rely on solid facts, truth, real truth, and not mere speculations or hunches. One is more concerned about developing countries, how will they cope? If developed countries suffer this much?

    1. Your points are all well taken and quite valid. It certainly will impact developing countries very badly.

  7. Even if this a sinister plot but as a Kingdom Citizen my hope and trust is not in the government for protection ultimately my hope is in Jesus and God is my source.

    1. Amen to that!!! Have a blessed day.

      1. Thank you! You too!!

  8. It is definitely a sinister plot by Satan. But, he does not operate alone, he used men to do his dirty work. I became even more suspicious when I heard China exporting tons to medical supplies to other countries. However, maybe more than one people are in this thing together. This disease appeared to be more deadly than they are telling us and it thrives on fear. God has conquered the world and He is above all principalities and power. Therefore, let us keep lifting up our voices in prayers to God. There will be a change.

    1. I know exactly what you are saying…science is still way behind this disease. But we are trusting and calling on God … !!

  9. God is looking out for us. Given the nature of pandemics, we have seen these in the past (especially the worldwide flu pandemic at the end of World War I). We would be better served by being prepared for the potential rebound of this virus in the fall and winter, especially if a vaccine is not ready.

    1. You words are wise indeed. Thank you.

  10. A government plot of more conspiracy and control. To put the children and economy behind…absolutely. Elderly and disabled…thin them out=less to pay out and thinning out the long term care facilities= less staff to pay. History repeating itself….absolutely. The outcome…is fuzzy atm but gloomy it seems. Keep safe 🙏🙏

    1. Appreciate your thoughts. Greatly appreciate the visit and the “follow” don’t like that word… (appreciate the journey together).

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