Season’s Change

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to note on my drive to work that the world had gotten lighter while I was busy.

Suddenly it’s so bright. This change where the light surreptitiously banishes the darkness and suddenly… behold the light!

Spring, a time of renewal, growth and good and pleasant changes…

Enough of this cold, I am ready for some sunshine though I will undoubtedly complain later about being too hot.

Humans, can’t please us for long.

Thank you Lord I am here in my right mind to enjoy your creations.

28 Replies to “Season’s Change”

  1. This is beautifully inspiring. I look forward to spring as it washes away the old and gives birth to the new. I like to think we can learn from the flowers and trees by letting go of the old and making room for the fabulous new that is on the horizon. Have a fabulous week. Keep smiling at the brightness.

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