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Season’s Change

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to note on my drive to work that the world had gotten lighter while I was busy.

Suddenly it’s so bright. This change where the light surreptitiously banishes the darkness and suddenly… behold the light!

Spring, a time of renewal, growth and good and pleasant changes…

Enough of this cold, I am ready for some sunshine though I will undoubtedly complain later about being too hot.

Humans, can’t please us for long.

Thank you Lord I am here in my right mind to enjoy your creations.

30 thoughts on “Season’s Change

  1. I used to get up at 6 and it was dark until after 7 but now the sun is shyly peeking over The Valley at 6

    1. Lovely, Spring is on its way.

  2. Well penned

    1. You are kind. Thank you.

      1. Welcome friend

  3. Yes, the days are longer and brighter! Yippie, hallelujah. Spring is always worth the wait. 🌷💖🌼🌞🌿🌲🌷🌷

  4. That’s all I can do but smile,

  5. Spring is coming 🙂

    1. Yes my brother.

  6. Amen. The seasons will change and we just have to be greatful to God. Blessings.

  7. Spring knocking our doors, or is it?

    1. IT would appear to be peeking out at us.

      1. Here in England 2 seconds of sunshine gives thousands of ‘genuinely’ smiling faces, as opposed to dark, sad figid winters.

        1. I’ve never visited, heard it’s a bit gloomy.

          1. Gloomy in the winter; but fabulous any other season of the year; and yes smashing summers. Make a point of visiting one of these days.

            1. It’s on my bucket list…

  8. This is beautifully inspiring. I look forward to spring as it washes away the old and gives birth to the new. I like to think we can learn from the flowers and trees by letting go of the old and making room for the fabulous new that is on the horizon. Have a fabulous week. Keep smiling at the brightness.

    1. I will, thank you for visiting.

  9. Spring is beginning to tease us a bit more with each passing day.

    1. Oh yes.

  10. Thank you Lord for the season changes. We now have rainfall these days. So glad it finally reduced the heat.

    1. I feel your pain…I do like heat for long periods.

      1. 😌 Awww. I don’t do well with heat. 😪

  11. Even though COVID-19 is making life a little rough for all of us I’m still looking forward to spring flowers and easter holiday.

    1. Me as well.

      1. It will be a well needed change after the beginning of this year.

  12. Doesn’t the Lord make the most beautiful creations? I love sitting in nature and enjoying His work!

    1. Yes he does. I so love his handiwork as well. Thank you.

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