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Only The Good Die Young?

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It broke my heart to hear that this young man had passed on, so young at observably the zenith of his life.

I confess I questioned God in my heart … WHY?

The head understands that His ways are not our ways, but sometimes the heart is grieved.

The old saying “only the good die young” … when it seems the cruel ones live on …

It does however appears that this young man had his heart in the right place, made a wonderful impact on us all and used ALL his God-given talents up.

So I can only pray I stand before my Maker after having used up all my gifts as well.

Be safe, be blessed and let us keep using those talents He blessed us with for His Glory.

12 thoughts on “Only The Good Die Young?

  1. His soul rest in peace♥❤
    But I totally agree with his quote. We have to use our potential, our gifts, our talents; to impact and change as many lives as possible while we continue to live.

    1. Yes, the wisdom of it struck me. Be blessed.

  2. It is sad to see the young man go.

    The time we come, the time we live and the time we leave are out of control.

    It is to be deemed that our portion in the drama of life is short, despite its strong impact and skill.

    Rebirth is certain as only the physical body expires and the soul will be reborn.

    Our heartfelt condolences. May you and his near ones have the strength to bear this separation.

    1. Thank you for your wisdom. Have a blessed day.

  3. Remember, death isn’t suffering for the one who has passed on, only those left behind. He’s in a FAR better place than this mess now.

    As for only the good dying young… My personal opinion there is that people stay down here until they’ve learned and accomplished all they can. Truly good people don’t have as much to learn as the average person. If we’re average, we’re here longer given more chance to make a difference. The bad are given every opportunity to repent. Generalizations, obviously. You’re right that we’re not meant to understand God’s ways fully.

    I was disappointed to hear of his passing also. He brought a powerful presence to his role of the Black Panther, and I think he truly believed the MLK-esque message the character had in the movies. With everything going on in the world, we need more people like that, not less.

    Maybe that was OUR lesson in hie passing though; don’t wait for his example, get up and mimic it.

    1. Yes you are so correct. I hope I can say I have used my talents up when it is my turn.
      have a blessed day.

  4. Amen. His wealth of wisdom is worthy of emulation. May we return “empty” having used all He has deposited in us. 🙌

    1. Amen! Have a blessed day!

      1. Thank you sis. ❤

  5. Yes this is very sad. He was very gifted and talented. Life here can be cut short quickly. We have to make the most of our days. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

  6. My heart breaks each time I see His picture. And there is nothing that pains me, than knowing, he saw His health deteriorate in his own eyes. May His soul rest in Peace.

    1. Yes the pain of that… but the blessing is the knowing of your impending demise and making your soul right and just seeking God’s face.
      This was a phenomenal young man! He is enjoying heaven now.

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