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Dancing — A Love with Health Benefits

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

I love to dance! I also love music. One cannot separate the two, for you really cannot have one without the other. If only I could be sixteen again, If I had a change to choose a path once more, I would choose my one true love, I would choose to dance.

If there is music I cannot, I will not be still. My body, my feet, my soul is compelled to move on its own accord. The moving parts are not controlled by me but by the master musician. I cannot help myself as I simply love dance and music!

If there is music I will dance!

Whenever I ponder the sadness of my eventual demise it is the absence of music and dancing for which I grieve. I am saddened that I will no longer hear music or get to dance.

I have always loved the sounds of music, not just any music, the conscious kind, the type that speaks to me on a soul level. The kind of music in which I can lose myself in. The kind of music that expresses all that I could ever wish to say.

                                  Photo by Leon Liu on Unsplash

Benefits of dancing

Throughout history dancing has always been present at celebrations, when wars were won and conquests were made. The use of dance as a form of therapy should be practiced more often in society. According to Harvard Medical School, Institute of Neurobiology, dance is currently being explored for its role in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.


  • Improves the condition of your heart and lungs.
  • Increases your general fitness level.
  • Helps build strong bones thereby reducing injuries.
  • Boosts your mood.
  • Improves your sense of well-being.
  • Increases muscular strength and endurance.
  • Helps with weight management.
  • Improves coordination, agility and flexibility.
  • A gentle exercise.

Psychology today states that the act and physical exertion of dancing and for a sustained amount releases the mood-altering neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. It also posits that new neurons and neurological connections are established as a result of proteins produced with prolonged physical activity

The movement of dancing produces beauty, it gives rise to agility and strength. Dance is healing, soothing, spiritual and when used in conjunction with music provides a plethora of healing benefits.

So to those of us out there, us that love music and dance, we who cannot remain seated when we hear music … rise up and dance, for dancing may be a key to your emotional and physical health.

What could be better!

So next time I vow to choose you dance as my first love.

Then … I will dance.


41 thoughts on “Dancing — A Love with Health Benefits

  1. Great post showing the health benefits of dancing.
    I love to dance too ! 🤗🌷

    1. Thank you Ms Sally, another love we share.

      1. 😁

  2. Very much interesting.👌

    1. Very much so, it is great.

  3. I would dance but I might fall on someone since I am clumsy 🙂

    1. Lol, you see, it can improve your agility, start slow.

      1. not sure
        maybe baby steps lol

        1. Ok. Hope you have a wonderful day.

          1. You too little sister 🙂

  4. I love this post… and I can strongly relate. Beautiful images you selected too! Hugs, Pene. :)) xoxo

    1. Enjoy your day and I appreciate.

  5. I love Dance! My one love was ballet, I miss it ever so much, Yoga allows me to express myself now, however I think they’re very similar xx

    1. I believe that you are correct, yoga is a slower form of dancing.

  6. I totally agree about the dancing; I drum & dance & it’s amazing how interspersed they are… I really like drumming to a dancer who is soloing- fab.

    1. Oh yes, music and movement is everything.

  7. A dancer…awesome! I can only slow dance as I have a clumsy side…lol. I love the photos you chose to share!

    1. Lol, thank you my friend. When we meet on the other side we will all be great dancers.

      1. Yes, indeed 😊

  8. I’m not a big fan of dance. In fact, I feel shy to dance, I think I’m the only person who don’t like to dance. I didn’t knew the benefits of dance before reading your post. Although, I love music especially the inspiring music. Whenever, I feel low – I turn to music, plug my headphone and rock.
    Yeah, but I love watching people who perform on stage, it’s an amazing moment to see to them doing so. Obviously, they’re master of their field. Hats off!

  9. A career is more paying and fulfilling when driven by passion💯💥💥

    1. Good day, you are so correct. Although for many people a career is often decided with the head and not necessarily the heart.
      Happy to make your acquaintance, thank you for the wonderful support.

      1. There’s is the thought of putting money ahead of the goal or dream. Coz money means comfort but dream if well followed leads to freedom of that comfort zone.

  10. Beautiful blog post, Ms. Pene. I was never much of a dancer, but I do love music. I think if I eventually lose all my hearing, the thing I’ll miss the most is music. The photos you illustrated this post with are exquisite! Oh, to be able to dance!

    1. I know the feeling. Thank you for reading.

  11. Wow!. Enlightening. 💯 And yes to this!. Dance is soul-lifting. It makes you shake off the weight and you feel at peace. ❤

    1. Good day my sister, dancing is pure love… I love it.
      How are you doing today?

      1. Hi sis. 🤗
        Sorry for my late reply. 🙈
        That is great. 🙂
        I love it too. Though I don’t do it always but beats activates it subconsciously. 😁
        Great and you?
        The day has been cool and less sunny cos if the rainfalls.

        1. Good morning my sister. Today is a clear “HOT” day in my neck of the woods. We try to ride our bikes at the end of the day but the heat is there until about 8 pm then it quickly gets dark. I wish we had some rains too.
          Enjoy your evening.

          1. Good evening from over here. 😊
            Wow. I can imagine.
            That is nice. I can count the number of times I rode a bike. 🙈
            Phew. Do you ride while the sun is still up?.
            I pray you do too sis. Heat can be something else. 😓
            Thank you. ❤

            1. Oh no never, I do not handle the heat well, I never did. I sweat excessively all my life and the heat always makes it worse.
              Buy when we were growing up, we would ride bikes all day until our bottoms were sore at the end of the day and then we got up and did it again the next day, lol. The joys of being that young and energetic again.

  12. I love to dance too🧡🧡🧡

    1. It is so much fun.

  13. I also love to dance and can remain on my feet long after younger folks are tired and have taken their seats! You have given me more reasons to continue dancing!😆👍

    1. Lol, good to know. You are one healthy and blessed lady.

      1. Thank you very much.

  14. Love. Love. Love ❤️
    Inspiring and educational blog!
    I L❤️VE to dance too Totally agree with the photos of dancers – just beautiful creatures to behold 😊

    1. Ok my friend, let’s go dancing!

    2. Thank you so much for checking it out. Somehow your comment came to the spam folder.

  15. I can’t be still when music is playing, unless maybe it’s a lullaby. I’ve caught myself tapping my foot, swaying, and head bobbing when I’m driving the car. 😁

    1. I know the feeling!!

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