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To my friends in blogworld out there. As I sit here, on WordPress of course…where else would I be? The best thought fluttered into my mind.

Imagine that we have a reunion in Heaven some day with all our brothers and sisters out there in blog land. We interact with each other daily knowing we most likely will never meet in the flesh.

But imagine we get to greet each other in heaven…how wonderful would that be?

“Hello I am “blog name here”, and we hear words like, “I was so inspired by what you wrote on these specific days that it kept me going when I was ready to give up”

Lovely thought.

27 thoughts on “Imagine…

  1. That is a lovely and true thought indeed! There have been so many here encourage me on a daily!

    1. That would be so fun.

      1. Yes I agree it would be a lovely reunion! 🙂

  2. Some day . . .
    A new and glorious day when the sun will never set again!

  3. Smiles. What a lovely thought.

    We are just one blessed community!

    1. Yes my sister.

  4. Yes, lovely thought! 🥰

    1. I think / hope that’s what it will be like. God would not gives is theses hopes if it couldn’t be so.

      1. I hope so, too! I love my blogging community. It amazes me how God knits together the hearts of His children. As the hymn goes, ”We are one in the bond of love. He has joined our spirit with the Spirit of God. We are one in the bond of love.” 🎵❤️

        1. You know I always had the desire to write a blog, it took many year for me to get started and I did not intend for it to be about the things of God. I love God but I just planned to write stuff, but it’s taking me on a journey that I did not intend. But I am ok with God at the wheel.

          1. I’m glad you started a blog. It’s interesting how once you start blogging, the things dearest to your heart come to the surface whether or not you planned it that way. It’s obvious God us at the top! May He continue to bless your writing. It us a blessing to all who read.

            1. Thank you, you are always so kind.

              1. Awww, you’re kind, too🌸

            2. I hate it when my fat thumb hits ”send” when I am not ready to send! I needed to fix a couple of typos! Oh, well! I’m sure you realized the two ”us” should have been ”is.” Another fat thumb error!😊

  5. Very lovely thought indeed! 💭

  6. That is a wonderful thought to meet each other in heaven. It will be a wonderful time of fellowship. 🙂

    1. Oh yes.

  7. Yeah! I just imagined that!♥️

  8. What a wonderful thought!! 💕

    1. Yes it is.

  9. Fantansic wonderful thought,greats Comments!

  10. It’s coming …

    1. I certainly hope so.

  11. Indeed a lovely thought. I sometimes think, what if I run into people I blog with and actually talk in person about stuff we write. How wonderful would that be!

    1. Oh yes.

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