I Wanna be Homeschooled!!


Day of Worship Church Flyer (9)I’m off work today and as usual the joys of ‘adulting’ has me up at the crack of dawn.

Somehow summer really left and I barely noticed. Somewhere in the periphery I glimpse from time to time a bit of coolness in the air, more leaves on the lawn, less laughter from kids playing outside.

Since I work 12-hour shifts I never see the light of day anymore. So it’s no wonder I feel left in the dust.

As I walk my 7 year old, my last baby to school it is a cool 61 degrees in  my corner of the world.

He is wearing shorts because even though the mornings and evenings may get cool, the sun will not be outdone until well in November or December. So one must dress for the dueling temperatures at all times.

The cool begins to insidiously seep into ones’ bones effectively displacing the warmth that once resided there.

My toes are numb and frozen and his poor little legs must be feeling worse for wear as he has a larger surface area exposed.

It did cross my mind that I was not the greatest mother as he began complaining that his legs were cold and for me to carry him. Why did I not insist that we drive instead of walk?

Before we left for school I did bring him to the front door for him to feel the temperature and decide if he wanted to be a “car rider” or a “walker”, he decided we should walk.

So now we have been walking for a few minutes and …”mom, my legs are cold, I’m cold, I don’t wanna walk, can you pick me up? I don’t want to go,  I wanna be homeschooled”!

I walk my last kiddo to school and ponder on my walk back how swiftly time flies, the kids are growing fast and soon this walk, the request for me to ‘carry him’ will be a thing of the past.

So whenever I am able, I arise at the crack of dawn, when I would really just love a lie-in and we walk to school…

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  1. Those moments for your child are priceless and also for you even though you are tired because no one will love your child as much as you except Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

  2. They do grow up fast. I watched all mine grow up rapidly and do feel a sense of lonliness for the things I cannot do with them anymore.

    Nevertheless, I enjoy every glimpse of what I had with them and accept the new chapter I have been tossed.

    Cherish every moment. It’s worth while living for.

  3. I’m a SAHM of a cute 11 month old. It’s weird how I can relate to your post – though my son is still very young, I almost always feel like he’s growing up so fast and there are things that I can’t do with him anymore. So I too try treasure every moment (most moments).

  4. This post is so sweet! 🥰 My oldest is grown and you are so right- it goes way too fast! I am enjoying every minute with my 2 year old because I know his childhood will be over with the blink of an eye. Btw it sounds like you’re an amazing mom!

    1. So you have a 2 year old? My eldest is 22, my second one is 15 going on 35 (a girl) and my 7yr old, so 2 boys and 1 girl in the middle. The girl is by far the hardest to rise and spends the bulk of my money, lol.

      1. We have a lot in common. My oldest will be 22 in January and my daughter turned 15 last weekend. I have 3 sons… the 2 year old and a 17 year old. Crazy huh? My daughter is the easiest to get along with but I agree girls are expensive!

  5. We homeschooled our three children. But, what is most important is to walk in God’s will for you and your children. It is different for all of us. Find joy in the peace of surrendering to His will and resting in His love, no matter the circimstances!
    His blessings upon you! Ron

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