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How Are You Coping My Friends?

This week has been difficult. I somehow feel weighed down by all that is happening in the world.

I really don’t understand why we just can’t be kind…!

Yesterday after work, I sat in my backyard and the sunset was so beautiful I just had to record it.

Look at this magnificent array of colors. I feel like God was trying to lift my spirits with the things he knows I love. The sunsets in my little corner are beautiful!!

I have not been feeling too inspired to post anything much lately.

How have you all been coping? Please let me know some of the methods you are currently using? I would love to know. 

42 thoughts on “How Are You Coping My Friends?

  1. I got off of my other social media platforms this week. It’s already helping!

    1. That’s a good idea. Too many bad things all around. A break is a great thing.

  2. I cope with prayer and walking in nature. I am challenging myself to walk daily to get healthier and lose weight. I also remind myself that news focuses on the negative. Bad news sells papers. Kind people and good things happen daily, and those events are around us every day also!

    1. That is certainly a great idea. And good for you in body and spirit.

  3. Very beautiful sky ! God comforts us through nature; He sees our collective distress.
    I’ve also been allowing nature to comfort me, and I read WordPress blogs for inspiration. 😊

    1. WordPress has certainly been a great help to me in so many ways.

  4. I couldn’t write my blog last week because I was so at sea. Then yesterday, the words just came to me. So I posted it this morning, and it gave me peace to have put it down in plain sight. I’m able to return to my beloved calligraphy and watercolor painting today, which says a lot. Creativity (God’s and ours) takes us into another place. As you know. Thank you for the beautiful sky!

    1. Oh how good for you. We know as well that this too shall pass.

  5. A fine array of beautiful colors. Nice backyard, hills and all.

    1. Yes, the sunset is quite colorful.

  6. I’ve been feeling the same way. Kinda depressing.

    1. I hear you. Yes it has been a downer.

  7. Your sunset video is lovely, inspiring. I am praying for a time when we can all respect and love one another.

    1. Yes dear, that would be lovely. Without all the misery we could actually be happy for the very short time we are on this planet.

  8. Prayer every morning. Finding Peace within.

    1. And your writing reflects that as well. Thanks for commenting.

  9. What a beautiful sunset! I’ve been feeling really down, too, especially with things getting closer to home now. This has surely been a crazy year!

    1. Yes, almost half way thru and such turmoil.

  10. I feel as though people are hurting because of the long standing history of torture, killings, abuse, etc. My grandma always told me that a camel can only hold so much before one day a straw breaks it back. I can not help but to think of all the innocence that has been lost and all of the blood which has been shared. Like yourself I find it necessary to find my little corner and appreciate that which God has created. Thank you for this post its good know that we are all feeling from this no matter how we feel we are all feeling.

    1. On my way home, in my neck of the woods protesting, peaceful and mostly the young people which made me feel better.

  11. Beautiful sunset! Thanks for sharing it with us! What stunning colors!
    I took a couple of road trips, enjoyed the beauty of nature, and got to spend time with part of my family. I’m still harvesting and freezing strawberries from the garden. Also talking with God and leaning on Him. Still trying to find something every day to be thankful for, even if I don’t get it written down.
    Praying for you, dear. 💖

    1. Glad to see you back. Have a blessed day.

      1. I thought you might enjoy this inspiring song performed by a favorite group of mine, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

      2. Btw, thank you! May the Lord bless you this day, as well! 🤗

  12. What a stunning sunset! Thanks for sharing it with us. I’ve been comforted by nature and have worked a lot in the garden this week. I’m not switching off social media because I want to stay informed. It’s painful what’s happening. My tears won’t change anything but I feel it’s important to bear witness and show solidarity with #blacklivesmatter.

    1. Yes you are correct, we must know what is happening.

  13. Sending hugs

  14. Hugs sis. It can truly be overwhelming. But tell it all to Him, He’s got you. And grateful that nature reminds us of His goodness in it all which gives us comfort and calm too. ❤

    1. Amen to that.

  15. I love your post, your sunset you shared and the fact that God comforted you. I found myself feeling very strong emotions and I thought I won’t be blogging, but I just wrote from the heart… Let it all out on the page like a written prayer. Sometimes we just need to do something for ourselves and it’s fine. It’s the ebb and flow of creativity. Sometimes it is for yourself, sometimes for others and sometimes for God.
    Then after I have given myself the time and space to explore and express deeply I find a blog post from within all that was expressed. Sending hugs and love 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Good morning, some great advice. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Thanks for sharing our Creator’s inspiring sunset. I have been coping with everything our world has thrown at us with prayer, reading and studying God’s Word, and bringing some of this into different aspects of my writing. If I wasn’t in my 60s and dealing with the potential consequences of Covid-19, I would accept the privilege to walk with others.

  17. Beautiful video. I love taking walks after work or doing some other type of workout. That helps me a lot. Hope you’re feeling better. ❤️🤗

    1. Getting there. I thank you. Have a wonderful day.

      1. Thanks! Enjoy your day too!

  18. Lovely sunset video. I too enjoyed clear skies this evening. Cyclone Nisarga had hit us few days ago and now its calm. While there has been damage, there were no casualties. Life will be back to normal. We all shall survive and overcome.

    1. Well thank God no casualties. Things we can all replace and really do not need as much as we think we do.

  19. It is hard times. Sadness comes easy, even anger because of what’s happening with the pandemic , Racism and violence . I agree, we need to be kind, giving , compassionate, sensitive . Stay safe to you and your family.

    1. Thank you, you and your family please do the same. Thank you for subbing.

  20. Nature is even more kind than human race

  21. I’m well, thanks for asking.

    Some of the things that are helping me to cope is praying for loved ones, checking up on them to see if they’re okay, going outside for walks, taking care of my cats, doing yoga or meditation with family, simple things like cleaning up the yard or tidying the house, stretching, and limiting my time with the news.

    The sunset is beautiful.

    1. Glad to hear, you have the solution there. hanging out with family and limiting the news is key.

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