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Home Grown — A Wall of Soil

Yesterday my mom and I went to Lowe’s Hardware Store to stock up on our plant food and I was amazed and pleased to see this wall of soil. It seems a lot of folks are planting and the demand for plants and planting items have drastically increased.

I have been seeking some onion plants so I keep checking, none so far.

As avid planters, we have never seen this much soil being stocked or sold. The gardening section is currently one of the busiest at the stores.

Apparently many of us are returning our roots and in the process finding joy in the work of our hands, watching them grow and eating healthier in the process.

Plus our kids get to help while learning how to doing new things, which will serve them well in the future.

A 7 year old boy watering plants with an adult female looking on.
My 7 year old watering plants with his grandmother.

Planting is also great for our mental health.


Yellow Squash flowering.

Isn’t this just lovely to watching things grow?

A peach - tree-ripened
This one is actually a Bounty Peach – first bearing from young tree planted about 2 months ago in our backyard — but the color is purple like a plum, it ripened on the tree
A tree-ripened plum
This one is the plum, first bearing planted from young trees planted 2 months ago.

So WP folks, please show us some pictures of your gardens…




34 thoughts on “Home Grown — A Wall of Soil

  1. I think I have shown some pics on my blog of my backyard. I will add more next week. I am farther north and we won’t be picking fruit until late june or early July. Cherries are first, and then all the other fruits follow in the valley. I think it is wonderful that you have your children joining in taking care of the garden, very important I believe.

    1. Oh yes, the kids will need the knowledge later. I will go to your page to see your plants. I would love a cherry tree. If I had my way I would have a farm in the yard, but the HOA would not like it, lol.

      1. This is so nice. So great to know that people are getting back to gardening. Mum was the one drawn to gardening while we were growing up. And it was a great experience.
        Well done sis. 🤗

        1. How are you today?

          1. I’m good sis. It has been a calm and not too sunny day.
            Sorry for my late reply. 🙈
            How is the day at your end too? 🤗

  2. Very nice to see three generations of avid gardeners. 🌷🤗

  3. Beautiful fruit! It’s such a blessing that your garden is doing well, that you all can work on it together, and that you have a good, long growing season!

    1. Yes, Texas is blessed (hot) that way. But I thank God. I know your garden must be growing really well.

      1. God is good!
        Yes, I finally had to water the whole thing today. We’ve had so much rain that I only had to water new transplants before.

        1. How nice for you. Cannot wait to see it again.

          1. Thanks, Pené! 😊

  4. I nominated you for the Penable Award <3. Check out my post

    1. I appreciate you. Thank you so much. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  5. I would love to show some pictures of my gardening but they are not doing as great as yours. I planted some zucchini in a pot. They are flowering but they look feeble and no baby zuchinni. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

    1. You are too funny, they look feeble. If they are really leafy, prune them so that a lot of the nutrients are not going in producing leaves.

      1. The leaves look yellow. I am not sure if it is because they are not getting any sun.

        1. You may have to try planting some new ones. I’m sorry.

          1. I am planning to do so. Thanks

            1. We have had years, where they well healthy one day and dead 2 days later. But I must credit much of the success to my mother, she is really blessed to grow things. Her dad was a rice farmer and she really likes planting. I have recently began collecting banana skins at peels and skins of veges I would normally throw out to make compost. We have not actually made any yet.
              I wish you lots of success with the new plants.

              1. Thank you.

  6. VERY nice, and proof positive you don’t need a ton of space for a garden.

    1. You are so right. Thank you.

  7. Yours is beautifully decorated

  8. I completely agree. Gardening is good for the soul! I’ve just taken a tea break but need to get back to weeding soon. It’s the same here in Ireland- our family’s garden center has never been so busy! I’m glad people are remembering simple pleasures and working with their hands.

    1. It is such a great thing to do… such fun. Enjoy.

  9. A couple of months ago, I heard that more people are gardening this year due to staying at home more. I do not have a garden, but I do have a tomato 🍅 plant! I didn’t realize a new fruit tree would bear fruit the first season! I learned something new! I thought it took a couple of years. Was that your daughter in the picture?

    1. No the little tyke is my son, and my mother.
      We bought the trees and they bloomed and bore fruit. We did not think anything would survive wither, thought the flowers would fall off.
      Well a tomato plant is a start, who knows next year you may be living off the grid – 👌

      1. One never knows!😂 I have plenty of blooms on my tomato plant. I sure hope that means lots of tomatoes!

  10. It is wonderful that your kids are gardening with you! It is a great family project and one they can learn so much from. Everything tastes better when you grow it yourself! 🙂

    1. Yes it does, maybe due to the anticipation as it grows🙄

  11. Gardening cheers me up, I’m impressed with the plums you grew, beautiful.

    1. Thank you, hopefully next year, we will have a lot more, lol

      1. I makes it more precious I think to have a few, the plum looked delicious

        1. It was, nothing beats a tree ripened fruit.

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