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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Today and everyday, my heart is filled with gratitude for our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am grateful for health, my family, my work, my friends in person and here on WordPress.

Thanks to everyone who has visited, liked, commented and decided to partner with myself and each other as we journey through this life together.

Here I have rediscovered a new kinder world as well as my love of the written word and I love love love being here with you all.

Sincerest thanks once again.

God bless you all and bon appetit!

46 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving 💓

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to u and ur family dear❤

  3. Thank you! I’m grateful for your as well! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Lord’s blessings on your day 🙂

    1. Thank you sir, enjoy.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving ! , Pene’ Pasta For The Soul and your commentators ! Thank You for your words

    1. So so welcome.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family!!

    1. Thank you.

  7. Gifted50, to really appreciate this day one must think of the Sacrifices made by maybe 50-100 million birds, to fill our bellies, it is easy to go into the super-market and pick up a plucked, frozen dead bird, but a short while ago,that bird had life, just as we do, yet off to the slaughter house it was sent, and down the dis-assembly line it went, guts here,livers there, gizzards over there, all by wage slave workers…..I do not mean to spoil any body’s holiday, because this is just the way it is these days, people some-times have no idea of where those wonderful meals originate or how they arrive at their table, even today some people do not even know that eggs come from real live chickens! Just Saying…..

    1. I hear you and appreciate their sacrifice.

  8. Happy thanksgiving to you also. May your day be rewarding.

    1. Same to you my sister. God bless you and your family.

  9. Happy thanksgiving

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, enjoy.

      1. Thank you so much

        1. Hope you had fun with your family.

          1. Ah it’s great and yours

  10. Happy Thanksgiving

  11. I am thankful God allowed us to connect. I hope you are having a blessed day so far..

  12. I am thankful that WordPress brought us together! Otherwise, I might never have met you😊! Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless you❤️.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well my dear. I had been so busy at work, end of year and deductibles met and all that, so we are swamped.
      So happy to make your acquaintance. hope you enjoyed your day. Thank you for the well wishes. Blessings to you and your family as well.

      1. From now until the end of the year it can be very hectic at work. Hang in there!

        1. I will, thank you.

  13. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. It was good indeed, i worked a hood portion of the day but that was also a blessing. I cannot complain, God is good to me.
      Hope you had fun with your family as well.

      1. Glad to hear yours was good! Mine was nice also. It was good to spend time with family.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving from Japan

    1. Thank you.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving.🌹🙏

  16. For a while, I have been looking for these new posts where had you kept them?

    1. I did not realize they are not being seen! Unsure why you couldn’t see them. But I am so glad you finally found them, thank you for the support. I may hit you up offline when ready for tech advise if that’s ok?

      1. Woww! That’s very ok I am waiting for that time.

        1. Ok, I will not forget you. Thanks, we will speak. Do you have WhatsApp info …you can email

  17. That’s alright here is my WhatsApp connect +256700728717 and you can also email
    Have a great Sunday morning.

    1. Ok will do so tomorrow. Thank you.

  18. Ms. Gifted 50, your friend from Alaska to Texas? Hope you are well, down there, it is 31.5 degrees here in the frozen chosen state, I have the old wood stove ticking away, brother Fire is caring for me! How many people know that every least thing, like fire, has a life of it’s own? I Sacrifice wood from living trees to keep my old butt warm, yet each log is a Sacrifice to me, and I thank it as I toss it into the fire, I just boiled 10 eggs to eat, another sacrifice, to fill my empty belly, which constantly demands that I put food into it…..When my Lady was taken away from me I decided to starve myself to Death, and I went 30 + days without a bite to eat, lost 15 lbs…..It was my good neighbors who made me stop that s–t, and realize that, even tho my Lady was gone, I still had a life to live, things to give to this World of Ours, so one neighbor brought me bowls of soup & chili, another neighbor stopped in with left-overs, and so on, and here I am in all of my ragged old glory, typing away, a thousand words a day…….

    1. Oh my, that is tough to hear, so sorry you went thru such a difficult time. But glad to see you preserved and here you are raising the consciousness of folks all over the world.

  19. You are welcome. 🤗
    And hope you had a great Thanksgiving?

    1. I cannot complain. It was good, I worked but all was well. Hope yours was good too.

      1. Awww. Smiles, hope you had a make-up for it over the weekend?. 🤗

        I am in Nigeria sis. 😊

        1. Ok I have a few good friends from Nigeria and they promise to bring me to visit.

          1. Smiles. That is really nice.
            We would be glad to have you here. 😊

            1. OK, thank you.

              1. You are welcome. ❤

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