Gardening: Swiss Chard




The leaves are so green.




Look at these growing beauties, makes you feel healthier already. Lol


The leaves took a beating during the storms.


These are all edible plants, tomato on the left, the swiss chard, ochro in the black pot, the one with the red pigmentation is also an edible spinach.


The plants look so healthy. (That is eggplant with the white flowers nearby)


Ready for eating. And these are so so good to eat. 

13 Replies to “Gardening: Swiss Chard”

    1. Bought new soil at the start, we have been getting plenty of rain recently. Otherwise my mom I think is the one with the real green thumb.
      It they are too exposed try putting them we they may be shaded for part of the day until they get a little older.

      1. We have not been getting much rain lately. I planted some zuchinni in a pot, but they do not look so great. They are on the porch where it has more shade. Thanks for the advice.

  1. Mmm! I love all these plants when brought to the table. The spinach with the red pigment it quite a rare species in the country. I am seeing it for the first time here. Thank you, Gifted50 I really enjoy this post.

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