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Forward Fridays

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Hello my WP family.

How is everyone doing?

Have you all started getting your COVID vaccinations? If so how are you feeling? If you are not considering getting the vaccine, why not?

I had the opportunity to be vaccinated, but I still had antibodies from my battle in the ring with COVID, so I opted to wait and ponder some more. I would really like some more data as to the timeline for antibodies, but we will see.

I do vacillate between taking it or not.


Yesterday I was off so I went to my local produce store to purchase some fish and herbs.

The store boasts a food section and I noticed the two ladies tending to the food had their masks under their chins while keeping up a robust conversation.

I was shocked …

I think these incidences happen a lot, especially behind closed doors. Folks are tired of the masks and voila — airborne and droplets on our produce.

I usually take my items to the house and wash or wipe everything down with a chlorine wash.


I have been rolling with life’s punches and will update you all later. A few challenges have made an entrance so I am praying about them.

I appreciate you all and I try to sneak on and read as much as I can.

Do be vigilant and be safe.

God bless you all!

17 thoughts on “Forward Fridays

  1. I’ve seen the same sort of occurrences quite a few times. Most times I blow it off, but I do get cranky when it happens around food. It’s not like you can soak a head of lettuce in a disinfectant after all >_<

    Slow going on the vaccine distribution here, and I've got a strong constitution. I'm also waiting long enough to make sure the side effects are indeed as rare as advertised. I'm no conspiracy nut, but I don't blindly trust either. 😉

    1. I got my first dose yesterday as I work in healthcare and it was offered. I’m not anti vaccines and I also reflect back to all I have put in my body for 40 years and am fine with it. I put some questionable things in my body especially in my teen years! No side effects from the first dose and my background is public health so I’m not worried about it, I just want to be immunized and at less risk of getting it since I have risk factors if I got Covid. Benefits definitely outweigh the chances for me and I grew up eating fast food, hot dogs, drinking soda and so much more so I’m all for the vaccine. I just want to do whatever I can to get back to work and normalcy.

      1. Understand. I will get in in the future, perhaps sooner than later.

        1. To each there own. Just my own person views of doing it:)

    2. Completely understand, I feel the same.

  2. Hi, Pene. I want to get the vaccine, but I haven’t been able to schedule an appointment yet here in North Carolina. The county I live in just has two to four vaccination days per week. (Four next week but just two the following week.) You have to grab an appointment online only during office hours. They only open up appointments one week in advance. It’s the luck of the draw, so to speak. I don’t know when they’re going to open the online scheduler for the January 25 and 29 vaccine days, so will I just happen to go to the county’s health department’s website on the lucky day and lucky time before those appointments are all taken? It’s a good thing I’m retired, so I can repeatedly visit the county’s website on Mondays through Fridays between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. I share my experience just to give an example of how convoluted the system is. I’m hearing similar stories from across the country. We can all only hope the manufacture of the various vaccines gets ramped up. I’m glad you still have antibodies, and I hope they work for you for a long, long time.

    1. Oh my, I pray you succeed very soon in getting a vaccine, as you said it is the same process here as well. I would love for my mother to get the vaccine,
      Let us know when you do get it,

  3. I no longer have antibodies, so am considering taking the vaccine. What do you think of the Johnson and Johnson one dose vaccine? Take care, Pene!

    1. It sounds interesting. If effective during Phase 3, Iit would be a lot more economical and easier to distribute.

  4. Hi, sis. It’s good hearing from you again. 🤗
    About what’s going on at your end. I pray that His courage and wisdom guides you through. Do take care. 💕
    Abba loves you. 🤗

    1. Thank you sister! Stay blessed and filled with wisdom.

      1. You are welcome, sis. Amen. 💕

  5. Think of you often being on the front lines and pray for the safety of you and all the front line workers. Yes, the vaccine is a personal choice and has pros and cons amid a virus that is still new to the scientific community.

    Goodluck with rolling with life’s punches. I know you’ll do the best you’re able that’s all we can do and I know your faith will give you strength ❣️😂

    1. Thank you my dear! I really appreciate your prayers.

  6. Hi Pene! Glad you still have some antibodies left, mine are gone it seems. I want to get the vaccine but here it will be July before that can happen. And things have really gotten bad in our province so we are in our strictest lockdown yet. I always sterilize things the best I can when I get home from shopping. Since it’s possible to get this virus a second time I don’t want to take chances. Thank you for the great work you do!

    1. I hear you. It is bad here too. I know I don’t ever want to tangle with that virus again! Take care.

      1. Thanks Pene, you take care as well!

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