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Flowering Beauty

Beautiful oran
Bright orange lilies, with raindrops sprinkled on their petals.
Image credit: Pene Hodge

Besides writing, photography is another dream of mine.

I love taking photos of nature.

So when I awoke one-morning last month to the sound of rain outside my window, I knew what I had to do. Get my trusty phone and head on outdoors.

I began taking pictures of various flowers with the rain drips caught on their petals.

These lilies looked especially beautiful like diamonds sparkled about, enhancing their natural beauty.

So so lovely.

Zoomed in for a close-up or two.

Beauty created for me and you.

Beautiful bright orange lilies sprinkled with rain drops
Image credit: Pene Hodge

Fun facts about lilies

 Orange lilies signify passion.

◉ The lily is the 4th most popular flower across the globe! I must admit they are one of my favorites.

◉ The lily is a flowering plant that belongs to the family known as Liliaceae.

◉ Lily is a perennial plant, which means it can live for three or more growing seasons.

The oil extracted from lilies is said to have skin healing and softening properties.

◉ The oil has been known to work well for cracked and dry skin.

◉ Bulbs of lily contain a lot of starch and they are used as root vegetables.

◉ Humans, some insects, squirrels, and deer sometimes eat wild lilies.

◉ The Chinese believe they can bring good luck.

◉Lilies often come in beautiful vibrant colors.

They are highly toxic to your cats!

Bright orange lily flowers sprinkled with rain drops
Image credit: Pene Hodge
Do you agree,

That …

Rainy day showers make beautiful flowers.

12 thoughts on “Flowering Beauty

  1. Hi Pene !
    These are beautiful !

    In Traditional Catholicism, lilies also symbolize the purity of Mary.
    Thanks for sharing. 🤗🌷🌼

  2. Beautiful lilies, Pene! Thanks for sharing these fun facts with us. I didn’t know they were toxic to cats! 😳

  3. Orange lilies especially remind me of my Mom, I think she called them Tiger Lilies. I agree the drops of rain really enhance the photos. I enjoyed them very much.

    1. Thank you. Hope you are keeping well.

  4. Beautiful lilies, Pene! Thanks for sharing! <3

  5. Learned something new about lilies ! Love the beautiful bright colours! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I agree rainy day showers do make beautiful flowers. Lilies are a favorite flower of mine and also the visiting deer. Love, the photos! 🌺

  7. Gorgeous “Tiger Lilies” as my southern mom calls them.

  8. Ew! Beautiful lilies

  9. Lilies have always been a favorite of mine too and one time I had over 40 varieties of them in my garden.😀 Yes, like many flowers, they are indeed toxic to cats.😳🙀

  10. Gorgeous flowers- what a beautiful color!

    1. Thank you.

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