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Everything is Bigger in Texas

A shipping boat caught on a rock
Photo by Laya Clode on Unsplash

I thought the image of this boat says what seems to have become the norm in my time and space.

We had a couple of sunny days in Texas, a matter of fact it was 70°. There is a bit of coolness to the air but we are no longer in the deep freeze.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, I guess that applies to the extremes in temperatures as well.

Last week -3° with snow and ice, today 70° and sunny. Where did I hear that global warming was not real?

Another thing that is bigger in Texas is the reported electrical bills some have received, the rest of us are waiting and afraid to exhale. Since Texas always plays by its own set of rules, we saw widespread blackouts, destruction, and even death during the past week’s deep freeze.

With everything we are all dealing with currently, let’s add another item to the mess.

We did appreciate the sunny days.

Then yesterday the cool weather returned and last night’s thunderstorm was complete with hail (small). So Texas is hitting one extreme to another.


What have I been up to lately?

My mom and my aunt, and I have been tinkering with a couple of Etsy shops, making food items, and crafts from their native land. Surprisingly it has garnered some attention.

I have begun making two items from my childhood, Fudge and Sugar cake. These were items I made growing up with my friend and I thought I had lost the touch for good fudge-making, but to my delight, I seem to have retained the skill.

Last night I even dreamed of opening my very own fudge shop!

Sugar cake by Author

The above images are various colors by somehow my camera had a reddish hue.

Sugar cake image by AuthorAnother version of the sugar cake. You can add various flavors as in fudge.

Lemon-Flavored Fudge by Author

I have been creating a few different options for fudge

Regular brown sugar fudge by Author


Vanilla marshmallow fudge — by Author

The Etsy shops are:  and In case your curiosity gets the better of you.

Somehow I have really been in a writer’s slump. Though there is a lot of noise in my head, I cannot stay still long enough to organize them. So I have been getting a little creative with my daughter, my mother, and my aunt.

Image by Author  

Credit image by Author

Image credit – Author

Gives my mom something to do as well, she worked until COVID kept her out of the workforce, so now she has a little outlet. My daughter has been making her jewelry and selling on a site that the young folks frequent.

My mom made these as a young girl, so did I as well. Growing up we made what was known as “Rag mats”.  Now a lost art, the younger folks no longer make any of these things.

A bit sad really!


I have been indulging my sweet tooth waaay too much with the sugary desserts I have been making.

That’s all to report from my corner of the world for now.  Be safe be well.

How is everyone coping with life?  How have you been keeping busy and relieving stress?

18 thoughts on “Everything is Bigger in Texas

  1. Oh, that fudge looks very, very good! Glad you stayed safe in the storm. Many prayers have been prayed for the people of Texas!

  2. Looks delicious! I am so happy you are safe & well. I have been praying for you (and TX residents). Thank you for sharing the ‘lost art’ of your childhood. Take care!

  3. Looks yummy. I also remember making those sugar cakes growing up. Your shop looks really good. I couldn’t see where to follow you from the link here. I will check you out from my own Etsy shop.

    1. Oh goody so I can follow as well.

  4. The sugar cakes look really good! I wish you the best with your shops!

    1. Thank you. I was browsing your shop, oh my so many great pieces to love.

      1. Aww..thank you! I have a lot more to add once I get some extra time. 🙂

        1. One can see you have spent a lot of time and effort and the pieces are lovely.

  5. Beautiful rugs, Pene! There must be a great deal of satisfaction in producing traditional arts. Good luck with your various shops! Though I can’t eat sweets, they look very appealing! Cooking and baking are very relaxing. Now you have me thinking about making the ketogenic version of my grandmothers cream cheese fudge with pecans! Maybe tomorrow. <3

    So glad Texas weather has warmed up, although the hailstorm was a downer. Hope the weather stabilizes!
    All the best! 🙂

    1. Thank you, my mom and aunt are the creators and do the heavy lifting, lol.
      I try to avoid too many sweets, but of course I have been eating way too many.
      Have a great weekend.

  6. These are so yum looking and lovely. The rag mats I love. ❤

    1. Hello sister dear. How is life in your space?

  7. I absolutely love your creative outlet and doing it with family…creating precious memories too❣️

    The photos of your fudge actually made my mouth water. I can’t resist fudge. EVER!😂

    Let your mind wander to your daydreams – they’re a great way to clean house of noisy thoughts so the priorities remain 😉👍🏻

    A fudge ship is a fantastic daydream and who knows, it just Amy happen one day❤️🤗

    1. I like where your mind is going.

  8. Wow Pene that fudge looks mouth-watering, and the Etsy stores are inspiring!!! Amazing!! 🎉🙌💛

    1. Thank you my friend. Have a great day.

  9. Oh my, this looks heavenly!

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