Enjoying Life

Yesterday I was off from work, I generally work two full-time jobs and often pick up an overtime shift as well, so in a thirty-day span I may be blessed with a grand total of three days off.

Now it’s not absolutely imperative that I work this many hours but being a woman of a “certain age” it suddenly dawned on me within the past ten years or so that I was no longer young and need to concentrate more on “things to come”, so to speak.

So yesterday was one such day. I walked my last baby, (he would not appreciate me using this noun to describe him as he is seven years going on seventeen), and decided to sit in the park for a minute.

Just being there in the quiet with no one else around was so wonderful, just drinking in the early morning sunlight with the fresh air from the trees with rabbits and squirrels occasionally scampering by was so relaxing.

I decided to take a few pics with my cell phone but realized quickly that the battery was at two percent and in the red. I had been so tired the night before that I neglected to plug my phone into the charger. So these are what I caught.

So this was how my day began but about 10 am my boss calls to ask about a task that I had forgotten to make an note on and since I will not be back there until Sunday I had to go in to work to add a late entry.

Then I decided on my way back to stop at the uniform store for some new scrubs, they did not carry the brand I like, so more wasted time. By the time I returned home it was almost three PM.

I felt robbed of my day off due of course to my own deficit, but none the less the day was not so relaxing after all. I cooked dinner and my baby and I did another walk before bed and the rest as they say is history.

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