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Egg Hunting While Social Distancing

Snookums & Easter Egg hunt In My Neighborhood, there are eggs in the basket, we did not take all, he left some for the other kids, lol.

Our homeowners association decided to hide the eggs in the common areas, so the neighborhood kids practiced social distancing while easter eggs hunting.

A bit sad to see they cannot play together.

The choice for the kids were very appropriate, as the treats could be washed.

The sky seems clear but it was pouring this morning and looks like we are in for another downpour, but God is gracious giving us a respite so that the kids can have a wee bit of fun.

This is 2020 Easter Sunday in Dallas.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Be blessed, stay safe!


3 thoughts on “Egg Hunting While Social Distancing

  1. Smiles. Were you the one talking in the video?.
    Good to know they still kept them engaged.

    P.S: How have you been since we last chatted and how is hubby and family holding up too?.

    1. Yes that was me talking. He was super excited and wanted to get them all.

      1. Smiles. That is nice
        Smiles. Totally. 😀
        Glad to know you all enjoyed Easter over there.

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