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Do You Answer Unscheduled Video Calls?

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Video Calls

Yesterday I received an attempted call via video chat … without prior notice or approval. It ticked me off! It actually irritated me so much I ignored the call.

Who thinks this is acceptable behavior?

I have never appreciated the concept of video calling someone without prior notice. I have often wondered why would persons do that? Placing a video call without prior expressed permission is rude and grounds for dismissal of friendship.

Video chat callers who do not share a certain intimate relationship (familial or conjugal) with the “callee” are disrespectful and I feel have a hidden agenda. What are they hoping to achieve? — see some unscheduled disarray, a make-up less face, where you live or how you live? I do not share an interest in the mundane aspects of others’ lives, nor do I understand it.

One thing is certain … your call will go unanswered!

More than likely I am sitting at home dressed or undressed in a manner unbecoming for the eyes of acquaintances, casual friends and strangers. My house may be messy and in need a tidy-up. I have no make-up and my hair is tousled or plain looks crazy. My sink could be full of dishes I don’t think you should see. I may not want to see you, I may not even like you … so just call on the regular line!

What do they seek?

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I analogize it this way … calling on video chat without permission is akin to an act of voyeurism. If you do not have house keys and would not be invited in if you rang my door bell why do you imagine it would be okay to go peeking into my windows aka video chat?

Video calls without permission violates basic etiquette, violates you the individual, your privacy and your acquaintanceship. When you pick up the phone to reach out do not video dial me. I will not answer. If you are not a spouse, a significant other, my mother or very close family members — please do not call on video.

Your call will go un-answered.

Be safe, God bless!

Disclaimer: (I wrote this one day when I was a bit peeved), I do not like unscheduled video calls.

21 thoughts on “Do You Answer Unscheduled Video Calls?

  1. Wow, Pene! What an invasion of privacy! I get a lot of nuisance and robo calls, but this “takes the cake!”

    Hope you are having a great day! <3 Cheryl

    1. Good morning — I do not like them at all. If we pre-arrange I can manage it, but when folks just wants to call on video — just aggravates me.
      Have a great day!

  2. You are right!

  3. I think people should know their limits ’cause it all depends on your relationship with the person in my opinion.

    1. That is surely my take on it as well. Thank you for your insight.
      have a great day!

  4. I don’t even have a camera for my PC, and the laptop’s camera lens is covered with white-out, so you can guess my answer, LOL I’m VERY big on personal privacy (partly because of what I write).

    Video calls… It was bound to happen though. As the technology gets more commonly used, the walls of etiquette and common courtesy are going to crumble. Sooner or later somebody will come up with a “mask” also, like on the Jetsons, LOL. I suspect it’ll be more along the lines of making you look dressed and fully made up to the person on the other end though.

    1. Lol, that’s a thought … who knows.

  5. I set my preferences not to allow video calls at all.

    1. Sometimes the relatives call with my permission, but the ones who just take it upon themselves to call … just an irritation.

  6. I agree with you, Pene.

  7. I do no allow video calls.

    1. You are to the point, lol. Have a great evening.

  8. I don’t like accepting video calls out of the blue, it’s like coming to my house before calling first.

    1. Exactly, where is the etiquette in our world.

  9. Wow! I never use video chat except for meetings, but I’m sorry this happened to you!

  10. Very well said Pene! And it would benefit all of humanity to have more conversations like yours… with follow-up action.

    Right now the world has lost all aspects of propriety. It’s an unfortunate state of affairs.

    Seems anything goes! 🙁

    1. You have hit the nail on the head. Have a lovely evening.

  11. You are right, In fact even a close person should ask if they can make a video call.

    1. I agree. Have a blessed week my sister.

  12. I don’t like video calls, not even with people I know. I realized some online acquaintances depends on it to confirm the other person is who is on their profile before going any further but yeah I will not answer a video call I wasn’t expecting either.

    1. I understand that.

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