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Sadly hurricane Dorian has terrorized the British Commonwealth of The Bahamas. It is so sad to see the debris that has been left behind as well as the reports of no clean water/ power supply to some 60,000 persons and the death toll will undoubtly rise as access to stranded citizens are done. Thoughts and prayers continuously.

The current climate in the USA of mass shootings are frightening, disturbing and disheartening. It bears saying that apparently nowhere is safe, we are “at risk” anywhere we go.

25 shootings, 7 of those were critically injured in Chicago yesterday, labor day as the gun-violence barrage continues.

Dicks Sporting goods supply store has decided to destroy their remaining stock of assault-style guns in lieu of returning them to the manufacturer. Wal-Mart is following suit by no longer selling assault-style weapons and has asked Congress to address/debate the issues. There will be much debate on both sides of this issue and it will be interesting to see what plays out eventually.


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