Confinement …As Time Marches On

Yesterday, the young ‘and I went walking. He is such a sweet natured child, just loves helping and is so kind.

So we explored our neighborhood and I discovered places, trails and such that I had no idea was there.

We had such fun, we will do this everyday while the quarantine continues and he does not have to be up early for school.

My neighborhood is fairly new and change is fluid at this time, so much happens in a blink.

I feel a little sad that the natural habitats are being destroyed to make way for more people, but life goes on.

My son said “mom, they are destroying nature!” I had to agree with his observations as the machines continues to knock over the large trees as we watched from a distance, sadly.

The views were beautiful amidst the destruction and we enjoyed some good talks.

That kid is so smart, he leaves me amazed at the conversations he can partake of.


The Pic seems like yesterday…where does the time go?

Speaks in technical terms, about physics; gravity, velocity and acceleration and has some grasp on their relationship with kinetics and engineering.

Can you tell I am a proud mama … smile.


28 Replies to “Confinement …As Time Marches On”

      1. After nearly a month I begin feeling in jail sometimes. My mood is still good. I miss my friends. I miss my brother. It’s hard.
        Thanks God I can still pray.
        Praying heals me somehow.
        God is great!
        Warm hugs from Milan, Italy ❀

        1. That is good. Yes I know the feeling, some days it is harder than others. I hear you, it is so hard and we really do not have a timeline. But hang in there. Feel free to reach out to me and talk anytime.

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