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Cloudy with Thunderstorms

Weather forecast for Dallas Texas
This is what my weather looks like today.

The weather in Texas has been so unpredictable this year.

One day hot, next day cold. 

Looks like spring one day, then back to winter.

But last night, it rained buckets over here. The forecast also called for a chance of large hail, I will check my car once it gets light outside.

Also checked on the plants, everyone is fine. They survived a beating last night, the rain was pelting hard with heavy winds.

A little of God’s grace brightened my day!

Gee is completing his second week of the COVID fight. (he travelled to NY to work ER). 

Young peach tree, planted about one month ago, it is growing beautifully. This baby is loaded!
My plums, we have never grew these before. I thought they would all be on the ground, but they survived!

The lightning took center stage!

The pelting rain was heralded by a long and glorious display of light!

I had never seen so much continuous light in the sky. It seemed like the sky lit up like July 4th fireworks for close to an hour.

I even felt a twinge of apprehension that this was more than a regular storm.

I moved my head away from the window and that gave an even better view of the display!

Not sure when the fireworks and rain ended as I eventually fell asleep.

This morning I awoke and outside the air is fresh and clean and my babies (the plants) have made it.

I am thankful that all our trees and plants survived the onslaught. 

No signs of hail damage either.

God is good.

Stay well, stay safe and God bless us all!


22 thoughts on “Cloudy with Thunderstorms

  1. I’m glad you all weathered the storm well. ⛈ Your trees look very healthy!

    1. I was so worried, but I am happy this morning, all survived and the little kitchen garden is happy as well.

  2. Usually in big storms, it’s the large, older trees that go down. They’re not supple and some cannot bend well enough in the wind. The younger ones have loads of bending power and endure, but I’m also amazed at the abundance of fruit still hanging there! You have survivors! I’m thinking they’ve taken their cue from you!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes the young ones can move well, lol. But I was so happy to see those fruit still hanging. In past years the storms have decimated the fruits.
      Have a wonderful day.

  3. Glad it rejuvenated without causing damage…

  4. I’m glad everything is ok! We’re supposed to be getting gusty winds and downpours tonight. I guess it’s coming out way. Prayers for Gee!

    1. Yes thank you. I continue to pray for his safety.

  5. Glad the storm is past and all is well with you. Your fruit trees look wonderful! 🙂

    1. Thank you.

  6. Wowza, your plants look great and healthy, Pene.

    1. Thank you. Do you garden?

      1. I have contemplated gardening but that has been the extent of it thus far. Perhaps this year I may contemplate with more purpose 😊🌿

        1. Yes, you may like it. Start with something small.

  7. Perfect weather for me

    1. Yes I do not like the heat at all.

      1. We kind of experience it here in 🇺🇬

  8. Oh Yes, nice!

  9. Texas weather! *sighs* In Houston the weather has been cloudy and rainy.

    1. I know. I like rain though not storms as it keeps it a bit cooler. Few days ago it was already 85 °.

      1. I enjoy cool weather as well. I wish it would stay cool all year around.

  10. We had snow 12 days ago and this week in the 80s

    1. Good morning. The weather and current times are certainly unpredictable.
      Have a wonderful day.

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