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Woke up this morning to some frost in the yard.

In the picture below, the okra plants continue a valiant fight for life. Against all the odds they are still blooming.

I always feel a twinge of sadness when they die and I have to wait for the re-birth next year.

Each day they bloom even though most of their leaves have fallen off.

My babies.

The Great Outdoors

A few days ago during lunch break, we went for a ride/walk, saw these along the way. Things I saw-

Brave people going places.

There were trees and animals here last month … I guess humans need more space.

I loved that streak in the sky left behind by a plane. (Check out the deforestation above).

and here

here again

Finally — beauty presented in color!

Mr bird … living his best life … freedom to just be.

The sun is out and it is currently 51 degrees. I may take a walk later with my snookums during lunch break.

9 thoughts on “Changes

  1. It is sad to see development destroying trees and wildlife, but it is probably hopeful news for the economy. Maybe the new homeowners will plant trees and flowers as you have done. Do you have any parks in the area? Maybe some space could be saved to enjoy nature. Take care, Pene! <3

    1. Yes we do have little parks which is good. The animals can be seen crossing the roads, a little unsure where their homes are.
      But that’s the way of life.

  2. George Benson song lyrics:

    Everything must change
    Nothing stays the same…except rain falls from the clouds; the sun lights up the sky; and hummingbirds do fly!

    1. I love it, thank you for your comment.

  3. We have snow on the ground and the lakes are freezing over…winter has come ready or not in the northern states.

    1. I do miss the snow.

  4. Beautiful pictures and the captions says it all. 😊

  5. Ahh the outdoors! 💞😇

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