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Knowing When to Let Go…

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I saw this on Pinterest yesterday and realised why these words so resonated with me. Often we are faced with the decision to continue to have to be around toxic situations that do not represent the best of who we were created to be.

The past two years I have made the decision to walk away from negative situations that were not allowing the smooth metamorphosis of who I am to become.

I am at a point of my life where I want to be better version of myself and thus allow God’s spirit to be more at ‘home’ in my soul. I feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit whenever I do/say things I shouldn’t and I desire a better relationship with Jesus Christ.

He has done so much for me and has always created a path for me even before I knew I would need a path. I have seen God’s guidance and provision for me from the time I was a young girl.

When I look back on the life I have had thus far, I marvel how he has carried me when I could not carry myself and I know that I know that without His planning I would not be alive today. Jesus you are my Lord and I am so grateful that you first loved me.

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A Mother’s Heart

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Two days ago I visited and read a touching blog post about pregnancy/ infant loss on I was so touched about the story of a young mother losing her babies at 23 weeks gestation. You can read her heartbreaking story here on her online magazine at

She has asked me to share her story as a means of healing and bringing awareness of the pain left behind. Please visit her blogs and feel free to share as you may.

Sincere thanks for sharing her story.

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Why Should I Be An Organ Donor?

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Our Kidneys and Why We Need Them?

Each day in the United States the National Kidney Foundation reports more than one million persons on the kidney transplant list.

A whopping 660,000 with kidney failure, 37 million with chronic kidney disease and 1 in 3 Americans are at risk for kidney disease!

Sadly many people will never get the call informing them that a donor organ is available for their use. An estimated 20 persons die each day for lack of donor organs. 

Our Kidneys and Why We Need Them?

The Human kidneys, shaped like two kidney beans lie against the back muscles of in the upper abdomen. They are located on the left and right sides of the back (flank) muscles with the right kidney ‘sitting’ a little lower than the left due the the size and shape of the liver.

Combined our kidneys contain about 1.2 million renal corpuscles that filter up to 1500 liters (400 US gallons) of blood daily. What a powerhouse!

It purifies the blood and removes toxins from the body. They control the water balance, regulates our electrolytes like, sodium and potassium and maintains homeostasis thus keep us alive.

The renal system aids in the breakdown some medications such as NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) making it available for use by our bodies. One such example is advil. The kidneys excretes all these waste products in the form of urine.

What happens when our kidneys malfunction?

If our kidneys are not functioning at their optimum or not working at all, then the toxins from the break down of the various chemical process involved in keeping us alive will not be removed.

The toxins will remain in the body causing illness and death in a relatively short period of time.

When this happens the blood must be cleansed by artificial means.

Dialysis, using an external machine to ‘cleanse’ the blood is the next step. This process requires the creation of a ‘shunt’ which is created connecting an artery and a vein to be used for access to the circulatory system.


The process of dialysis greatly restricts a person’s activities of daily living. It’s a time consuming process that generally requires you to go to a dialysis center three days a week, up to eight hours at a time.  The toxins are removed by spending an average six to eight hours at a time.

After dialysis patients often report they felt like they had the stuffing knocked out of them. The body has been depleted and unfortunately no man-made processes will ever work as well as God’s, so it takes time to return to your norm. Then by the time you begin to feel better it’s time to repeat the process again.

Am I Too Young to donate?

Many states allow people who are younger than 18 to register as organ donors.

You are legally able to decide from the age of 18, but some final input may be required from your parent or legal guardian.

So discuss your wish to become an organ donor with your family, and ask for their advice. Keep in mind that many children too, are in need of organ transplants.

Am I Too Old to Donate?

You are not too old to donate, just inform of your desire to do so and let the medical professionals make the decision whether or not you are able to do so.

Do not discount organ donation because you think you are too old as there is no defined cutoff age for donating organs. The decision to use your donation is based on strict medical criteria, not age.

The idea of donating your organs may be an unpleasant one to grapple with. I must admit that I was not enamored with the idea myself. As humans we do not want to contemplate our own demise and the connotations that this idea brings to mind are not pleasant ones. But the truth is that organ donation saves lives.

If they know I’m a donor, will they just let me die so they can have my organs?

Some people are under the misconception that their medical treatment may no longer be a priority if they become donors, the medical staff will make every effort to save your life as is within their power to do so.

When you are ill medical personnel are required by moral and legal code of ethics to make every available effort to save your life first.

You will be seen by a doctor whose expertise most closely matches your particular condition and who can and will give you the best care possible.

If you are unsure of, or uncomfortable with your faith’s position on organ donation, ask a member of your clergy.

Even if your organs are not used for living recipients, they can be used in science to further medical understanding of many disease processes thereby making a greater impact.

Don’t deny yourself from the chance to help someone else. Let the doctors decide at the time of your death whether your organs and tissues are suitable for transplantation.

Being a Living Donor

If you decide to become a living donor, i.e. giving one of your kidneys to someone while you are still living you will have to undergo extensive psychological testing to ensure you are not being coerced into doing so.

This ensures that you are aware of the risks associated with your decision. Doctors will also test to see if your kidneys are in good shape and whether you can live a healthy life with just one kidney.

It’s critically important to consider becoming an organ donor if you belong to an ethnic minority. Minorities like African Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and Hispanics are more likely than Caucasians to have certain chronic conditions that affect the kidneys, heart, lung, pancreas and liver. Some examples of such diseases are; alcoholism, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Certain blood types are more prevalent in ethnic minority populations. Because matching blood type is usually necessary for transplants, the need for minority organ donors is a ‘dire need’.

How to Register to Become a Donor

Becoming a donor is easy. Here are a few ways to indicate your wishes:

  • By registering on your State’s website.
  • Have it placed on your driver’s license. 
  • Inform your close family members.

If you have a loved one who will make decisions in the event you cannot make them for yourself, discuss your expectations with them and ensure that they understand and will honor your wishes.

So now that you have some of the facts, can you see that being an organ donor can make a big difference? and not just to one person? Organ and tissue from one donor can save or at best improve as many as 75 lives. Also knowing that your loved one helped save or improve the lives of many others may bring you some comfort.

What are your thoughts, please comment below. I would really love to know.

Sources cited and questions:

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Soul Music

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‘Oh Gentle Shepherd’… across the barren waste of sin I roam… safe forever more with thee. This song is so dearly loved by me and so touched my soul today as it always have.

I grew up listening to Jim Reeves playing on the gramophone (I think that thing was called, lol) my grandmother played it a lot especially on Sundays.

You have to close your eyes and listen to his soothing voice, the piano’s soft plaintive notes in the background and of course the words, the words are everything.

I have played it on repeat several times, it always blesses my soul so.

Hope it blesses someone else as well.

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Changing Seasons of Life

When I meet new people I wonder, what attracts me to them? Them to me? Why does a friendship develop…why does it end?

One such friend we will call ‘Em’. I was a teenager when I first met Em. We were young girls in a strange country, America, both living in Queens New York.

Em and I were cousins a few times removed. I had spent one year in the Caribbean island of Antigua living with my aunt. My mother thought it was a great thing, a change of environment and a chance to ‘see something of the world’.

I was engaged to be married at the young age and since my mother had been married young and subsequently divorced, she wanted me to avoid the same pitfalls.

So off to Antigua I went, to go stay with my aunt and to get me away from the ‘young love’. Sadly, it worked, but that’s another story for another day.

Back to Em and I.

In Antigua, Em’s mother was a friend of said aunt and through that relationship I came to learn we were cousins.

So when I emigrated to the good ole USA one cold February day, I was armed with a telephone number of Em who was a few years older than I. I was given strict instructions to get in contact with her and for us be friends!

So dutifully several months later I called Em. She, I would learn later had also been given similar instructions, so we planned a meeting.

We decided to meet on the train going to Manhattan, since my stop was at the end of the service line I would get on the train first. Once the conductor announced that next stop “Roosvelt Avenue / Jackson Heights”, I knew that was where Em would get on the train.

I tried to imagine what she would look like since I had no photographs to go by. We had predetermined that I would wait at the first car, no cell phones back then, lol. Can you imagine, no cell phones, however did we live! Anyways we recognized each other and instantly a friendship began.

Em and I remained great friends and the years passed. We have supported and loved each other through all types of life changes. Em never got married nor had children, not because she did not want to because she desperately did, more so than I, but somehow it never worked out for her. Very sad.

This friendship lasted throughout the years, she became a ‘sister’ to me and a member of my close family. She is godmother to my first child now twenty two years old, babysat for me, we’ve laughed, cried, fought, made up and through it all we were always there.

So why the friendship ended, I’m sure dear Em is as perplexed as I.

I moved from New York in 2010 due to some life circumstances, Em was there with me the day before I left and yet I moved here and I never called Em again and she never called me.

No discernible unease, absolutely no bad feelings on my end and I don’t believe any on her end either. But why did we part? I do not know.

Intermittently I get asked by family what happened with you and Em? I have no answers. I simply do not know…

Why do friendships start? Why do they end? Is their purpose sometimes just a temporary respite for one, for both? Is this respite just for a season? Why not a lifetime?

As always, God bless you!

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I Wanna be Homeschooled!!


Day of Worship Church Flyer (9)I’m off work today and as usual the joys of ‘adulting’ has me up at the crack of dawn.

Somehow summer really left and I barely noticed. Somewhere in the periphery I glimpse from time to time a bit of coolness in the air, more leaves on the lawn, less laughter from kids playing outside.

Since I work 12-hour shifts I never see the light of day anymore. So it’s no wonder I feel left in the dust.

As I walk my 7 year old, my last baby to school it is a cool 61 degrees in  my corner of the world.

He is wearing shorts because even though the mornings and evenings may get cool, the sun will not be outdone until well in November or December. So one must dress for the dueling temperatures at all times.

The cool begins to insidiously seep into ones’ bones effectively displacing the warmth that once resided there.

My toes are numb and frozen and his poor little legs must be feeling worse for wear as he has a larger surface area exposed.

It did cross my mind that I was not the greatest mother as he began complaining that his legs were cold and for me to carry him. Why did I not insist that we drive instead of walk?

Before we left for school I did bring him to the front door for him to feel the temperature and decide if he wanted to be a “car rider” or a “walker”, he decided we should walk.

So now we have been walking for a few minutes and …”mom, my legs are cold, I’m cold, I don’t wanna walk, can you pick me up? I don’t want to go,  I wanna be homeschooled”!

I walk my last kiddo to school and ponder on my walk back how swiftly time flies, the kids are growing fast and soon this walk, the request for me to ‘carry him’ will be a thing of the past.

So whenever I am able, I arise at the crack of dawn, when I would really just love a lie-in and we walk to school…

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A Doctor’s Story

image of a stethoscope and a face mask in a doctor's hand
Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

Where do we go when we die?

Working in healthcare and I have had the privilege of being on both sides of the bed, so to speak. I absolutely believe in God and as such, I have been carrying out my own ‘observation trials’ if you will as to what other medical professionals and people in general thought about God and life after death.

So from time to time, I will ask other nurses and doctors what are their thoughts on life, death, and God.

Many years earlier when I was pretty young I became very ill and had a few meetings with the Divine being, and even though I had always believed in God, during my time of peril God found me and let me know without a shadow of a doubt that He existed.

Ever since that time, while attending to patients I sometimes feel ‘led’ to open a conversation with them about their beliefs and I pray with or for them and sometimes I share my healing.

This day I was working with an older doctor who had an excellent bedside manner. I really loved working with him. He is one of those doctors that will check on his patients’ intermittently throughout their stay.

According to him, on a particular day he while working in Emergency medicine, he had a female patient of approximately 65+/- years. She was complaining about some non-specific abdominal pain. He noted that she was fairly healthy for her age with no other co-morbidities (no pre-existing health problems). So the blood tests were done, cardiac monitoring was continuous and he decided to check in on her as was his practice.

He was standing at the patient’s bedside talking to her, all vital signs normal when she looked off into the direction of the doorway with a puzzled look on her face and asked, “are they coming for me or are they coming for you?’.

He stated he did not have time to answer her question as the next moment she had a look of sheer terror on her face as she exclaimed, “no they’re coming for me!” The next instant, that patient went into cardiac arrest and all efforts were made to save her but she never regained consciousness and subsequently died soon thereafter.

He told me he will never forget the look of sheer paralyzing terror on that woman’s face and that ‘whatever’ came for her and wherever she went he did not want to go. That moment, he said has stayed with him all these years and has served as a reminder to always try to be a better human being.

For those that believe in Jesus, What are your thoughts on this doctor’s experience? Please feel free to comment and share your own.


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Versatile Blogger Award

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I have the honor of announcing my nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award. This nomination has been bestowed upon me by Jesusluvsall. His words are all about loving God, faith, helping others, telling inspirational stories and living with Celiac’s disease. Please visit his blog, browse and show him lots of love.

I am sincerely thankful that a few of my family in ‘Blogland’ thinks that I am doing a good job plodding these unfamiliar territories. Thanks to my Lord Jesus for the desire and the strength to “put myself out there”. I appreciate you all for reading, liking and commenting and again my sincerest thank you.

I do so enjoy visiting you all daily and I have become almost child-like in my desire to read again. I just published my main page yesterday, lol. I really have no idea about the ‘techy’ stuff and am learning day by day. Hopefully I am building many neurons daily to help in the fight against premature aging.

Sincerest thanks.

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Sunshine Blogger Award

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I am touched beyond words for the honor of being nominated for a ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’!!!! I was nominated by; Jenny Furse of….please go and check out her blog show her lots of love. Jenny’s blog exudes love, warmth, practical living and a love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules:

  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
  2. List the rules and display an award logo on your blog post.
  3. Answer the 11 Questions the blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award and notify them by commenting on any of their posts.
  5. Ask the Nominees 11 new questions.

11 Questions Asked of Me:

1. How long have you been blogging for and why did you start?

I actually began blogging on September 2, 2019. I started because it was always something I wanted to do but was afraid of failing.

2. What makes a blog article worth sticking around for— one you truly enjoy reading?

An article worth staying around for is one that gives the reader the insights, answers or enjoyment that they seek.

3. What is your favorite thing about Fall?

My favorite time of fall is when the leaves are changing colors, when the earth’s temperature gets a little cooler and the days become shorter, there is a certain beauty in what I see as the earth’s renewal.

4. What is your go-to drink?

My go to drink is coffee, I love, love, love coffee, even when I was too young to drink it I just loved the smell of fresh coffee. (Can you tell I love coffee).

5. What favorite treat really hits the sweet spot for you?

I love chocolate, dark brown, light brown, white chocolate, I love it all.

6. Tell me about a favorite date or share a great date night idea.

A favorite date was earlier in my relationship even though we had known each other for over two years at that point (not dating, just friends in passing), we went on a date and spent the whole night sitting in a car and just talking and getting to know each other on a whole different level.

7. Do you have a favorite family tradition?

Being together on Christmas day as a family in our pajamas.

8. What book(s) are you reading right now?

Currently no entertainment books, educational ones on delivering better healthcare.

9. What one piece of advice would you give your younger self?

To be kinder to myself.

10. Do you have a secret or hidden talent?

I cannot think of a hidden talent. Buy I love music and dancing.

11. What is one way you served or blessed someone else recently?

Recently I had a patient who could not afford his prescribed medications, so the other nurse and I paid for and picked his medications from the pharmacy.

And The Nominees:

11 Questions for My Nominees:

  1. What time of day you consider your most creative?
  2. Who/what encouraged your love for writing?
  3. Have you ever regretted posting something on your blog, and if so why?
  4. What is the best advise you have received and from whom?
  5. Name your most defining quality.
  6. What is your favorite meal and why?
  7. What advise would you give yourself 20 years from now?
  8. Who/what is the most influential force in your life?
  9. If you could travel the universe, where would you go?
  10. What do you think of our world today?
  11. Have you ever had a divine encounter, if so tell us a little more about it.

And to all my friends out there, you are by no means less appreciated or forgotten I appreciate and enjoy your words and remain a loyal follower…

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The Way to A Lover’s Heart….?

Worked my usual 12-hour shift yesterday, got off feeling very tired. Did my regular 45-minute drive home. Made my way in through the garage and was greeted with the smell of great cooking….banana bread straight from the oven! The scent of banana bread and cinnamon beckoned me wildly from across the room, I made a straight beeline to the kitchen.

I could not resist I took one bite from the donut in the back row and then remembered that I could take a picture and post it on my blog, (my blog…the idea is still so new and exciting).

Usually I am not a fan of banana, I love love love the smell but cannot tolerate banana on its own as it makes me extremely nauseous. The texture of the fruit by itself is not pleasing to me. But banana bread is something quite different!

Here is a picture of his creation. My significant other, we shall call him ‘Gee’ loves to cook. I was several sizes smaller when we met but have ‘blossomed’ these past several years due almost directly to his cooking.

This is only the second time he has dared to make banana bread using a recipe he found online and is ‘tweaking’ and making the recipe his own. The bread was delicious and I especially love the last 2 rows that are a bit more crisp than the others.

The first time Gee made banana bread it was good but I was not too crazy about the texture as I felt I wanted mine with a bit more crisp. But the chef must have taken my criticism to heart and baked me some that were more caramelized that the last batch.

I heard the crunch as my teeth popped through the caramelized exterior and steamy banana flavor enhanced with cinnamon filled my palate. My taste buds danced to the many flavors in concert and I was transported to heaven.

I ate 2 of those donuts before eating my dinner and packed another 2 for today. Eating a banana bread donut as I write this begs the age old question; does one get to another persons heart by way of the stomach?