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Snowy Dayz

A dog out in snow with a scarf and hat.
Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash


The cold snowy Dayz of winter are upon us.  The world is frozen and soooo cold!My daughter usually gets a ride to school with her friends these days but this morning I would not risk it.

Black ice everywhere.

Yet I observed a few teens with their eyes on their phones while we skidded on the ice.

I used the ride as a teachable moment of what to do when you must drive on black ice, though I fear not much of the information was received, or just became mum-babble.


*********************************************************************Pics from New York

My cousin sent me some magnificent photos from New York. Currently texas is a cold 28 degrees.

Image credit: My Cousin Gwen


Image credit: My Cousin Gwen


Image credit: My Cousin Gwen
Image credit: My Cousin Gwen
Image credit: My Cousin Gwen
Image credit: My Cousin Gwen

Hope you all enjoy the pictures from postcards from Winter 2021.

A little old country pride, apparently one of the principal scientists in the Pfizer COVID vaccine development is from my old country, see article here.

Pfizer’s principal research scientist, Vidia Surendra Roopchand. (Pfizer contributed image/News Americas)

Appears to be a humble man.

Stay safe, stay well.


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Forward Fridays #2


An "I am a woman..." inspirational stickers
Photo by Valentina Conde on Unsplash

Good morning my fellow WP friends and family. How is everyone holding up?

In keeping with my Forward Fridays theme, I wanted to highlight that while so much is happening in our world right now, women have been quietly assuming the reigns of control.

The power of womanhood has been created for such a time as this and we are steadily and continuously rising to the top of the ladder, finally!

Many parts of the world, previously with a male stronghold are surprisingly relinquishing leadership roles to women. There have never been this many women Presidents, Vice Presidents, and other Leaders as in our time.

Here is a link to Forbes 100 most influential women.

One thing is glaringly obvious, God is doing work on the Earth.

While we travail through this time of much unrest and uncertainty, we look towards the author and finisher of our faith — Jesus.

Let us continue to trust Him, be kind to ourselves and each other.

Stay well, stay safe

Peace and blessings!

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Well It’s Ma Birthday

A white birthday cake with a citrus fruit and lighs
Photo by Storiès on Unsplash

Another birth anniversary is upon me. I don’t know where the time went. Just yesterday I was a child and now–age keeps nipping at my heels.

The gray hairs are rapidly increasing and the joys/pain of small lines are becoming ever more visible.


On a serious note, I am rejoicing in another birthday that God has kept me here alive to see and participate in.

I am grateful for the chance to grow old. I continue to learn and grow and reach forward continuously.

My life is richer, fuller than I could ever have imagined. I am loved and blessed and I am forever grateful for the love of Christ.

Today I am off work, I will check out some of your posts on WP, relax around the house, have some indoor time with the fam and tomorrow we resume work on the battlefield.

author in PPE gear
Me continuing to do the do.



Please know that I appreciate all of you and I am always appreciative and grateful for your prayers and sweet thoughts.

Do continue to remain safe out there.

All the best and lots of love from me.

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Forward Fridays

A man cutting meat at the store
Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

Where we continue to look ahead

Hello my WP family.

How is everyone doing?

Have you all started getting your COVID vaccinations? If so how are you feeling? If you are not considering getting the vaccine, why not?

I had the opportunity to be vaccinated, but I still had antibodies from my battle in the ring with COVID, so I opted to wait and ponder some more. I would really like some more data as to the timeline for antibodies, but we will see.

I do vacillate between taking it or not.


Yesterday I was off so I went to my local produce store to purchase some fish and herbs.

The store boasts a food section and I noticed the two ladies tending to the food had their masks under their chins while keeping up a robust conversation.

I was shocked …

I think these incidences happen a lot, especially behind closed doors. Folks are tired of the masks and voila — airborne and droplets on our produce.

I usually take my items to the house and wash or wipe everything down with a chlorine wash.


I have been rolling with life’s punches and will update you all later. A few challenges have made an entrance so I am praying about them.

I appreciate you all and I try to sneak on and read as much as I can.

Do be vigilant and be safe.

God bless you all!

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Serendipitous Sunday

A bird in the heavens
Photo by Stefan Gessert on Unsplash
Hello my friends, it is the second Sunday of the new year. Though our battle continues and all hell continues to break loose — we remain with our eyes fixed on God and we shall not be moved!

I have decided that I do not want to dwell on all the negatives happening at this time and to keep my eyes lifted up to Him from whence cometh my help.

A few days ago I was on my way home, I saw this image,  2 planes had apparently formed a cross in their wake, so I strained out of my window to catch what appeared to me to be a great sign of hope.

A cross in the sky created by 2 planes
Image by author

A little flurrying in my current times. I love the cold and snow.

We get excited in Texas with flurries … lol.

See video below.





So much is happening in our world right now.

God is still on His throne and we continue to trust Him while remaining sensible in our doings.

Be well, be safe, be blessed!

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There Is Always a Reason To Hope — We Welcome 2021

2 hands holding a symbol of hope
Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Goodbye 2020 —Welcome 2021

Today is the final day of the year 2020. The year herald with such hope, joy, and promise.

Instead, we have ALL been challenged beyond what many of us thought we were capable of overcoming.

We have fought and continue to fight the good fight. We have won some and we have lost some. We are more resilient than we know and we continue to stand firm in the fight for our lives.

Those of us who trust God, continue to look to him as the author and finisher of our faith. I trust God implicitly and in Him, I move and breathe and have my being.

I trust Him with ALL that is within me and I know He has only our best interests at heart, and all things will work for the good of them that love Him.

My WordPress family you have become so much to me. I come to WP as my home away from home and a place of rest. I have found such love and acceptance here and I love you all.

An unopened rose as a symbol of hope
Photo by Roma Kaiuk on Unsplash

A Blessed, Healthy, and Happy New Year To Us ALL

Let us continue to support each other and keep the faith as we continue to trudge towards the mark …

Hope springs eternal and now there is a vaccine. Though the current development is not a panacea for all that ails us. We must continue the current practices so that we can keep each other safe.

Health professionals are exhausted so let us all continue to do our part.

Remember, nothing can occur with the permission of the Most High God and always know … Jesus Christ is Lord!

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Checking In With My WP Family

Christmas decorations stating hopePhoto by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

Good morning to my family on WordPress.

This season finds me quite hectic and trusting God for a breakthrough. I will be back with a testimony soon as to God’s faithfulness.

I hope you ALL are keeping well. I miss you all so much. I have been sneaking on here for a read every now and again but am not able to spend nearly as much time here as I would like to.

Work is so so busy as this is the 4th quarter and with the other unmentionable circumstance/s and the vaccine administrations, we are busy, busy, busy!!!

Some agree to be vaccinated, others (like myself) am not ready for this vaccine as yet. So we wait! The necessity of wearing masks continue to be a challenge.

I am muzzled so much I sometimes find it difficult to remember a time when I was not wearing a muzzle!

Still homeschooling with the challenges therein.

A young boy child with a Christmas hat on.
Snookums loves his hat / Photo by the Author

Snooky was gifted this hat by his teachers last Thursday and it has become a fixture upon his head. I’m not sure what his plan is when Xmas is over.

I have put up a few meager Christmas decorations in my backyard and in the house for the children’s sake. I am not feeling the spirit this year at all!

At least we can look at the lights from inside our home as we do not have a street view.

Image of Frosty the Snowman and 2 reindeers in a backyard
Image by the Author

May the grace and peace of God continue to keep us safe.

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A Mother — A Nurse Is there really a difference?

If I weren’t a nurse who would I be?

I’ll have to look inside and try to see.

The qualities that make me care

Were not just grasped out of the air.


Feelings of love that I gratefully savor

puts my patients at ease and rarely wavers.

Looking inside to see who I’d be

if the nurse I am was just not me!


I’d search the skills that I possess

empathy, caring, teaching, loving, and all of the rest.

These skills I have that I always employ

bring my patients comfort and much much joy!


If I looked in the mirror and not a nurse I’d see

a mother for sure is who I’d have to be!


This poem was written for me by my love, Gabe. I think is is beautiful and am sharing with you all. I hope you enjoy!

Stay well and be blessed!