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The Way to A Lover’s Heart….?

Worked my usual 12-hour shift yesterday, got off feeling very tired. Did my regular 45-minute drive home. Made my way in through the garage and was greeted with the smell of great cooking….banana bread straight from the oven! The scent of banana bread and cinnamon beckoned me wildly from across the room, I made a straight beeline to the kitchen.

I could not resist I took one bite from the donut in the back row and then remembered that I could take a picture and post it on my blog, (my blog…the idea is still so new and exciting).

Usually I am not a fan of banana, I love love love the smell but cannot tolerate banana on its own as it makes me extremely nauseous. The texture of the fruit by itself is not pleasing to me. But banana bread is something quite different!

Here is a picture of his creation. My significant other, we shall call him ‘Gee’ loves to cook. I was several sizes smaller when we met but have ‘blossomed’ these past several years due almost directly to his cooking.

This is only the second time he has dared to make banana bread using a recipe he found online and is ‘tweaking’ and making the recipe his own. The bread was delicious and I especially love the last 2 rows that are a bit more crisp than the others.

The first time Gee made banana bread it was good but I was not too crazy about the texture as I felt I wanted mine with a bit more crisp. But the chef must have taken my criticism to heart and baked me some that were more caramelized that the last batch.

I heard the crunch as my teeth popped through the caramelized exterior and steamy banana flavor enhanced with cinnamon filled my palate. My taste buds danced to the many flavors in concert and I was transported to heaven.

I ate 2 of those donuts before eating my dinner and packed another 2 for today. Eating a banana bread donut as I write this begs the age old question; does one get to another persons heart by way of the stomach?

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The American

The day I ‘became’ was new, exciting, cold and pristine, fresh snow littered the pavement as I emerged into the world. I brought myself, one suitcase, no money, inappropriate winter clothing and was rich with all the excitement in the world.

It was a February day and the bitter winter air assaulted me like no other, I never felt its effects for I had made it home.

I was a teenager, one who came from the other side of the world, full of dreams. I had been brought up in a very conservative family, My parents had divorced when I was a mere five years old and as such my sister and I had spent much of our formative years under the tutelage of our maternal grandmother along with my aunts and uncles.

Ours is a family where outward expressions of affections was not the norm and in fact were rare to non-existent. We were well-fed, cared-for and protected but it was all with an unspoken language never the spoken word.

I was referenced as the ‘shy one’. I was not much of a talker as a child and as such had become an avid listener. This skill was honed to perfection and not much went on in my family that I was not privy to. My sister on the other hand was a tattletale and nothing sacred could ever be said in her presence.

The day of my arrival was beautiful, I just knew this is where I was meant to be. I was always feeling hot and sweaty back home and the cold air was just perfect for me. I still feel the same.

I remember that even as a child playing I always looked up at the heavens and told myself that I would not grow old in my country but would imagine myself on the planes that flew way way overhead going to a far away land…America.

Now on that fateful day in February here I was, at long last an American. I assimilated very quickly to my new world and have loved it eversince. Sometimes looking back it seems as if the first part of my life happened to another person and I remember that part of my life from a vewers’ perspective.

It would be more than fifteen years before I would finally be able to visit the family I had left behind and the occasion was indeed a joyous one. The memory still brings a smile to my face and gladness to my heart. I have since returned many many times and even plan to relocate there in the future but somehow I know in my heart ‘I will always be an American’.

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On The Road

On my way

On my way to work the other morning I was greated with this image. There is something I find so peaceful about being in my car away from the bustle of life, and everyone else just enjoying some peace and quiet before getting the day started.

Notice how the fog begins to dissipate as the first rays of the sun begins to peek over the horizon. Shadows fade and a new day is at hand.

There is such poignance in this view, as we are greated with another brand new day to start over and begin again.

Thanking The Lord for another day!

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This is my “very” first post, I have toyed with the idea of having a blog for years but always felt unsure of how to do it, how it would be, how to say the things I want to say and how would those thought be received. Today I have taken a leap of faith and hope to begin creating relationships out there. The desire for me on social media is not to post ‘selfies’ but to create a safe space where I can interact with everyone out there and ‘talk’ about whatever we feel is worth communicating. I love watching cooking shows, reading, watching TV, photography and much more. I am a mother, a ‘healer’, a daughter, a friend. I currently work in the healthcare industry as I feel I was “called” to this field but my heart also belongs to music and dance. I hope to post pictures of people and things I deem interesting and hope anyone visiting this blog will be willing to engage in meaningful ways.