Sinister?! … Your Thoughts…

Could this be a sinister plot to undermine the world economy?

To put us/our children behind academically, financially? To kill of the elderly and others members of humankind?
Why was this evil not contained within China’s borders but allowed to go free… infecting everywhere they deemed necessary.

Now China stands to profit by making medical supplies significantly marked-up instead of helping supply AID for the ills that originated on their shores.

Stress: Coping in Difficult Times

Stress may come as a result of mental or emotional pressures. Life can feel overwhelming at times for each and everyone of us.

It begins with a real or perceived demand placed on your brain or physical body. We may also feel stressed when multiple competing demands are placed on us.

We are faced with an unpleasant stimuli and we feel incapable of holding the reigns. We try valiantly to hang on but may become unable to and just let go, retreating into ourselves.

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