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Why Should I Be An Organ Donor?

Image Wikipedia.Org.

Our Kidneys and Why We Need Them?

Each day in the United States the National Kidney Foundation reports more than one million persons on the kidney transplant list.

A whopping 660,000 with kidney failure, 37 million with chronic kidney disease and 1 in 3 Americans are at risk for kidney disease!

Sadly many people will never get the call informing them that a donor organ is available for their use. An estimated 20 persons die each day for lack of donor organs. 

Our Kidneys and Why We Need Them?

The Human kidneys, shaped like two kidney beans lie against the back muscles of in the upper abdomen. They are located on the left and right sides of the back (flank) muscles with the right kidney ‘sitting’ a little lower than the left due the the size and shape of the liver.

Combined our kidneys contain about 1.2 million renal corpuscles that filter up to 1500 liters (400 US gallons) of blood daily. What a powerhouse!

It purifies the blood and removes toxins from the body. They control the water balance, regulates our electrolytes like, sodium and potassium and maintains homeostasis thus keep us alive.

The renal system aids in the breakdown some medications such as NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) making it available for use by our bodies. One such example is advil. The kidneys excretes all these waste products in the form of urine.

What happens when our kidneys malfunction?

If our kidneys are not functioning at their optimum or not working at all, then the toxins from the break down of the various chemical process involved in keeping us alive will not be removed.

The toxins will remain in the body causing illness and death in a relatively short period of time.

When this happens the blood must be cleansed by artificial means.

Dialysis, using an external machine to ‘cleanse’ the blood is the next step. This process requires the creation of a ‘shunt’ which is created connecting an artery and a vein to be used for access to the circulatory system.


The process of dialysis greatly restricts a person’s activities of daily living. It’s a time consuming process that generally requires you to go to a dialysis center three days a week, up to eight hours at a time.  The toxins are removed by spending an average six to eight hours at a time.

After dialysis patients often report they felt like they had the stuffing knocked out of them. The body has been depleted and unfortunately no man-made processes will ever work as well as God’s, so it takes time to return to your norm. Then by the time you begin to feel better it’s time to repeat the process again.

Am I Too Young to donate?

Many states allow people who are younger than 18 to register as organ donors.

You are legally able to decide from the age of 18, but some final input may be required from your parent or legal guardian.

So discuss your wish to become an organ donor with your family, and ask for their advice. Keep in mind that many children too, are in need of organ transplants.

Am I Too Old to Donate?

You are not too old to donate, just inform of your desire to do so and let the medical professionals make the decision whether or not you are able to do so.

Do not discount organ donation because you think you are too old as there is no defined cutoff age for donating organs. The decision to use your donation is based on strict medical criteria, not age.

The idea of donating your organs may be an unpleasant one to grapple with. I must admit that I was not enamored with the idea myself. As humans we do not want to contemplate our own demise and the connotations that this idea brings to mind are not pleasant ones. But the truth is that organ donation saves lives.

If they know I’m a donor, will they just let me die so they can have my organs?

Some people are under the misconception that their medical treatment may no longer be a priority if they become donors, the medical staff will make every effort to save your life as is within their power to do so.

When you are ill medical personnel are required by moral and legal code of ethics to make every available effort to save your life first.

You will be seen by a doctor whose expertise most closely matches your particular condition and who can and will give you the best care possible.

If you are unsure of, or uncomfortable with your faith’s position on organ donation, ask a member of your clergy.

Even if your organs are not used for living recipients, they can be used in science to further medical understanding of many disease processes thereby making a greater impact.

Don’t deny yourself from the chance to help someone else. Let the doctors decide at the time of your death whether your organs and tissues are suitable for transplantation.

Being a Living Donor

If you decide to become a living donor, i.e. giving one of your kidneys to someone while you are still living you will have to undergo extensive psychological testing to ensure you are not being coerced into doing so.

This ensures that you are aware of the risks associated with your decision. Doctors will also test to see if your kidneys are in good shape and whether you can live a healthy life with just one kidney.

It’s critically important to consider becoming an organ donor if you belong to an ethnic minority. Minorities like African Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and Hispanics are more likely than Caucasians to have certain chronic conditions that affect the kidneys, heart, lung, pancreas and liver. Some examples of such diseases are; alcoholism, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Certain blood types are more prevalent in ethnic minority populations. Because matching blood type is usually necessary for transplants, the need for minority organ donors is a ‘dire need’.

How to Register to Become a Donor

Becoming a donor is easy. Here are a few ways to indicate your wishes:

  • By registering on your State’s website.
  • Have it placed on your driver’s license. 
  • Inform your close family members.

If you have a loved one who will make decisions in the event you cannot make them for yourself, discuss your expectations with them and ensure that they understand and will honor your wishes.

So now that you have some of the facts, can you see that being an organ donor can make a big difference? and not just to one person? Organ and tissue from one donor can save or at best improve as many as 75 lives. Also knowing that your loved one helped save or improve the lives of many others may bring you some comfort.

What are your thoughts, please comment below. I would really love to know.

Sources cited and questions:

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Everything is Bigger in Texas

A shipping boat caught on a rock
Photo by Laya Clode on Unsplash

I thought the image of this boat says what seems to have become the norm in my time and space.

We had a couple of sunny days in Texas, a matter of fact it was 70°. There is a bit of coolness to the air but we are no longer in the deep freeze.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, I guess that applies to the extremes in temperatures as well.

Last week -3° with snow and ice, today 70° and sunny. Where did I hear that global warming was not real?

Another thing that is bigger in Texas is the reported electrical bills some have received, the rest of us are waiting and afraid to exhale. Since Texas always plays by its own set of rules, we saw widespread blackouts, destruction, and even death during the past week’s deep freeze.

With everything we are all dealing with currently, let’s add another item to the mess.

We did appreciate the sunny days.

Then yesterday the cool weather returned and last night’s thunderstorm was complete with hail (small). So Texas is hitting one extreme to another.


What have I been up to lately?

My mom and my aunt, and I have been tinkering with a couple of Etsy shops, making food items, and crafts from their native land. Surprisingly it has garnered some attention.

I have begun making two items from my childhood, Fudge and Sugar cake. These were items I made growing up with my friend and I thought I had lost the touch for good fudge-making, but to my delight, I seem to have retained the skill.

Last night I even dreamed of opening my very own fudge shop!

Sugar cake by Author

The above images are various colors by somehow my camera had a reddish hue.

Sugar cake image by AuthorAnother version of the sugar cake. You can add various flavors as in fudge.

Lemon-Flavored Fudge by Author

I have been creating a few different options for fudge

Regular brown sugar fudge by Author


Vanilla marshmallow fudge — by Author

The Etsy shops are:  and In case your curiosity gets the better of you.

Somehow I have really been in a writer’s slump. Though there is a lot of noise in my head, I cannot stay still long enough to organize them. So I have been getting a little creative with my daughter, my mother, and my aunt.

Image by Author  

Credit image by Author

Image credit – Author

Gives my mom something to do as well, she worked until COVID kept her out of the workforce, so now she has a little outlet. My daughter has been making her jewelry and selling on a site that the young folks frequent.

My mom made these as a young girl, so did I as well. Growing up we made what was known as “Rag mats”.  Now a lost art, the younger folks no longer make any of these things.

A bit sad really!


I have been indulging my sweet tooth waaay too much with the sugary desserts I have been making.

That’s all to report from my corner of the world for now.  Be safe be well.

How is everyone coping with life?  How have you been keeping busy and relieving stress?

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We Are Holding On


Winter Storm 2021

Recently we have been hit with some extreme temperatures. Cold temps with combined wind chill factors of -3° F. It has been cooold in these parts.

We were ill-prepared.

The rolling black outs left us dressed like we lived on the North Pole. Three days and nights without electricity, internet and the ability to stay warm.

I was bored stiff.

For some like myself it was the intermittent electricity and heat. For many others it was total blackout  where people were completely left out in the cold unable to keep their children warm or even fed.

The power situation has left the food spoiling at an alarming rate when many are already facing a dire financial situation and hunger is already too real for so many.

Imagine the horror of watching what little food you have go bad.

A parents’ nightmare.

I have an electrical stove, so with the power gone, that stove is rendered useless. That meant we had to be ready for action, as soon as the power came on in 30-minute increments, you quickly cooked some ramen noodles or heated some water.

Like clockwork the power was cut off way to soon and immediately the house would be plunged into gelid temperatures.

2021 Texas Storm
Image by Author

Texas snow Storm 2021
Image by Author

The barren whiteness of the outdoors reminded me so much of those Alaska shows I love watching. Suddenly it seemed I was living outside the grid, lol.

A lot more fun as an observer.

2021 Snow StormImage by Author

Snowy Texas StormImage by Author

What the past year have brought to the forefront are the deficits within our systems.

We are ill prepared for any extreme circumstances that last beyond a day it seems.

How in this day and age we are unable to supply adequate power to our customers.

The winter storm while not the norm in Texas was still expected. Yet the roads are not (never) prepared and driving was a nightmare. As evidenced by the 133 car pile-up of last week that left several persons dead or injured.

I spent many an anxious hour on those words trying to get to work and home safely.

Image by Author

The roads were much better yesterday after the second deposit of snow. We were able to drive and the constant stream of traffic left a nice dry trail in the center on most of the common roadways.


On Sunday and Monday the drive was rife with dry snow blowing everywhere, icy conditions that left the weary white-knuckled traveler trudging along at  17 – 23 mph.

Nerves frayed to the breaking point as we struggled to remain vigilant as we constantly reminded ourselves not to instinctively slam on our brakes.

I drove with God’s words reminding me that He manages my going out and my coming in.

I think we have made it through the worse, now back to the times of COVID and the continued work of vaccinations.

Stay safe and stay dry.

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The Source

A man encased in light from the sky
Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

Whenever pain and distress find me, I return to the source that is thee…


Today’s Dallas, TX Weather

As of 8:24 am CST

1% chance of snow through 9 am

Winter Storm Warning

Driving in this kind of weather requires a lot of prayers. Usually hot, the south remains under siege.
Stay safe, stay well.
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Happy Valentine’s Day

A flower created heart held within two hands
Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash
Happy Valentine’s Day to all my WP family and friends. I hope this day finds you well, warm, safe, and happy. I hope you are enjoying your day in an atmosphere of love.  Have a great day and stay safe.






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Snowy Saturday

Icy roads of winter



A snowny winter scene complete with icy roads
Photo by Jonas Jaeken on Unsplash


The Frosty beat goes on…

Good morning my friends in WP land. It is another blustery day in our usually warm southern parts.

It is a cold 17 degrees this morning. The precipitation instantly freezes to become the deadly black ice.

Travel is slow and quite dangerous. Texans are not accustomed to these circumstances and motor vehicle accidents become the order of the day.

The next few days are slated to be even colder.  The dangers of black ice increases during the night hours.

Safe Driving on Black Ice

Perfect examples of Black Ice
Photo by Krzysztof Hepner on Unsplash

Black ice is like regular ice and is an icy glaze that forms on surfaces of basically anything. This is especially true of roads, sidewalks, and driveways,  due to precipitation or light rain or the melting and re-freezing of snow, water, or ice on surfaces.

Because it tends to look like the rest of the pavement on the road, although in reality, it’s actually clear, you can usually see it really well at the edges where the road and sidewalk meet. Black ice forms without creating bubbles, which allows it to blend in with any surface it forms over.

Black ice can be perceived as “glossy” darkness that mimics the surface upon which it is formed and it is dangerous precisely because can be difficult to see.

Black ice usually forms just about the freezing point. Sometimes in frigid temperatures on highways, black ice will form as a result of the heat of tires
on the road together with freezing temperatures. Be alert and keep your eyes on the weather and the roadways.

  • Black ice is most common at night and in the early hours of the morning before the flow of traffic increases.
  • Black ice is more prevalent along roadways without access to sunlight or traffic, eg., tunnels, shaded walkways, etc.
  • Black ice forms readily on bridges, overpasses, and the road beneath overpasses. Due to the fact that the cold air is able to circulate at both the top and under the bridge or overpass, causing any precipitation to freeze faster.
  • Drive slowly, remember there is practically no traction due to the black ice and you will not be able to stop by sharply applying your brakes.
  • Remain in the center lane as much as is possible, and stay a safe distance behind other travelers giving yourself ample time to come to a stop.
  • If you encounter black ice, just take your foot off the gas, do not try to brake, keep your vehicle straight as you slow down. (This is why it is important to allow for space in front of you and that you drive slowly).
  • Remain alert and stay off those cell phones.

These are just a few points on how to drive safely in snow and black ice. Read more thorough pointers here.

Tentative plans for the weekend.

We have been asked to remain and sleep in the hospital this weekend. I have not yet decided if I will remain here as it does not exactly make for a restful night.

You wonder if your co-workers can hear you snoring, you wonder if you talk in your sleep or perform any other unsavory annoyances that you would not want to be made public, lol.

Seriously, for me sleeping in circumstances outside of my norm does not contribute to a restful state.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Stay safe, stay warm and be well.


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Snowy Dayz

A dog out in snow with a scarf and hat.
Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash


The cold snowy Dayz of winter are upon us.  The world is frozen and soooo cold!My daughter usually gets a ride to school with her friends these days but this morning I would not risk it.

Black ice everywhere.

Yet I observed a few teens with their eyes on their phones while we skidded on the ice.

I used the ride as a teachable moment of what to do when you must drive on black ice, though I fear not much of the information was received, or just became mum-babble.


*********************************************************************Pics from New York

My cousin sent me some magnificent photos from New York. Currently texas is a cold 28 degrees.

Image credit: My Cousin Gwen


Image credit: My Cousin Gwen


Image credit: My Cousin Gwen

Image credit: My Cousin Gwen

Image credit: My Cousin Gwen

Image credit: My Cousin Gwen

Hope you all enjoy the pictures from postcards from Winter 2021.

A little old country pride, apparently one of the principal scientists in the Pfizer COVID vaccine development is from my old country, see article here.

Pfizer’s principal research scientist, Vidia Surendra Roopchand. (Pfizer contributed image/News Americas)

Appears to be a humble man.

Stay safe, stay well.


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Forward Fridays #2


An "I am a woman..." inspirational stickers
Photo by Valentina Conde on Unsplash

Good morning my fellow WP friends and family. How is everyone holding up?

In keeping with my Forward Fridays theme, I wanted to highlight that while so much is happening in our world right now, women have been quietly assuming the reigns of control.

The power of womanhood has been created for such a time as this and we are steadily and continuously rising to the top of the ladder, finally!

Many parts of the world, previously with a male stronghold are surprisingly relinquishing leadership roles to women. There have never been this many women Presidents, Vice Presidents, and other Leaders as in our time.

Here is a link to Forbes 100 most influential women.

One thing is glaringly obvious, God is doing work on the Earth.

While we travail through this time of much unrest and uncertainty, we look towards the author and finisher of our faith — Jesus.

Let us continue to trust Him, be kind to ourselves and each other.

Stay well, stay safe

Peace and blessings!

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Well It’s Ma Birthday

A white birthday cake with a citrus fruit and lighs
Photo by Storiès on Unsplash

Another birth anniversary is upon me. I don’t know where the time went. Just yesterday I was a child and now–age keeps nipping at my heels.

The gray hairs are rapidly increasing and the joys/pain of small lines are becoming ever more visible.


On a serious note, I am rejoicing in another birthday that God has kept me here alive to see and participate in.

I am grateful for the chance to grow old. I continue to learn and grow and reach forward continuously.

My life is richer, fuller than I could ever have imagined. I am loved and blessed and I am forever grateful for the love of Christ.

Today I am off work, I will check out some of your posts on WP, relax around the house, have some indoor time with the fam and tomorrow we resume work on the battlefield.

author in PPE gear
Me continuing to do the do.



Please know that I appreciate all of you and I am always appreciative and grateful for your prayers and sweet thoughts.

Do continue to remain safe out there.

All the best and lots of love from me.

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Forward Fridays

A man cutting meat at the store
Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

Where we continue to look ahead

Hello my WP family.

How is everyone doing?

Have you all started getting your COVID vaccinations? If so how are you feeling? If you are not considering getting the vaccine, why not?

I had the opportunity to be vaccinated, but I still had antibodies from my battle in the ring with COVID, so I opted to wait and ponder some more. I would really like some more data as to the timeline for antibodies, but we will see.

I do vacillate between taking it or not.


Yesterday I was off so I went to my local produce store to purchase some fish and herbs.

The store boasts a food section and I noticed the two ladies tending to the food had their masks under their chins while keeping up a robust conversation.

I was shocked …

I think these incidences happen a lot, especially behind closed doors. Folks are tired of the masks and voila — airborne and droplets on our produce.

I usually take my items to the house and wash or wipe everything down with a chlorine wash.


I have been rolling with life’s punches and will update you all later. A few challenges have made an entrance so I am praying about them.

I appreciate you all and I try to sneak on and read as much as I can.

Do be vigilant and be safe.

God bless you all!