Rites of Passage…1

Today I decided to branch off on a more delicate topic. Currently or maybe since the dawn of time, aging, especially that of women have not been a favorite, anticipatory or much-discussed topic. But this has been on my mind and I have been cerebrating on this for some time. I am constanly being prompted […]


Lessons Of A Bonus Mom

I have the distinct honor of being the first living grandchild on both sides of my immediate family. I am also the first niece and eldest cousin. My formative years were spent in a home with my grandma. My mom tells me that when I was just a baby my grandmother was very ill and […]

The Little Things We Find Pleasure in…(2)

So this is a follow up to one of my earlier posts about our pear tree and its fruits. Today my mother and I went over to the house (we no longer occupy the premises, but still own it) and picked the last of its fruits. We, well mostly me, had been eating the pears […]


To my friends in blogworld out there. As I sit here, on WordPress of course…where else would I be? The best thought fluttered into my mind. Imagine that we have a reunion in Heaven some day with all our brothers and sisters out there in blog land. We interact with each other daily knowing we […]

A Mother’s Heart

Two days ago I visited and read a touching blog post about pregnancy/ infant loss on I was so touched about the story of a young mother losing her babies at 23 weeks gestation. You can read her heartbreaking story here on her online magazine at She has asked me to share her […]

Why Should I Be An Organ Donor?

Each day in the United States the National Kidney Foundation reports more than one million persons on the kidney transplant list. Sadly many people will never get that call informing them that there is a donor organ available for their use. An estimated twenty persons die each day due to a lack of donor organs. […]

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